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Wind in the hair (Oc Art) by Ultimateportalmaster Wind in the hair (Oc Art) :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 28 24
Shachi's day (Oc bday present)
"So... When I said I was going to be helping you all day. I didn't have this in mind." Cheryl explains, She was wearing a french maid outfit and let's say she did not like it at all. Shachi on the other hand was amused. "Come on sweetie, you have to admit, it's funny to see you like this." Shachi explained with a chuckle, Cheryl lives up her bangs as they fell from her big updo. "At least take my hair down, as much as I would like to at least help you and my comfort zone." She adds as the woman simply smile's and pulls out the one pin holding it all together, after it collapsed,  she smiles and says. "Thank you, for all my time knowing you though has been amazing, you've been kind and even though the work has been quite a lot, you helped me back, even though your hair is totally longer than mine by every means... I'm getting there!" Cheryl explained, Shachi just smiles. "No problem sweetie, now, time to take care of you and myself. Oh, but you are still keeping the dress and heels
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 5 4
The Bermuda Ball (Oc Gift Story)
Authors Note:
Hello everyone! This is a special story I wrote for Ultimateportalmaster 's birthday, featuring his characters! This did take quite some time, considering I don't have a lot of time anymore to sit down and write. I know this story probably features many characters you don't know, so if you're curious, just ask a question in the comments. It can be about the story itself, characters, or anything you might have. Me and him will both try our best to answer it as soon as possible. I hope you like it! :)
With the sun peaking above the towering pine trees, there was a cascade of light and warmth throughout the hustle of town. The atmosphere had an effect on the townsfolk; many strolled along the pathway with perked up expressions while conversing with one another. Alexander, one of the people among the crowd, walked quietly to himself, taking in the variety of sights and aromas that flowed about the town. He searched for one of the various stores along the pathway to pick up a
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 6 2
Reinforcements: The Prolocks
Cheryl Fitzroy Maria, Wife to The Hero of the Bermuda Triangle, Mr. Pants, Known for her long brunette tresses, and also the pride owner of her own salon, properly named 'Fizroy's', After she had a curse put upon her which was, Her hair was uncuttable, but it would grow faster and faster... At least a foot a day, but now, it decreased and only true at least a foot every one and a half weeks. It's a lot of hair, but she enjoys her powers and it makes it easy on her.
A Long time ago, Cheryl used to go to school in one of the best schools in The world, since her parents were traveling a lot, she had of course to move, her parents never really like staying in one place, but she absolutely loved the school, her principal, was sort of like a guardian to her, mostly she made her feel welcome, at the time she actually had her hair all the way down to her knees, Also had a couple of friends as well, but she mostly focused a lot on her dream, which was, becoming what she always wanted to be... A
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 14 15
A night to remember (Oc story trade)
Cheryl was busy working in the yard, Picking up some of the latest weeds that decided to 'pop in for a visit'. While she loved her flower garden, She still got annoyed by it, rather if it's the long hours spent just to make sure no flowers are wilting, The hot sun shining on her face, or her hair gets very hot and sweaty. 
After A long while she finally gets up from a hard days work, she wiped the sweat off of her forehead and finally walks inside literally crashing on the couch, kicking off her cowboy boots and letting down her hair by pulling out the one ribbon that helped tied it together. 
Cornelius was busy on his tractor, pushing hay bales, mostly he didn't see the purpose of it considering that the chickens don't really need hay, but he didn't care, he thought of them as giant cinnamon rolls! (of course he did.) 
Once he was done he happily jumped off of his tractor and take off his top hat to get a good look at what he has done, he smiles as he simply puts his ha
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 10 18
Brunette Buddies [Part 1] (Oc Story Collab)
Cheryl walked down a street in the central city of the Blue Queendom, taking in all of the new sights and sounds. People were staring at her because she looked so different from them, with her pinkish skin and chocolate brown hair. However, if Cheryl had caught on that people's eyes were following her, she didn't show it as she briskly stepped along the pale blue cobblestone.
Cheryl's eye was drawn to a storefront to her right. Intricate combs of sapphire and lapis lazuli were being displayed in velvet lined cases in the window. She slowly walked forwards, reluctantly leaving the beautiful ornaments that were well out of her price range behind. She drifted away slowly, looking over her shoulder. Cheryl wasn't paying attention, and only realized her mistake when she felt herself run into somebody with a jolt.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she cried, hoping that the person would be an understanding one.
“Aa!” responded the person that had ran into Cheryl. "No, don't be sorry, it was my
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 10 19
A Good Hair Day? (Oc Fan Sketch) by Ultimateportalmaster A Good Hair Day? (Oc Fan Sketch) :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 24 3
Jukie's Birthdayz party (Oc Gif)
"Alright, Is that cake ready?!" Yelled the brilliantly, good looking genius, Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, Leader of the zombies and sworn enemy to Crazy Dave (Unless if Dave can remember who he is.) The vanilla cake was layered up as it was being paired by a engineer with a chef hat on. "Brainz!" The zombie replied. "Excellent! She's going to love this so much, that she will have to love me!" Dr. Z started to laugh maniacally, however his expression changed as he looked at the clock on the wall. "Ugh, where is she! That Rapunzel ripoff better not have forgotten..." He exclaims.
Jukie was sitting in her room, getting her hair done by a human friend of Her's. "Do you think he will like this?..." She asked, Cheryl however smiles. "Of course he will! You're you look amazing in my book but now I think he is going to be surprised." Cheryl adds as she finally used her brush one last time. "I think your ready." Cheryl smiles happily.
Dr. Z looked angrier by the minute, he tried his best to not be
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 6 2
Happy Birthday from Gx-9901 (Oc Gift) by Ultimateportalmaster Happy Birthday from Gx-9901 (Oc Gift) :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 21 22 Dr. Evil (Original Character Ref) {WIP} by Ultimateportalmaster Dr. Evil (Original Character Ref) {WIP} :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 2 8
Love will grow (Oc short fan story)
He heard his lover crying, Ryncerse ran into the room without hesitation as he saw the message that the queen gave him, He started tearing up as well, he ran to him and held onto him. "Ingage... I'm sorry I should hav-ve got rid of all of that so you didn't have to relive that nightmare..." He said he felt his pain as he comes closer to him and to him as he adds. "Why... Why did I ever want to trust her..." Ingage states. "You did because you were trying to protect me and do what you thought was right... And I tried my best just to find you..." Rynceres says as he teared up more and continue to stroke his lover's short hair. "She was the one that did this to you... You didn't do anything..." He said pulling him closer. "I-I try and act strong but... I..." Ingage says as he was quickly interrupted by his lover lips resting up onto his, immediately he was surprised by this act but he still enjoyed every moment of it. Once they were finished, They both open their eyes and stare deeply int
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 5 8
Mr. Pants (Original Character Ref) {WIP} by Ultimateportalmaster Mr. Pants (Original Character Ref) {WIP} :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 3 12 Dr. Honeybun (Character Ref) {WIP} by Ultimateportalmaster Dr. Honeybun (Character Ref) {WIP} :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 5 13
Dear Diary (Oc Story)
Testing out the new system in the lab, everything seems to be working in pristine conditions. Hello anyone that has managed to read this, these are my own journal entries that I have decided to keep track of after I usually forget to keep track of my work, so it is pretty much a "win-win", My name is Trevor, or Terrence Von Evans, but I preferred to be called Trevor, my Uncle Frank and I decided to make our own company after The family had enough of us. We decided to take our talents elsewhere, but I am just happy to finally work with the family for once, I just hope that this lasts.
Our First experiment is a complete success! We already discovered a entirely new matter, One that is both adhesive, and indestructible, all you need to do get rid of it is wash it with water! But most of the creatures seem to suffering from this... I keep on hearing weird noises outside, but I think it's nothing.
The wildlife outside is slowly deteriorating. The chemicals in our.
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 5 243
A day in Komiru with the Pants Family! (Collab)
{Welcome to Komiru}
The Intercom turns on,
"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we've landed in Korimasa International Airport. It's sunny outside, the temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, humidity is at 80%, and it's perfect weather for surfing. If you're finishing your journey in Komiru, then we hope you enjoy everything our island has to offer. If not, then follow the signs to Terminal 3 for connecting flights to other countries. Regardless of what you do, we at KomiAir thank you for flying with us and hope to see you all again."
Mr. Cornelius Quinn Pants adjusted his tophat as he nudged his wife awake.
"Wake up darling. We're here."
"Wha-? Already?"
"Yes honey, we've landed."
Cheryl opened her eyes and turned around, noticing how her hair had been braided and arranged into a coiled pile behind her seat. The flight attendants had even massaged some scented oils into it, filling the cabin with aromas of ripe fruit and coconut milk.
"Wow," Cheryl mumbled sl
:iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 5 22
Dr. Honeybun (Oc Art) by Ultimateportalmaster Dr. Honeybun (Oc Art) :iconultimateportalmaster:Ultimateportalmaster 29 44

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Over 50 (+new story announcement)
Hey guys!
Apparently I passed the 50 watcher mark and didn't notice until just now. Strangely enough, I think many of the newest ones came after my last story, which was the only one to feature haircutting of any kind. I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, but I think it's pretty funny considering my watcher count didn't really shoot up until I decided to break my cardinal rule of no haircuts on any characters (go figure xD).
Anyways, I just wanted to thank you all who have watched me over the 1.5 years (1 think) that I've been on this site. Your support, be they in the form of comments, favorites, or watches are what keep these stories coming. My life's been pretty busy as of late, and I seem to get less and less time to write as it goes on. Nevertheless, your support is what's motivated me to write as much as I have up to this point, and though I may not be able to write as much as in the past, I can guarantee that every story that comes out from this point on will be good. Quality, not
:iconmaneuscript:maneuscript 1 4
Mature content
Sylvia and Nemui, Pt 2 :iconlostlocks:Lostlocks 12 7
056 - The Curse, part 30 by DangerCurl 056 - The Curse, part 30 :icondangercurl:DangerCurl 36 27 Comic - First Impressions by WubcakeVA Comic - First Impressions :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 312 110
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Chris, Being a prime example of why Cheryl uses her hair to help those who need it. But when Cheryl tries to help her... It seems like she didn’t think of helping her the same way. Cheryl is known to fight a lot of creatures in the Bermuda, And she usually shrugs it off like nothing, But this one is going after her hair and her hair alone, Looks like Chris is going to be outnumbered.  Cheryl takes a stand by deathking12
Fur flies by deathking12  As much as Cheryl wishes she could not do this it looks like her necklace is forcing her to do so. Based off of the story by me and Lostlocks, deathking12 did a AMAZING job. I cannot recommend highly you following him. DO IT.
Cornellius and Cheryl in the Wasteland by danielwartistdanielwartist Looks like Cheryl has a lot of hair to braid! Hopefully it doesn’t fall out! (I’m sorry for making that joke. But it’s worth it.) Anyway really awesome commission and he did a awesome job, Definitely give him love.
Don't pout by deathking12 deathking12 Brought Cheryl to life for the first time and boy do I love this picture, Expect to see more of them in the future! (Be sure to send him lots of love and a watch. You’ll be happy to see what he comes up with in the future.)
Chris, Being a prime example of why Cheryl uses her hair to help those who need it. But when Cheryl tries to help her... It seems like she didn’t think of helping her the same way. Cheryl is known to fight a lot of creatures in the Bermuda, And she usually shrugs it off like nothing, But this one is going after her hair and her hair alone, Looks like Chris is going to be outnumbered.  Cheryl takes a stand by deathking12


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