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April 28, 2010
Feidhelm said "Color References 5 by ~UltimeciaFFB While I am sure there are plenty of colour swatches and references here on dA, this is a huge and easy to follow collection on all the basic colors you might need as a digital artist. Very useful not only if you need help and ideas for a colour palette, but also getting the highlights and shadows done the right way."
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Color References 5

Version 4 (older)

Improvements over V4:
- More colors
- Better color balance of some of the older palettes
- Better organized in some sessions

EDIT: Swatches for Adobe Photoshop by :icononispiran:
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NesTHORcolors's avatar
where can i find the swatch file i cant seem to find it thanksss!
Hi UltimeciaFFB,

I was wondering i we could add your swatches to our Photoshop add-on? It's called Swatchoos and it's a swatch manager for Photoshop with groups and other cool staff. You can check it here: Those will be visible in presets section with your nick of course.

Best, Karol MoonGorilla Team
Planet-i-Studios's avatar
This is a useful! :dummy:
Many color yes! :la:
SweetGray-Art's avatar
awesome thanks! :P it just takes much time to do each color palette for every new painting, find references, choose colors n_n" this makes it much easier       
Kakashilover98's avatar
This is awesome! Could I use this as a reference?
Kingtema's avatar
Excellent work!!!
wwwPaiThancom's avatar
Thanks for the good job!
PiNkDuRoQa's avatar
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
this is a great reference! thank you so much for sharing!
oIlyiana's avatar
Thank you for sharing this ~~~ :iconbrohugplz:
Thanks to Daniel Morales. A great guy for his advice.
giveupwest's avatar
Thanks for sharing!!<3
Dante755's avatar
Wow Thank you Very Much!
This Will Help Me With My Images :D!
ShopKey's avatar
Thank you so much for this!
Can I use this for my images...I'm still learning the ropes so I could use all the help I can get!
Northildr's avatar
Thanks so much for uploading this :).
AdamRoyNorwoodArts's avatar
Thank you
Swatches used throughtout my graphic novel here: [link]
JaSmino4ka's avatar
Thank you very much, very useful!
beatrice1979a's avatar
Thank you. This is of great help.
Amberfanged's avatar
Great! I'll use them as soon as I can.
theMimicontrol's avatar
<3 so helpfull thx!!!
Jadeit3's avatar
brillant collection. can't wait to use them! thanks so much for sharing!
BenyiHS's avatar
I loveeeee you!!! :love: :faint:
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