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A NOTE ABOUT CHALLENGES We usually run a challenge each month. Watch our journals for information!

Announced today: Ultra Fractal v6.06, released on February 9, 2024, is a free update for Ultra Fractal 6. It introduces native Apple Silicon support, contains bug fixes, and is a recommended update for all Ultra Fractal 6 users. What's new in Ultra Fractal 6.06? Added native version for Apple Silicon Macs, so the Rosetta 2 translation layer is no longer needed. This ensures Ultra Fractal runs optimally on all new Macs using the M1 and later processors. Fixed a compiler bug that prevented functions from returning a literal complex value directly. Fixed incorrect icons in the interpolation drop-down box in the Timeline tool window. Fixed bug that prevented copying and pasting in the Find/Replace dialog for the formula editor on Windows. Download Download the installer from the Ultra Fractal website here: ultrafractal.com/download Note from Frederik Slijkerman: "Note: because these downloads are new, Windows might flag them as an uncommon download. In this case,
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2024 FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: FLOWERS FOR JULIANA For the 2024 February Challenge: In OM.ufm (not OM2.ufm) open “Juliana”. Under both the inside and also the outside tab, open REB.ucl “Exp Flower2a Texture”. “Juliana” has five parameters, three functions, and 2 exponents. Try these out. Not required but suggested for the REB.ucl Exp Flower 2a Texture: The “Exp Flower 2a Texture” has near the end of the choices under the coloring tabs these fBm (fractal Brownian motion) choices: weight, transfer function, transfer weight, offset, scale and final weight. Try these and see what subtle textures are added to your fractal. Don’t explore the parameter choices under coloring at this early stage but go straight to the fBm options. Be sure to change “Divergent” to “Convergent” to see what you get. Also interesting is this strategy: Go way up directly under the coloring tab and change “Color Density” and/or “Transfer Function”. You may now add other layers with
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Oh wow, really sucks that I only ran into this now :/ AND by this I mean Fractal Redux and Slopes XD
I hope you like what you see here now that you've found us. :) (Smile) 
Thanks for adding my fractal image called "20230430 The frosty fact that repeated again..." to the featured folder!! 
You're welcome, it was rather good! :) (Smile) 
Thank you so much for adding my image called "20221202 A Form of Begging For Survival"to the "featured" folder!!
You're very welcome. I try to showcase some of the more interesting or unusual works that are submitted to this group whenever I can. I liked the different elements used in your composition, nice work!

I also really appreciate your work "A Fractal For Christmas"...! A lot of stuff you used in that images are amazing and I don't know how to recreate these effects in UF myselfF2U | Molang Icon