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Countdown to close of July 2019 3 Functions Mk II Challenge

Wednesday, July 31st @ 3:59pm

Time left to enter the
July 2019 3 Functions Mk II Challenge

See journal below for details of this month's
Ultra Fractal design challenge!

July 2019 Challenge: 3 Functions Mk II

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2019, 4:29 AM

3 Functions Mk II

Hello fractal friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the June HalleyNova challenge! This month your task is to explore a formula called 3 Functions Mk II  which you will find in jam3.ufm.

This formula by :iconjmaddr: looks very interesting because of the number and type of parameters it has.
Text within the formula describes it as:
"2 or 3 different Mandelbrot/Julia style formula are executed and combined in a user-specific manner, either each iteration or every N iterations".
You will see that up to three formulas can be used together. You don't have to use them all, changing two of them provides plenty of fun! I would seriously encourage all of you to have a really good play with these parameters before settling on anything, though - the possibilities are immense.  You should really set aside a little time to get to know this formula and the sort of things it can do because it might be one you can use over and over in future. I'm confident you will enjoy this one, it looks fun!

If you can share your params or perhaps a base layer for your image that would be terrific. Please consider doing this so new users (and perhaps others too!) can benefit from what you have discovered. Thanks. :heart:

Tips for use:
I have no experience of this formula myself until now but having messed around with it for a short while I have a couple of tips for you:
  • If, on changing the params for one of the three formulas you end up with a stubborn blob of solid colour in the middle (looks a bit like an Inside colour but isn't) you can remove it by setting the last Postmultiplier (Re/Im): to 0/0 for that formula.
    So if you change the function of Formula F, for example, you would look at the last Postmultiplier below that formula section: Postmultiplier F (Re/Im). You will see the default is set at 1/0 so just change it to 0/0.
    If you use a second (or third) formula you may need to look at their final Postmultipliers too.
    This only applies to some some compositions, not all. It may not even be a good thing to do, it's just something I found worked for me. :shrug:
  • Try using "biomorph" colouring in jam2.ucl with this formula. At the bottom of the 3 Functions formula is a parameter you can enable called "Biomorph Bailout" which gives some nice results. You will see a note on Biomorph.ucl about using that option:
    "'Biomorph' is designed to be used with a fractal formula that supports Pickover's biomorph bailout conditions, such as '3 Functions Mk II' in the public folder 'jam3.ufm'.  If using that formula, enable the final parameter, 'Biomorph Bailout'."
As I can find no examples of this formula in use in DA's galleries to show you we will just have to explore this one together! :woohoo:

Here are the full challenge rules. Please read through them before submitting to ensure your work follows the rules. I need to be fair to everyone participating and do so hate having to decline images so please check you've followed the published rules. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the challenge - I'm excited to see what you all come up with!

Detailed challenge information and rules!
Rules for this month's challenge
:bulletgreen: Images must be made with Ultra Fractal software.
:bulletgreen: Images must be made with one or more layers of 3 Funtions Mk II formula in jam3.ufm.
:bulletgreen: Images must be new and uploaded to DA on or after: 1st July 2019. The challenge ends on 31st July 2019.
:bulletgreen: You may enter up to FOUR images to this challenge. If you have any problems please note the group, not the admins.
:bulletgreen: You MUST mention this challenge and add a link to this journal -OR- our group icon in your comments.
:bulletgreen: Submit your entry to the Challenge Folder: July 2019 Challenge: 3 Functions Mk II
:bulletgreen: After the challenge closes we will ask the group members to vote on their favourite three entries. A selection of winners will be featured in the group journal shortly after the voting period ends.

General rules
:bulletblack: You may use mappings, masks and texturing created by UF.
:bulletblack: Watermarks and signatures must be small and subtle.
:bulletblack: Minimal post-work only allowed e.g. enhancing colours, sharpening and adding a signature or simple border.

Sharing parameters
Pixel: Gift Please share your parameters wherever possible!
You may paste your params in your artist comments, as a comment to your image or in your with a link. A tutorial on how to store your parameters in your DA area can be found here: LINK

Questions or don't understand something?
Please ask first as we do not wish to offend or upset anyone (and ourselves) by refusing an entry.
Add your questions in the comments below, for the benefit of all.
Remember: No question is too silly or too basic and you're not being useless because you don't "get" something! I really do forget to mention stuff, get things wrong or can overlook the fact that some things can be baffling to new users or new members, so if you're not sure about something please do not be shy to ask! Others may be wondering the same thing too! :) (Smile)

Thanks and please have fun and enjoy this formula challenge! :wave:

CSS by Velvet--Glove
Adaptation of a Journal CSS by ClaireJones
Header image by AnnaKirsten
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BrususArt Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019
Thank you all so much for the votes for 'Opposition' in the June 2019 Challenge. I am honored to be joined by such talent in the top spots. I thought they were worthy participants. Thank you and congratulations to Innac ( and fractaleyes ( for your wonderful work (I'm sorry, I am not aware on how to include user's links in DA...sorry). Thanks again, I really appreciate it. And thank you Chris for all of the behind the scenes work to support these well as your entries too :)
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2019
Thank you and well done, Bruce - your entry was obviously very popular when the votes started coming in. :)

You can link to a username using the @ symbol followed by the username.
You should see a dropdown window to pick from which also serves to visually confirm your choice.

@ velvet--glove (without the space) ----> Velvet--Glove

Avatars/icons can be shown by typing :iconusername : (without the space)

:iconvelvet--glove : (without the space) ----> :iconvelvet--glove:

In both cases the user would be notified that they had been mentioned somewhere.

Hope this helps!
BrususArt Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2019
Yes Chris, it does help :) Thank you.
jmaddr Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019
Seems like my Deviant experience has changed, and I am unable to access Stash Writer.  Anyone else notice this?
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2019
Stash writer is still ok for me, Joe (for now!). There have been a few things behaving oddly recently but I think it's because the developers are tinkering with the code for the new Eclipse interface behind the scenes. I expect your problem will resolve itself within a few hours. If not then you may need to report it to the Help desk.

Last week all the group folders in my message centre disappeared for hours, making life as a group admin rather awkward. Eventually someone popped up and admitted it was an error by the developers.

I hope your problem gets sorted out soon.
BrususArt Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019
I am honored to have received an invitation to have 'Ion Mass' included in Ultra-Fractal-Redux. I'm sorry I didn't notice the invite sooner. Thank you so much for asking :)

Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019
That's okay, Bruce, it's only been a few days and sometimes people visit DA only infrequently so response times can vary considerably in my experience. I'm glad you accepted anyway, it's a super piece! :D
aartika-fractal-art Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Any thoughts on Eclipse, anyone? I have posted my mostly negative feedback on it here:…

Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
I only spent a short while looking at it yesterday and quite frankly I am dismayed.

- it looks terrible. Both the black and white themes are hard on the eyes
- layout is confusing (but I'll get used to that, I guess)
- dismayed at loss of personal (and group?) subfolders. That's very bad.
- dismayed at loss of custom CSS (no point paying for Core m/ship then, I guess)
- dismayed at loss of fractal art galleries - how can we browse and see what the FA community is posting if everything is lumped together with all other forms of digital art?
- managing a group is very poorly implemented and I'm not hopeful they are going to address the question of groups in any meaningful way.

As it stands it all looks pretty disastrous. My one faint hope is that this is just a very early version of eclipse and that the powers that be listen to the users (ha! Really?? What am I saying!! When have they EVER listened to users?? :shrug:) and eventually come up with something that truly works.

I'm not holding my breath, though. :(
aartika-fractal-art Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I didn't find the option of the white vs black background, I'll take a look. But, to be honest, I really hate the new layout, it's a massive step backwards, in my opinion.

Edit: I've added the lack of sub-categories to my list of grumbles!!
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