Way of the Flamver: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

My parents haven't returned, I'm going to find them. Furna, Phenixia... please forgive me~ Inferno

    Inferno searched through his drawers, looking for the last things he needed. In the bottom drawer, he grabbed one of his special gloves he often uses for mountain climbing. He put it on and tested it. The three claws poked out when his hoof was off the ground. When he set it down it collapsed flat. He grabbed a satchel with the things he needed inside and slung it over his shoulder. He put up his hood and left, in the dead of night.


    Furna woke with a jolt. Did I just hear a door slam? She got out of bed and heard hoof steps and was worried.
    She grabbed a satchel and bow staff she owned that was a souvenir from a trip she took.
    She was about to walk out when she remembered Phenixia. She dashed to here phone and quickly dialed it and waited.


    A ringing sound echoed through Phenixia's apartment. Groggily, she answered her phone.
    "What..." she answered.
    "Phenixia, it's me, Furna," said a voice through the phone.
    "What do you want." She took a deep long yawn.
    "I have a feeling that Inferno's going to something incredibly stupid."
    "Can this wait?"
    "No, get ready I'm planning on us following Inferno."|
    That woke Phenixia up. "What!?"
    A sigh came from the other end. "Meet me at the fountain, but hurry. We don't have much time."
    Phenixia quickly gathered the things up and left her house on an adventure she'd never realize she'd get into.


    Inferno was gingerly sneaking through the streets of Haepheilios. He was nearing the fountain, the center of the pit, and searched which way to go. He looked around, seeing the city in a whole new perspective at night.
    The voice startled Inferno.
    "What are you doing out so late?"
    Inferno turned to the guard, without realizing he lifted his right hoof.
    "What are you doing with that." The guard was startled and took a step back. His orange and golden armor clattered as he did. He raised his white hoof. "I don't want any trouble, I'm just wondering what you're doing." The guard looked at the satchel. "It's you isn't it. Get over here I'm taking you in."
    Inferno took a step back.
    "Come on," the guard growled, "I'm taking you in for all the robberies." He walked closer.
    Inferno took another step back.
    "COME ON!!" The guard shouted and ran at Inferno.
    Inferno booked it and stopped as soon as the guard dove for him. The guard missed, flew over him and landed a few feet away.
    "You don't want to go, don't you?" He ran at him again.
    Inferno grabbed and tackled him. The flaming guard struggled.
    Inferno was panicking, he didn't expect this. He need to get out of the pit quickly but he couldn't leave with the guard conscious. He quickly banged the guards head against the cobblestone road. Inferno stared at the unmoving body and realized what he had done. Inferno knew that the guard was alive but it felt wrong. Two lights started to come from two different directions. Inferno took a step back and looked at the guard for one last time, then ran.

    Furna drew close to the fountain when she found a soft glow nearby. Good, he's close. She quickly stopped when she realized that the glow wasn't from Inferno, but a motionless body in the street. What did you DO! Another light dissipated down another street, and Phenixia came from another.
    "What's this?" Phenixia stared at body at their feet.
    "I don't know, but I think Inferno went that way." Furna ran in the direction of the light and Phenixia followed.


    Inferno stopped at the wall of the pit and gazed up at it. He lifted his right hoof, releasing the claw, and dashed to the wall. He jumped. Inferno used his glove to grip the sides of the wall. He soon pulled himself up and jumped off.
    He stopped and looked at the city, then continued running.
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