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I dunno why this one deleted its description

- Locate the entrance to the new dungeon path and alert Gavina to its presence. The Subseed forest is a maze of trees, and getting lost is a very real risk. An Intelligence stat of 3 OR an Agility stat of 4 should be enough to avoid most pratfalls. Finding the entrance without disturbing the native bug Pokemon will award teammates with a MERIT. Wanton bushwhacking and defacing of innocent nature will incur aSTRIKE, but will forfeit all rewards. Gavina does not reward disobedient scouts.

>Elysian obtained the Apricorn Necklace!
>Elysian earned a MERIT!

- Assist Luke in building an outpost near the unmarked dungeon’s entrance. It must be made relatively cheaply, but members are free to make the place more cosy by their standards. He suggests carrying wood in from Andalusst City, and teams who opt to plunder wood from the forest will incur a STRIKE. Luke will assist Pokemon who are incapable of building, so stats don't matter here, unless you wish to convince Luke to take a break and relax, which will require 4 Charisma and awards a MERIT.

>Elysian obtained the Luke Plush!
>Elysian earned a MERIT!

- Assist Cassidy in securing a relay point at the dungeon 1st floor entrance by excavating a portion of the caves. A total Strength stat of 5is required for moving earth with brute force alone, but less physically-inclined Pokemon are encouraged to help out any way they can. Extra caution must be taken to avoid dirtying the natural underground lakes... Or you could make use of natural explosives in the area, which would incur a STRIKE but would probably be totally awesome.

>Elysian obtained the Bottle of Fresh Water!

Explorer Team Elysian

EDIT: all cleaned up!
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