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Like I said, you're more clever than most
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All of the waiters interrupted what they were doing to greet the entering customer, before quickly returning to their previous tasks. The Ninetales stepped forward, smiling and nodding at a few of them, before being confronted by a flustered Lilligant wearing a work shirt that represented the restaurant. "Can I help you, sir?" She asked, balancing 2 plates of food on one of her leafy arms, and holding a notepad with a few orders scribbled on it.

"Ah, no, that won't be necessary, do you mind if I simply browse a while?" The fabulous fox swished his hair away from his eyes stylishly, eying the nearby tables.

"Of course! Just let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them!" The peppy plant responded, teetering off to assist one of the seated guests.

Café Varieté was a popular restaurant among tourists, mostly because of their unique juice bar, but also because the food in general was relatively top notch. Because of Andalusst's massive influx of foreigners, the restaurant encourages its customers to bring in fruits and berries native to whatever land they come from and offers to mix them up in whatever style would best fit the flavors. Nestled in near the beacon in Town Center, it often gets a lot of traffic during the day, but tends to die towards the evening, when most of the activity migrates to Shark Club and the Caramel Carnivale, Spit spending most of his time at the latter. He didn't much like crowded places too often, but today was an exception. He wasn't so much interested in the restaurant or what it had to offer as he was its customers. He peered across the rows of booths and tables, taking note of the obnoxiously loud laughter erupting from a young pair of Prinplup girls, and the intense card game played by some Electric types in one corner. He perked and skipped with delight when he noticed a quiet, indigo frog hunched over a menu, seated next to one of the large window panes in the front of the cafe. The fox gracefully hopped his way over to accompany the lonely Greninja. 

"You don't happen to be expecting someone, do you?" Spit asked, wading into the frog's sight.

He looked up from his menu, one of his eyes slightly concealed by the cobra-skinned hood he was wearing, before cheerfully nodding. "I'm not, actually!" He had a very slight accent, but it was hardly noticeable. 

"Then, you wouldn't mind me joining you?" The fox smiled, cocking his head slightly.

"Not at all, so long as you don't blow up my check!" He joked, returning a blank gaze to the menu, absently shuffling through the pages. It didn't seem he was actually reading any of the items, rather looking at the pictures, if anything. 

"I'm not that big on food, particularly. I'll even pay for myself, no need to trouble yourself." The Ninetales responded, glamorously swinging up into the chair and letting his tails delicately wrap around it.

"Oh, no no, it's fine, I don't mind." The Greninja waved a hand politely. "I've-"

A tall Leavanny tiptoed over to their table, accidentally interrupting them. "Are either of you ready to order?" He asked, holding a pen and tablet expectantly.

"Ah, no, sorry, not quite yet." The foreigner responded, waving that same hand again. "Just a few more minutes? I'm sure I'll have made up my mind soon." He laughed slightly.

The waiter nodded, then turned to Spit. "And you, sir?"

"I'll order when he's ready to order; would be rather rude to eat in front of my company when he has yet to receive his food, no?" Although the fox's tone was polite and sophisticated, there was a slight edge of snark in his words, as if he was pointing out the obvious. The Leavanny nodded again, then turned and walked off. Spit turned to the Greninja in front of him, observing how he peeked through the menu. "How long have you been deciding?" He asked curiously.

"I would have ordered long ago," The frog sighed, putting the menu down in defeat, "if only I could read your language. Speaking is one thing, but reading... not so much." He laughed lightheartedly to himself. "I might just order a smoothie and leave it at that. It's too difficult for me to eat solid food anyhow." He sauntered down a bit, disappointed.

"Well, I'm sure they have something to suit your needs," Spit took hold of the menu and flipped through it, "They've got quite the variety of foods after all. Myself, I was planning on just ordering a plain old Oran and Pecha jelly sandwich. Nothing too flashy."

"Your looks would say otherwise, haha." The frog lightheartedly commented, leaning back in his seat slightly. "A Cheri Berry smoothie sounds fine for me, actually. Though, to no offense, but I'm afraid your bar mixers may not prepare it the same as they did back at home."

"Ah? Where do you come from, if you don't mind me asking?" Spit prodded slyly, but with the expression of genuine curiosity. 

"I'm a tourist from Iapon, heard many stories of this place. Wasn't easy locating it, however." He laughed to himself, leaning forward again.

"Iapon you say?" Spit chuckled to himself, but passed it off as clearing his throat. "I thought I recognized your accent! Ah, genki desu ka? Anata wa Andarasuto..." He fumbled over his words for a second, "Andarasuto.. ga.. suki desu ka?"

"Eh? Anata wa Iapongo ga wakarimasu ka?" The Greninja replied with enthusiasm.

Spit cleared his throat again. "Not much, I've forgotten most of it, honestly. Sorry if my sentences were kinda rusty."

"Ah, no, you're fine." He nodded understandingly, though with a bit of disappointment. "I do very much enjoy Andalusst, though. Very fine city, though maybe a tad crowded."

"Well then, we can agree on that at least!" Spit laughed, his company joining him. "Say..." Spit started, his laughter dying down, "You know, we've had quite a few Iaponese fellows stumble into town recently. What a mess it is, first we assume they're ambassadors, then they turn out to be frauds when the 'real' ambassador shows up, and now the whole city is going bat shit crazy trying to capture ninjas." He shook his head. "So convoluted, and for what reason?"

The frog across from him nodded in agreement. "I do hope this doesn't change your opinion on our people, I promise we are not all like that."

"Indeed," Spit lifted his nose, "I respect you, you know? You're a lot smarter than the others, a lot more clever. You've got a good grip on common sense." He nodded.

The Greninja eyed him curiously. "Er, thank you. I-"

"You know, not many of the residents here in Andalusst identify themselves as 'tourists.'" Spit interrupted. "They say this restaurant is a popular 'tourist' attraction, but really, all the 'tourists' here are just residents who happened upon Andalusst after stumbling in the fog for however long." He looked outside, almost as if lost in a daydream. "If one labeled themselves a tourist, that would mean they had full intentions of coming here, rather than ending up somewhere else. In which case, they would've had to travel through one of the dungeons that leads directly here." He shifted his gaze to the frog, smiling. "And it would take quite a tough fellow to be able to do that, wouldn't you say?"

He shifted uncomfortably in response, narrowing his eyes threateningly. "I would suppose so-"

"Hiding in plain sight. A brilliant tactic, and one that I admire." He complimented, resting his paws on the table. "Like I said, you're more clever than most, and I respect that. Now, here's the deal-"

"Excuse me, sirs?" The Leavanny returned to their table, still holding that note card. 

"Ah, right, could you just get me a plain Oran and Pecha jelly sandwich? That's enough for me." Spit wafted his hand a bit daintily.

"And a Cheri Berry smoothie for myself." The Greninja nodded to the waiter, who quickly scribbled their orders down and walked off.

"As I was saying-"

"You can drop the act, you caught me already, yeah?" He shifted in his chair a bit. "So how are we gonna play this game, then?"

"Oh, no no!" Spit waved his paws in surrender. "I would rather avoid a conflict, especially here of all places. Between you and me, I'm not all that much a fighter, and if you were able to get through one of those dungeons unharmed, as I predict, then you could probably pulverize me without breaking a sweat." He laughed, but there was a clear mask of concern covering his face. "Not to mention you have the upper hand."

The ninja paused, before settling back into his seat. "So what is it you want?"

"This city is crawling with idiots, practically children, on the hunt for your comrades and yourself." He replied. "I'm unaware of the politics involved, and I'd like to keep it that way. You seem like a pretty nice guy, and you're obviously way more intelligent than the rest. I-"

He was cut off by the sound of a massive dinosaur careening across the street just outside the window, followed by several other Pokemon shouting "NINJA!" "GET HIM!" "DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!" and the like. The leafy theropod quickly shot up and barreled through the incoming would-be apprehenders, even knocking pedestrians aside, in any attempt to reach an alleyway or an open window for an easy escape.

"Beta beta shina..." The assassin muttered under his breath. Spit caught it, but made no remark.

"I keep telling you, you're the clever one here. We were assigned three different assassins; the Riolu, who seems to be just a kid, even if he's bad at stealth, he can easily blend in with the massive overpopulation of periwinkle jackals that somehow make it into this city. There's almost as many of them as there are the big-headed fire foxes." He scoffed a bit. "So, even he's still a bit slippery, and that's good on his end. But this Sceptile..."

"He's a fumbling idiot." The ninja spat.

"He was ranked the most dangerous, though I believe that title should go to you, personally." Spit cocked his head.

"Honestly, he deserves what ever humiliating public display he gets, as if his little stunt wasn't bad enough." He crossed his arms and huffed. "'Stealth,' I told him. Be inconspicuous. Don't let them suspect anything. Next thing I know, he's all dressed up in a womanly kimono asking me if he looks kawaii enough. He even got his little servant to follow along." He shook his head with despair.

"An uncanny approach, but admittedly, it was oddly effective. He did gain the trust of our Guild Leaders, after all." Spit commented.

"But for what purpose?" The ninja sat up. "He impersonated the ambassador, the very one we were trying to avoid, in order to gather information from the guild, when he could've very easily just gone stealthy and not gotten noticed. And then, what? Was he just going to assume the ambassador wouldn't inevitably show up? Stealing the caravan was an unnecessary move, and he lost part of his tail during the conflict. And then, of course, that Hawlucha girl finds the evidence he forgot to wipe, and now we're wanted criminals." He snarled a bit, pinching his tongue. "Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. I'm almost ashamed that I've gotta constantly clean up after him. If it wasn't for the kid..." He looked away.

Spit's eyes brightened. "Ah, I get it now." He nodded. "Like I said-"

"Your orders, sirs." The Leavanny delicately placed the ornate smoothie glass in front of the Greninja, and then a basic plate of a lame-looking sandwich that was childishly cut in half in front of Spit. He quickly turned and walked away before the Ninetales could comment.

"Anyway." Spit coughed a bit, taking a small bite of his food. "Like I said, I don't want to get involved in the politics, and you seem like one hell of a guy." He raised his brows casually. "The kids out there they gave the orders to?" He shook his head. "The majority of them joined the Hunters guild because it sounded 'cool' or because they wanted to be 'edgy.' Researchers are too nerdy for them, and Explorers are too wimpy for them. They're all wanna-be badasses who don't really grasp the concept of reality most of the time." He grimaced. "I almost didn't join them, personally, but my partner convinced me otherwise. It's good to know that at least some of them have a decent head on their shoulders, even if he's a little lacking in the creative department." He laughed. "Point is, they're all out there looking for guys like your partner, and I mean no offense, but the stereotypical idea of a ninja hiding in alleyways and running along flaglines and rooftops, that's all that's in their head. And, well, your comrade makes it easy for them." He tilted his head a bit, "Though, even you said he's a 'fumbling idiot,' right? So you're aware of this." He cleared his throat again. "Either way, you're smarter than them. What few that may have decided to look for you are either checking the same places they'd find your Sceptile friend, or they're just wanting to fight you because you have a more mysterious vibe to you. Everyone likes a good mystery, yeah? Problem is, they don't see you as a person, only as an object that should be turned in for reward. Not many of them are going to even have a clue as to where to look for you, and honestly, I'm actually pretty surprised I got it right on my first try. Then again, no idiot pretending to be a tourist would hide in a tourist place, right?" He nodded, smirking. 

"If you're going to arrest me, I'm afraid I'll be forced to decline." He finally responded. "Look, I've got nothing against you, you're pretty damn clever yourself. But purposely turning myself in and locking myself up behind bars? Please."

"Only a complete moron would do that, and only an even bigger one would ask for that." Spit frowned, a tad disappointed. "I'm not going to arrest you, that's far from my interest. However, there's no telling what they're gonna do to your Sceptile buddy, or even the kid." The Greninja perked. "With the description of all the wanna-be badasses I just gave you, there's no telling what twisted, sick-minded jerk is going to go after that kid just because they'd find retrieving him to be easier with a bigger reward." The assassin glared at him heatedly. "It's a dick move, I know. But that's just the move that some of the assholes in this guild would make." The ninja quickly stood up, so quick in fact that Spit was afraid he'd jump through the window. "Look, how about I make a proposition?"

"What kind?" The frog darted his eyes viciously towards him.

"If you promise to go talk to the Guild guys and lift this whole convoluted mess of antagony that's been shoved onto you guys, and leave me out of it, I'll do everything in my power to make sure the kid is unharmed." He crossed a paw on his chest. "I swear on my nine tails, if anyone hurts him, they'll be having a millennium curse to deal with."

"I can't guarantee anything." He said harshly.

"Neither can I." Spit retaliated. "We're complete strangers, we have no reason to trust each other. But, at the same time, we have no reason to not trust each other, either. I'm just as worried about the kid as you are, and I have just as much faith that you'll hold up your end of the deal as you do me."

The Greninja remained silent for a while, gazing blankly out the window at the passersby, wincing at every Riolu he noticed.

"I'll even have my partner keep an eye on him, he's good at that stealth stuff, just like you. And he's got a friend who could punch a hole in a mountain, and that would be her warmup. Even if the kid gets hurt, it won't be without consequence." Spit stared toward him with determination, but he remained silent. Spit looked down, digging deep into his memory. "Mishiranu hito no ude no naka ni shinkō no hiyaku o toru to tame ni." He shook his head. "Fuck, that was probably hella broken, but hopefully I-"

"I understand. Leap of faith, got it." He shook his head. "Excuse my potential rudeness, but I just find it difficult to put my trust into a man who spends every night at a strip club." He cocked his head back sarcastically.

Spit backed up a bit, placing a paw to his chest. "Ah, no need to judge, my friend. We all have our guilty pleasures, no? I'm sure there's some idiosyncrasy of your own that others would look at you different for, no?"

The assassin remained silent once more, before turning and grasping at his drink, taking a quick sip. "Do you have a name?"

The masculine vixen smiled. "The people around here call me Spit."

The Greninja looked down, sipping his drink once more. He looked up again with a bit of disbelief in his eyes. "I know damn well that that doesn't stand for Spitfire, does it?"

"Well, that depends," He unfurled his tails from around the chair, and rested his elbows on the table, propping his head up flirtatiously, "is your friend so sloppy all the time?" 

"I'll be going now." The ninja flustered ever so slightly, casually making his way out of the restaurant. Spit couldn't help but notice how glamorously the frog swung his hips as he walked; being so quick and nimble for the job really does well for the figure.

The fox laughed to himself, time to go see that scraggly frilled lizard then, and make sure that hot piece of ass actually lives up to his word.


WHOO FINALLY DONE AW YEA wtf Spit got hella flirty at the end there idk what happened I'm so sorry mysterious Greninja dude

Alright let's see gotta get those technicalities

Agent 2: Not much is known about this Greninja, and he’s barely been sighted since the incidents began. Doesn't look like much of a combatant, but considering how well he’s been able to avoid notice this long, I’d say he’s a lot better at covering his tracks than his Sceptile buddy. The Greninja population here’s pretty sparse as well, so that’s a plus. We didn't get a clear look at his face either, so there ain't much to go on other than he’s pretending’ to be a tourist and wears some kinda hood.

- An Intelligence stat of 4 and a Charisma stat of 3 is recommended when tracking this target. Direct confrontation is unlikely, but one should still be on their guard. Convince him to come peacefully and you’ll get a MERIT from your guild, but you won’t be penalized for a direct confrontation. Greninja's moveset: Protean - Mat Block, Dig, Toxic Spikes, Haze.

Reward: MERIT and Evolution Slip


Aaaahhh Hopefully this is good enough hngg;;
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It seems that Spit does not disappoint at all as the new member of Team NAME. Fantastic job on the art and storytelling, Sass.
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UltimateSassMaster|Student Digital Artist
B) Thanks! I was actually super worried it wouldn't come out great, since I was working off of no sleep and it was 6am lmao
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PinkGermy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg i love the ninetales design so much and you made a great job on the coloration ! 
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UltimateSassMaster|Student Digital Artist
Bwabwaaahh oh gosh thank you so much ; v ;
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Batrocha|Student Traditional Artist
Your Greninja is adorable and that fluff is simply magnificent!Loved your piece. 
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UltimateSassMaster|Student Digital Artist
Hahaha thank you! The Greninja is actually technically not "mine," as he belongs to the group's founder as an NPC, but he was still hella fun to draw xD
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Hot piece of ass xD

If you're not careful you might end up giving spit a harem of ninjas!
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UltimateSassMaster|Student Digital Artist
B) Honestly Spit would not mind at all
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Numbuh1234|Hobbyist Writer
This is great, Sass.
Only problem I noticed is that some of the paragraphs go on for too long...
But the rest is great! Spit is a more devious Ninetales!
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UltimateSassMaster|Student Digital Artist
Asdkflsd I literally wrote this at 6am, and finally went to bed at 8
I'm more glad that I actually got it done rather than quality lmao
But thanks! I might go back in and fix some things, but otherwise I've got more work to do lmao
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Numbuh1234|Hobbyist Writer
Alright then, I'll be lurking in the shadows once more... *Begins lurking*
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