Way of the Flamver: Chapter 6

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    Days have past since they left. Free Runner, the guard Rosaman met, said they were around 50 miles away from the city. He tend to get pushy sometimes. He was good company though.  

    Rosamane had read a couple of times, but for an odd reason the magic that fueled the book ceased to exist. She wasn’t sure if the book only had a specific sections  that are triggered or not.

    The frozen plains turned into a wet forest, the typical enviorment in this region, so it was more intresting to look. The trees had little to no snow on them, it mostly raining. The sun did come out, but it only lasted for a couple minutes.

    “So this is it.”

    Rosamane jumped. She didn’t realize Runner walked up behind her. “What do you mean.

    “This is the environment in the city.”

    “Including the trees?”

    He shook his head. “No it just rains a lot, so that is the upside to being a pegasus in a city that constantly gets soaked.”

    “So, what is Seacattle, anyway?”

    “Seacattel was created by the three basic elements, water, air, and earth. It is partially underwater, underground, and above the clouds. The joining point is on land. Where water always falls, air always flies, and the earth is always their.

    “I grew up there for a while. After my parents died, a friend took me in. When I was old enough to live on my own and I moved to we lost contact. Years later I was told that he died in a war. I was shocked and sorrowed. He was a brother to me.”

    Rosamane was silent for a moment, and then she laughed.

    Runner stared ate her. “What’s so funny?”

    She tried to stop her fit of laughter. “Sorry, I asked information about Seacattle, not you.”

    “Oh.”  He blushed a little. “Sorry.

    “Anyway, how do you know of flam-

    The ground shook. Runner turned into a massive fit of shivering. Rosamane turned to look outside. The wet trees turned to ice and the rain turned to snow.

    “You said it hardly snows here.”

    He was trying to stop himself from shivering. “It does.”

    Dread came upon Rosamane’s face. “Oh no… get me on the roof. “

    “What?!? Why?!”

    Terror was in her eyes. “I want to prove myself wrong.” She jumped of the seat and stepped outside. She searched frantically for a ladder. When she did find it, it was nearly frozen over. She quickly climbed, praying to the past spirit of Celestia that they weren’t there. She stopped, her heart dropped. They’re here. The wendigos have arrived.

    Runner flew up onto the roof. Still freezing, he walked up to Rosamane, warming up a little when he did.

    “What is it?”

    Rosamane couldn’t speak, just staring out at the frozen horizon.

    Free Runner looked out. “Oh.”

    “What do we do?”

    “I-I don’t know. If we leave then maybe they'll go away.”

    “I don’t think so. It seems like they're after me."

       "It's still too dangerous."

       A blast of cold air sent the two flying off the roof. A shot of ice sent the train flipping over them.

        Groggily, Rosamane stood, wendigos surrounded them. She quickly drew her blade and threw it at the nearest one.

        The hit went deep, but unfortunately , it wasn't fatal.

        Runner put on claws, something Rosamane recalls from Inferno's journal. He dove and threw the beasts.

        For a couple minutes the two were fending of these demons. The translucent fiends howling with joy. More would come when one would fall, and soon enough they flanked on either side.

        "Run," Runner growled.


        "RUN!!!! You need to get to Seacattle."

        "I'm not leaving these ponies!"

        "DO IT!!!!" He jumped atop one wendigos, pulling it into others. "GO!!"

        She ran through the narrow opening, never stopping. She was almost out when in her peripherals she saw a wendigo closing in on mother and her filly, freezing them. She couldn't abandon them, she just couldn't. So she stopped.

        Rosamane charged at the beast, digging her dagger into it's neck. For a while she was defending the ponies, killing a lot of wendigos.

        Time drew on, she grew tired, her magic slowing... down... and it's gone. The dagger fell along with the unicorn. She couldn't go for ever, the could. She was about to submit herself when Runner came up and dragged her out.

         "The- the- the..."

         "No time for them."

        Rosamane started to struggle. "Stop!!! She broke free from his grasp and ran to defend them.

         Runner stopped her, dragging her back some more.

         The demons were surrounding the innocent, freezing them one by one.

         Rosamane fought, she would rather die defending them then be taken away.

         "NOOOO!!!!!!" she screamed. She was continuing getting dragged in the snow, watching the ponies die.

Happy early Halloween. Have a depressing chapter. Sister Chapter also uploaded today by NovaCinder.
Here: MLP:SiF S1 A15
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Thanks the link to my mlp sif XD
Poor Rosamane Flamestar.
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