Painful Love poem

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My poor heart is suffering from wear and tear
You ask me to talk but get mad when I do
You get choleric when I think you don't care
It just doesn't seem like your feelings are true

To you I'm a messed up and shallow child
I only hurt people, a bully at best
I think back to the times when we both smiled
There's an arudous pang inside of my chest

Why didn't you say you were also in pain?
That I'd harmed you as I do everybody
Why can't you open up and calmly explain
Your mood, Because my veiw of you is foggy

Dear, I love you more then I've loved anything
Although sometimes I wish you would just understand
For your presence I am yearning and aching
But you hardly seem to want to hold my hand

I have been under a lot of stress lately
A mean step father and homophobic dad
My friends feel ignored but I want you with me
Why should this make my personality bad?

But deep down I know I'm very rapacious
I don't deserve the precious air that I breathe
I'm not worthy of a partner so selfless
When you give up, my dark side I shall unsheathe
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Bueatiful and so true! :)