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Super Mario 3D Land

By ultimatesol
i drew Mario in Tanooki Suit.
as for color palette, i using many colors on each character and when its done, i ended up have very colorful illustration.
It's also featured many related things such as; Kinopio(Toad), Kuribo(Goomba), Super Leaf,Starman, Jugem's cloud, Red and Green Mushroom,Koopa's Flag and even Gold Coins in this illustraton.

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SuperMarioFan65's avatar
I really love this game.
Toad-The-Coward's avatar
Pretty good job on toad
MattTOB's avatar
This is so cool, I'm gonna use it as my background! :-D
upstreamwake's avatar
love you drawing and the game : )
Phenometron's avatar
Impressive. VERY impressive.
SpectreZero77's avatar
Nice work! SM3DL was a great game. ^^
zuzull's avatar
dead-loose's avatar
This is so adorable! Your colouring really drew me to this, love it :) 
SarahVilela's avatar
I love this adventure!
ARaeann123's avatar
I love that game.  But i always ended up using a golden tanooki leaf because the levels got so hard.
LordFrieza90's avatar
wow this is so amazing. i just found my new desktop background. :)
billymichaeldavidson's avatar
awsome work dude richoies
MrLGreenThunder97's avatar
It's-a pretty good! XD
Blitzwin's avatar
Wait a second, when did this happen!? I played through the game like three or four times and I never got this picture...How did I miss it? :I
Prof-Archaic's avatar
Such vibrancy and colour is always nice to see. Lovely piece of work. Must say that the shading is also stellar, very well done. :D
AdrianFarenheitTepes's avatar
Just wanted to come back and say 3D World is even better. If you get the chance to play it, do it with friends. Single player is fine, but friends make it all the more chaotic and fun. Wonderful game with beautiful HD aesthetics, larger, more beautiful and creative level designs, the new Cat Suit powerup adds layers of creativity to your challenge, and the post-game stages are pretty challenging. ;)

9.5 game for sure, maybe a 9.6 just to put it slightly over Zelda. ;)
PinkHyrulePrincess's avatar
DaftersUnite's avatar
This is amazing. Tanooki Suits for the win.
fox64664's avatar
O Mario you furry I love your video games
Demetrax1's avatar
Awesome! Nice artwork!
JoaoNetoBrasil's avatar
Amazing! Very talent! Congratulations! hugs XD
AnotherUser666's avatar
Fantastically beautiful! Your colors are displayed brightly and vibrantly (appropriate for the Mario 3D Land universe), but just enough so as to be considered eye-catching and not retina-searing in its explosively colorful style that is about as 3D images themselves...Maybe even more.
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