Way of the Flamver: Chapter 5

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Rosamane was waiting on the train to Canterlot. She sighed and looked around. 
A little foal was crying nonstop while his mother was trying to hush him. An attendant was seated in the back and started to head to the struggling mother to give her a hoof.
Rosamane turned to the window and looked out at the frozen horizon. Snow fell silently and softly. Trees shimmered. In the distance was the small, cozy, legendary village, Ponyville.
"Next stop: Canterlot, next stop: Canterlot," the intercom crackled.
Rosamane started to prepare to exit the train, which didn't take long since all the things she had was in her saddlebag.
The light was flickering as they passed through the tunnels leading into Canterlot. The brakes squealed as the train slowed to a stop.
Rosamane stood and exited the train. 
The wind was howling hard. 
She tightened her scarf, which did almost nothing since she was always warm. She slowly trotted through the large, colorful city. 
Children were calling, throwing snow balls, but that all subsided when she passed by. They all stopped and was staring at her. How the snow melted around her hooves and how her mane flickered like any other fire. 
Rosamane stopped and looked around. "Can you direct me to the Canterlot Library?"
The mother stared at her blankly and started to pull her children away.
Rosamane cursed when she realized she said it in her native language and repeated the question in Equestrian.
The mare pointed in a direction and shooed her children into her house.
Rosamane headed to the direction the mare pointed at and stepped into the library. 
She stood there gaping at the vastness of books. A large window was at one end. The books were arranged on shelves in a pattern almost like a horseshoe, being separated into the different ages: Pre-Equestria, Early Equestria, Chaotic Age (there was only a shelf for that), The Two Sisters, The Solar Monarchy and so on.

She searched for the time period that the sword existed in, The Harmonic Triarchy, and head to the area (which is a couple stories up). 
Bane of Forests, Bane of Forests, Bane of...
When she ran out of the B's she moved on to the F's and continued to searched.
Flamver, flamver, flamver...
Once again, no luck. She went to the I's.
Nothing. To the S's.
Shadow War...
The absence of this unnerved Rosamane. She looked around and finally outside, where the snowing finally stopped and she saw the queen, Radiant Star, who was on her way back to her carriage from a little cinnamon bun shop but stopped to chat with a unicorn couple.
What are you hiding?


Rosamane laid there in the hotel bed thinking of the absence of anything that had to do with Inferno. She had only bits and pieces from her early fillyhood but other than that, that was it. The only other thing that truly gave her information on flamver history was the journal.
She turned over and adjusted herself in the covers and soft bed. After a while, she soon fell asleep.
Then she fell deep into nightmares
She stood in the deep snow, for the first time, feeling the cold against her legs. Laughter echoed around her. She stepped backwards but soon felt the ground give. She stopped and took a couple steps forward. The mare turned to see a chasm broke behind her. 
"Foolish flamver, fighting the deep, dark, cold."
Cracks came closer to her and the snow and ice fell into the abyss.
"Show yourself!" Rosamane felt aggressiveness like never before.
The voice laughed again. "I can't, unless you free me." The laughter continued.
"Silence you fiend!" Anger welled up inside of her. She spun around looking for something, anything that radiated this evil to attack.
"I can taste your hatred, it has a taste like no other."
More ice fell and the only area left was where she was standing.
"What do you want!"
"You'll learn soon. My minions will tell you soon."
The ice cracked completely and she fell into the darkness.

Rosamane bursted awake. She felt a sick feeling in her stomach. What every that was definitely didn't want to see her for cider and cookies.
She entered the small bathroom and looked herself in the mirror. She certainly did not have a good night sleep. She reluctantly splashed water on her face to wake her up, trying her hardest to cool her self to below the boiling point.
The mare finished getting ready and left the hotel, catching a train back south. She arrived early and was waiting for the train. 
A strong breeze blew, nearly nocking Rosamane off her hooves. 
The temperature dropped.
"There's another."
Rosamane jumped. She speedily turned around to get a look at the pony behind her.
A translucent wall stood in front of the flamver. It was larger and close to the shape of a pony but instead of hind legs, its rear dissipated into nothing.
Rosmane took a giant step back and nearly fell of the deck.
The beast laughed. "Ah, so you recognize me."
"Not just your kind in general." Rosamane drew her dagger.
"There's no need for that."  
"Oh, there is." Rosamane dove under the beast.
"Master told us to finish you off but I didn't realize it was just you."
The ground violently shook.
"What do you mean." Rosamane started to take steps back.
The ground shudder again.
"There's another over there!" A voice called from the castle.
"It doesn't matter, you're going to be dead anywa-" It was cut of when it was struck by a blur if light.
"This way!" A guard yelled a Rosamane while directing a bunch of terrified equines into a train.
Rosamane started to head in the direction of the guard. 
"You can't escape me!" The wendigo recovered and was making its way to her.
Another blur of light hit the beast and it flew over and down into the valley below.
The train was about to leave when the guard pulled the mare in.
Rosamane was heaving. "Th-thanks."
"No problem." The guard closed the door and stood by it.
"All those injured in the attack make your way to car 9." The speaker shut off.
Rosamane was going to sit down but stopped. "When are we stop at Appleoosa?"
Crackling came on the intercom.
"Next stop: Seacattle, next stop: Seacattle."
The mare stared at the guard.
He was a tall pegasus and looked a little older than Rosamane. His coat was a form of yellow orange, and his mane was black with streaks of red, white, and blue. She couldn't see his cutie mark behind the armor.
"You're taking me to Seacattle?!"
The stallion nodded.
"I need to head south, across the border."
"You sure?"
"The books you need are stored Seacattle."
"What?! H-how do you know?"
"Your a flamver right? The information is most likely in Seacattle. Canterlot has no power there."
"How did you know I was a flamver."
"Fire mane and tail. Also your horn is different from other unicorns." He sighed. "Look, I can talk to you later, but not now."
Rosamane went to sit down. She sat staring at the treeless horizon but got bored.
This was going to be a long ride.
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