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-We will watch over you-

By Ultipoter
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Christ, I should get to cleaning my inbox sdfkalhskdfl
Finally I drew something I wanted upload here too~ I'm uploading more things to my Tumblr |'D

Characters from left to right - Ariadne, Zebuleon, Adara, Aker, Archimedes, Soli, (Uboa) and Jacqueline~
I couldn't resist drawing this family again, I just love them so much <3 Adara and Ariadne will forever watch over their babies, Aker and Soli~ even in afterlife. Though Adara isn't related to Soli, really.
And Adara will drag Zebuleon with her everywhere. Forever. C8
I am aware Zeb's back looks funny but I noticed it little too late |'D

REMIND ME TO NEVER DO LINELESS AGAIN. I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing it someday anyway, it's no use.
And with that, ends my rant. I'm really trying to be more active here, guys. I really am.

Soli, Adara and Jacqueline © Me
Aker, Ariadne, Zebuleon and Archimedes © ~AkuAoiOni
... Uboa © Kikiyama
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© 2011 - 2021 Ultipoter
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WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN Tumblrissa oot kyllä näkyillyt muttet devissä. Tai no jaa sinänsä ihme kun uusimmat cossini säikyttänyt sut muualle xD (öhöhöhö joo oli hauskaa)
...Mutta loistavan kuvan sait taas jälleen tehtyä, propsit siitä että ilman linearttia teit, on nimittäin aivan pirun hankalaa :I
Ja omfg Uboa D8 (pelasin muuten Yume Nikkiä tässä jokin aika takaperin, kunnon huumetrippi oli 8D Cossaaminenkin kävi mielessä mtuta Suomessa tehty Monoko aikaisemminkin niin vähän sitten jäi :I )
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SDJBFGB IT'S FINISHED <3 and it doesn't fit on Claris' screen 8I Boo Claris.

Archie's shoes are the best thing ever. I want them. Hnnjgbfgb KICK LEON'S SHINS WITH THOSE *SHOT* He looks like his Dad's just made some awful joke or something :I Disapproval XD
I love Zeb's hair for some reason too 8I IDK WHAT IT IS, IT'S SO PRETTY~ <3 Adara's golden colour too hnnn 8'D I love this family so much, ZEB, YOU'RE PART OF IT NOW. GO GRIEVE WITH HARMON *BRICK'D*
Your lineless is getting better and better ;3; <3333
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IT'S FINISHED~ <33 sflkshdfds- X'DD DOESN'T FIT ON TORTIMER'S SCREEN EITHER 8I I shouldn't have made it so big.. OH WELL C8

sdklhfds I was hoping someone noticed them C8 BECAUSE I LIKED THEM A LOT TOO. PFFF POOR LEON 8I That was the point C8 Joking about Uboa D8 XD
This family is the best thing ever, I love it so much sdklfhds ; 3; <333 ZEB YOU'D BETTER START LOVING IT TOO, YOU MARTYR 8I
dslkfhsdk thank youu ; A ; <333 SO TIME CONSUMING.. But it's worth it 8'I
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:iconuboaplz:: "I'm in your underwear drawer..."
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Ha. Uboa gets his own copyright mention. |D *shot*

For serious, though, Neko, this is incredible. I see this family all the time and I never get tired of them. And you always design Jacqueline so pretty... Your lineless work is boss, I do hope you end up doing it again one day. Don't resist... :I XD

Great job on this one, Neko. c:
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Of course he does, can't leave Uboa out |D I kept forgetting to draw him sklfhd- XD

ffff thank you~ ; 3; <3 The art of this family will never end, better get used to it 8I XD O-okay then ; 3; I'LL KEEP PRACTICING IT 8I
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