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Desk Cloud 3 - Alpha 1.0

Here we go again... Remember Desk Cloud? Yea that thing, I've managed to lose all of my progress for version 3 made after January 2013. No worries, I'll be making it from scratch and I'll be updating this deviation whenever a major change is made or a couple of new features are added.
This .rmskin package currently contains only an under-bar that will be placed under the main section of the suite's layout (expanded in this screenshot), the under-bar part is not made yet. Most of the code is a place-holder and dummy code that will be changed later to add configuration skin support.

A mockup of the complete suite can be found here.


Alpha 1.0, 12/13/2013
Contains an under-bar, second main skin in the suite. (~25% complete, open for suggestions)
Variable registry file. (WIP)

To do

under-bar: Make icons changeable and icon columns scrollable. Weather feed.


• Wallpaper: The Alps by ~zomx
• Icons: Modern UI Tiles Icon Set by *dAKirby309 (Modified without asking permission, sorry...)
• Player controls are from ~poiru's Soita skin (Lazy me... I'll make my own later)
• Font: Purista (Medium and light)
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hi I love this skin. and I have a request or idea for it: can you build a ping meter in. like this one:
I love your desk cloud 2.1 badly. this could 3.0 is also pretty cool. 
I hope you are still working on it.
Looks good. How do I set the program path for the icons? I see nowhere I can put the path in the ini file.
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Use the inc file in the @resources folder to assign a path to an icon. Although there are still some problems with the paths, my outdated coding skills might be the fault, nothing that Rainmeter documentation can't fix.
Ok then. I shall do that. Thanks.
What is your skin txt file look like for poiru's Soita? i have been messing with it but cant get it quite like yours.
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Could you rephrase? I don't understand what you're trying to say.
OH never mind i was my own stupidity. Great skin might i say can't wait till its done! it will look fantastic if its anything like the concept.
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Thanks! The only thing that will be different is the font, since it's like $40 a peace and I'm using light and regular versions. I'll need to come up with a free alternative.
Don't know if you have seen this before or not but:
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Thank you, I found two possible place holders, I just need to test them.
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Really nice work, keep it up. :)
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Thanks, you can expect an update by the of the next week. :)
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Awesome, really like it man :)
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Looks great !
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Thanks! That's a month of coding and staring at the screen right there.
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Nice! No worries about asking permission, as long as credit is provided I allow people to modify and use my icons how they wish! :)
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Thank you!

Yea, about that, I was going to ask you today, but you're already here :D... anyways, I'm planing to edit some more icons when I finish with the code for them. You know me, I always give credit.
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Ok, no prob! :) Feel free
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