According to Inafune. If Mega fight against Beck, Mega would lose because he is an old model. XD

Not being bias but Mega would win of course. XD

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if we assume they were buster only they would be dead even since mega has no xel and the absorption is the only thing that sets beck apart but if there were weapons then mega would have taken it

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Does Mr. "It's still better than nothing" expect me to buy that!?

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Beck might have new technology but Mega has the experience and I explain why Mega would win against Beck.……
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Inafune's full of shit. also his product crashed and burned in a cesspool of PC bullshit, so his commentary is kinda irrelevant.

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Mega has a charged shot just sayin Goku's Furious Kamehameha

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Megaman would floor Beck all day long.

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correct me if I'm wrong but Megaman has a time gun and a black hole gun, right? how on earth could Beck hope to beat those

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Yeah, sure. Lemme know when Beck lifts a fortress, y'know what I'm saying?

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Also, let's not forget Mega had those GEAR Power Ups in the latest Mega Man game?

you know, the ones that Speed him up and Amplify his power

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I am biased for Megaman aswell, but even if just a tactic to keep some attention on Beck, it is the word of the author... so it has to be canon :lonely: .

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If you don't believe the original author then who do you believe? Because he is not like just an entitled person like Darthleen Kennedy.

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because for one thing, Akira Kitamura is the original creator, and for another, inafune is shilling for a catastrophically failed product.

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Ohh, my bad as I am more biased for the X series anyways :P . But yeah, I quickly looked for some info so, unless mister A K says anything, then we'll have to go for the second option.

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He sort of left Megaman after 3, whatever came next was Inafuene's hand. (except 11)

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Then maybe that is why I've got confussed.

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Well I think it is pretty obvious that Mega won.

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Bullshit old Rock has been through far worse and can contend with the likes of Sonic, that grey drone got nothing on the Blue Bomber
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Default load out:

{Mega man from that game} Vs. Beck (victor)

MM1 through MM3 Vs. Beck (Beck)

MM4 through MM10 vs Beck (Mega Man)

MM11 vs Beck ( Mega Man by a landslide because of power and speed gears )

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Silly reason tbh. Besides, giving them a full arsenal, Megaman has this, no problem. Even with just basic weapons, Megaman has a chargeable buster and the double gear upgrade. That's not even touching the support robots.

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In a straight fight with nothing but their base equipment, I could see Beck beating the original Mega, and probably going toe-to-toe with X -- with such similar movesets and weaponry, it generally boils down to the quality of their equipment, and both Rock and X are outmoded by Beck's Xel-absorption abilities. Mix in the Variable Weapons System, though, and I'm not sure the powers Beck copied from the other Mighty Numbers would be enough -- not only is the former a much broader arsenal, it's got considerably more firepower, given that the weapons were all copied from actual war machines.

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I clearly haven't played the future games, but the OG Robot Masters were technically just labor and production robots gone bad. I'm not sure when the switch to war machines probably happened, but it was that way for a good number of games.

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MM2 onwards were straight-up combat robots, purpose built TO kill megaman. they failed.

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Many of the X-series bosses were war machines, either purposed-built or reconfigured from industrial machinery -- and as is probably obvious, I've got more experience with X and his rogues' gallery than I am with Rock's. (I'm not too proud to admit that I suck at the classic Mega Man games: if the platforming's not kicking me in the teeth, the retro combat system's tripping me up in the boss battles.)

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