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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 3:01 AM
Merry Christmas folks, I hope you're all having a great time. I'm still waiting for snow... well, it's still not too late for the Christmas evening.

My Toshiba 5400rpm 320GB HDD seems to start dying, it made last weekend's update freeze for 5+ hours. I made a restore to a point 4 days ago, but windows deleted my ini files and I've lost 2 days of work on my skin. I'm trying to use my active-undelete, but it isn't picking up any ini's atm. I ordered a new WD scorpio black HDD a week ago and should be back on track in a matter of days if the current HD fails entirely. I blame that 100% disk usage for 5 minutes at every start up for a year since I have this PC.

I'll scan the drive and reinstall windows afterwards on Thursday. I really wanted to bring an update for Desk Cloud to you guys at that time, but looks like it's not possible.

-Daniel, out!

W8 apps blacking out

Wed Jul 17, 2013, 1:58 AM

I have some weird things happening with my W8 apps. Randomly some parts are blacked out, some just disappear, also happens on mouse-over. All apps are affected by this.
Maybe it's a GPU problem. I have integrated Intel HD 4000, switchable between AMD Radeon HD 7670M (30% OC, DDR3 version).
Any advice, opinion or thoughts about this?

The following folders on Architecture-of-skin need to be moderated (one mod for each folder)
Windows 8 VS (taken)
Windows 7 VS (taken)
Media Player skins (taken)
Handhelds (one mod for all 3 of the folders) (taken)</blockquote>


is to be online once a day or two and decide which submissions will be accepted.
have some knowlage and taste in the category you want to moderate.


all admin submissions are auto-accepted.

Contact me if you're interested. The sooner you'll apply, the sooner group will be opened for submissions.

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...why I'm so inactive and haven't submitted the stuff I promised.
The truth is, I got a new laptop (i7, Radeon HD 7670M, 8GB RAM, etc.) with W8 pre-installed on it (great install, all drivers and software working and stuff...), but the productivity on W8 is absolutely zero, not because of the metro stuff, but the lack of aero blur which is needed for my Rainmeter skins, also I can't seem to figure out how to enable boot menu, so I can install W7. From what I've read on the forums people have managed to throw the W8 out the window and installed W7, but I want to keep W8 on dual boot with W7, unless I find (or someone tells me) a safe way to do so, I'm stuck!

P.S. - I'm already sick of the W8 look, it's less shit than stock W7 tho!

Life is just awesome!

Tue Oct 23, 2012, 11:39 AM

Life is just awesome!

+ I'm studying the best thing ever, which is architecture, of course there isn't as much time left for skinning and other stuff like it was before, but at least I love going to school (yes I said that) and making blueprints, drawing and in the near future I'll make paper models and I'm receiving a scholarship just for doing that.

- Of course I spend what little time I have on dA to see some amazing works of art, but the downside is, I can't say thanks to everyone who has faved my stuff or added me on their +watch.
I just deleted 3.5K deviations from my message center which was from the deviants I watch alone, not talking about the groups that I watch and if I get as many activity messages as I do now, I just can't answer them all like I did before, It'd be just copy-paste.

So I say thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, especially a big thanks to neiio for a Premium membership and for giving me a chance to be a moderator for a new group called Neiio-Visuals, where you can (as neiio says himself) check out the latest/hottest Skins/Themes & Wallpapers, anyone interested - welcome aboard.

There's a possibility that you'll see some cool architect stuff uploaded from me.

That's it, Daniel over and out.

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Have a great one!
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Straight to the point

So I'll first tell what happened a month ago and then what happened recently.
My GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) decided to take an early retirement on July 6. The main difference between Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer and what happened on my screen was that my desktop was divided in two, the upper half of my screen showed bottom half of the desktop and the bottom half of the screen showed upper part of desktop, plus - there was random flashing/moving horizontal lines (sometimes vertical), random red and blue marks appearing on my screen and everything was flashing and moving at 60Hz refresh rate.
In the mean time I was using a one model older laptop of the same production line (now getting ready to host my portfolio), which I used for almost a week, but that 24-bit screen hurt my eyes and creating anything is impossible with it. Then there was two weeks of taking my PC apart, putting back together, testing and doing it again and again, and again!

That "thing" haven't occurred for a week or so, so I just as well may return... and so I am!

More good stuff

Due to installing and re-installing my OS's I've got about 4 months of free Photoshop trial. :D
So I created a lot of good stuff that will soon be up for views.
Oh, and a new Carbon Theme 2 preview is coming soon - it's beautiful!

Happy birthday to me!

I'm not sure if I should bring up my age, so I'll just ask you guys: how old do you think I am?
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I'm leaving, because my PC passed away (for real this time) to be more specific RS480M. There is no way that I can make anything now and be here on dA, though I'll try to use my phone for internet and you can still reach me via note (I'll be checking those trough my phone) and email UltimateRT (without a space before "@").
I'm really disappointed right now...



Skinning Community Forum

"A forum for all skinners, photographers, wallpaper makers, artists and Desktop Customization fans everywhere!
You are all invited!

A forum from :iconadni18:adni18
Make sure to check it out!
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It's so darn HOT, that I can't even sleep! Even my PC is getting hot! (I should clean the heat sink)

Just watching Mythbusters all day long...

That's all, see ya later... if I don't melt...
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It'll be called eXPerience, it'll look something like in the image below.

eXPerience - concept by UltimateRT

Yes, I'm still working on DC2 and Carbon Theme 2 at the same time.
:iconhidingtrollfaceplz: problem?
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Man, these months were hard, luckily I passed the exams very well. Now I just need to finish Desk Cloud and get back to learning C++. That's about it.

So, how's your day going my fellow deviants?

BTW, I'm on this little site here.
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Releasing on 20/06/2012 as Desk Cloud 2.2
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Here's the deal:
You take a decent screenshot (like this but with different panel arrangement) of my Desk Cloud 2.1 Rainmeter skin suite (which I'll send you if you'd like to participate).

You need to have Rainmeter 2.1 (or higher) and Windows XP/Vista/7 or 8 Customer preview.
Leave here a comment which states that you want to participate and I'll send you the file within 24 hours.
Take a screenshot of the suite (panel arrangement doesn't matter).
No more than 2 screenshots per person.
Post here a link to the screnshot(s).
I'll select 3 winners.

Each of 3 winners will get 5 points :points: as a prize and possibly their screenshots will be featured in Desk Cloud 2.1 (version 2.1.1) download preview.

Contest ends at March 30, 2012 23:59 GMT
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Only real way to stop Kony, is to pray!
Please fave this journal, make Knoy famous!
Click on it for bigger preview!

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Visit my blog to see the latest updates for these two suites and let me know what do you think, in the comments bellow!

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I had this idea from Google, that I could make a new avatar for every big event.

#1 Feb 22: Presidents' Day
#2 Feb 22: Heinrich Hertz's 155th birthday
#3 Feb 24: Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery (2011)

So what do you guys think, should I continue doing this?
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Hi! :wave:

So first things, first. Due to hardware problems, I'm unable to do anything, so currently I'm using other PC.
As soon as I get my main computer to work properly, I'll continue to work on DC2 update (should be good).
I'm aware that there are 70+ people expecting uploads from me, but I really don't have time to make any (no rainmeter stuff), because I have to study for exams + I need to come up with an idea for my school logo.

Btw, I'm currently planing a 3ds max project (I'll post WIP screenshots) and trying to finish a huge GT-500 pencil drawing.

I have a question: Do you know some good software to make greater overclock for CPU and Video card?
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