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Commissions on Hold.

It would be great if I can do freelance here on Deviant Art starting this time. Payment method will be through PayPal. You pay after I'm done with the piece. 

Send me a note if you want to request work for a commission. Entitle it "COMMISSION (your username)." 

Here are things that I can offer: Some might question what kind of Dollar is the payment considering there are many kinds of it but to be clear, it is US$. All prices may increase depending on the details or complexity of the work.
  • Character Sketch - 13$ 
  • Character Cleaned Up - 25$ 
  • Character Colored and Polished - 40$. If you already have a drawing and I'll just color it, you will only pay 15$.
  • Background Exterior and Interior - 85$ (I won't offer sketch and clean up backgrounds.)
  • Rough Animation - 10$ per drawing (I won't offer clean up and colored for now.). I will require you to provide a Character Concept, Storyboard or Animatic. If you can't provide any requirements we can discuss about it. Only Short Animations by the way. 
  • One of the Complex Art Piece below would cost 120$ and above depending on the details.
Complex Art Samples:
Complex Art Samples by ultimatemaverickx

Here are the Character Sketch, Clean Up and Colored Samples. If you choose Colored you will receive only the colored one and not the breakdown below. There will be additional 2$ if you also want a breakdown. I'll most likely expect to draw your Original Characters, Crossovers etc. It would be better if you give me a reference.

Model OP Breakdown by ultimatemaverickx

Here are other Character Colored Illustrations. I draw mostly Megaman Style Characters from Classic, X, Zero and ZX series. Of course I can also draw other Megaman Style Characters on other series. You may look on my gallery to see more Character drawings. As you can see I prefer drawing Megaman Characters in my own style, so If you want me to draw your Robot Master, expect it will be in my style. Zero/ZX Characters are what I usually draw closest in the original style. Well, my Zero/ZX arts is actually the original style with my own flare. You may ask me to draw Non-Megaman Style of Characters of course. 

Character Samples by ultimatemaverickx
Commission: Mario-Link-Samus by ultimatemaverickxPikaroid by ultimatemaverickx
Also, If you want a Character Concept like this below it would cost 85$.

MMZX Ultimus- Orchiel the Seraphroid by ultimatemaverickx

If a character is in Chibi style, prices will be reduced.
  • Chibi Character Sketch - 10$ 
  • Chibi Character Cleaned Up - 20$ 
  • Chibi Character Colored and Polished - 30$ 
Colored Samples:
Giga Bot by ultimatemaverickx
Background Exterior and Interior Samples:

Overpass by ultimatemaverickx

Resistance Base by ultimatemaverickx
If the background has characters on it there will be additional charge of 40$ plus depending on the details. Examples are:

Break Time by ultimatemaverickxResistance Base by ultimatemaverickx

Rough Animation Sample:

It will cost 10$ per drawing. For example, the animation below consists of 10 drawings therefore it will cost 100$ (10$ X 10  drawings).  Small or large drawings will cost 10$ per rough sketches but I will give exceptions to some drawings with few details on animation and reduce the cost. I will breakdown the work and will provide a fair cost. Display Resolution would be 1920 x 1080 if it is in Video format. If it's in GIF or SWF format the display resolution would be reduced to 1280 x 720 below. The final product would be in a Video file or in GIF or SWF. Also, there will be additional 8$ for compositing. The softwares that I am using are Photoshop, Flash and After Effects. Photoshop is mainly for animating.

Ciel Run Loop by ultimatemaverickx

Other Rough Animation Samples:

Roll Powered Up! by ultimatemaverickx X Busting (Rough Animation) by ultimatemaverickx I will defeat you Sigma! by ultimatemaverickx

 If there are other things you want to commission just say so. I may decline your request for commission if the work is complicated. Also, please don't expect that it will be done immediately. I'm also working on other commissions and stuffs. I prefer not to give me deadlines but it won't take long not unless I got a lot of commissions on queue. I also don't show Work In Progress piece but you may ask if you want. Please provide all necessary references on the Commission and please make sure what you want me to do is clear.

I may still accept commission even if I'm on hold but you'll have to wait. It might take long before I can work on yours.

© 2016 - 2020 ultimatemaverickx
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hi! i understand commissions are on hold, but i am super interested in commission a complex art piece, is there some kind of waiting list?

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well can you see my adopts

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I’m aware you’re on hold but if you don’t mind me asking but do you still take commissions or not?


ultimatemaverickx's avatar

Yes but only if the commissioner is fine waiting. It might take long.

Sorry, I haven't replied way earlier.

Weegeelord54's avatar
Ah I see, well I’ll message you when I want to commission you then as I’m interested!
ChrobinCormillaLover's avatar

I would totally commission you, but I can't do commissions without points, sorry. And I would make a request, but you don't accept those either. Such a shame because your art is magnificent.

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I don't normally ask for these, I'd like to ask a couple of commissions with you as soon as I find a way to get money to you.
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I'd love to commission you when you open again ^^

Speed-Fiend's avatar

So how long until you plan to open up Comms again?

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So I know you're on hold with Comms, but I'd like to ask a question. (I don't have the funds for one anyways, just making plans for when I do and when you're open again, haha)

I don't know exactly what this would fall under, but How much would it cost for something that's like:

ZX Style
Colored and Polished
Two Characters (light interaction with each other, like a fist bump)
(Possibly an ability to have them separate too, but I dunno)

I'm not too good with explanations, so I just listed what was on my mind.
Thanks for your time, keep on making awesome art!
ultimatemaverickx's avatar
That would be $80. It's still a 2 character commission assuming both are drawn full body.

ExeckTheCreator's avatar
Alright, thanks for the clarification!
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You never replied!
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If you ever open commissions again please please let me know. If you want you could email my gmail and let  me know if you ever do. *if you'd pm ill give it do you*
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hey man,nice to meet you,you have a private contact?
megamasterO's avatar
Are commissions still on hold?
ultimatemaverickx's avatar
Yeah, but I'm alright accepting commissions if the commissioner is alright waiting. It might take long.
megamasterO's avatar
haha np, I will when I get some funds. I love you're style
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Okay now I’m curious with as many people order commissions from you do you actually make a living off of this? because it seems you probably could
ultimatemaverickx's avatar
I could make a living of this but if I really really want to make a living of this then I have to increase my prices but this is just a fan/friend commission not an actual work/professional stuff. I'm not going to increase the prices into professional standards.

I'm surprised I got a lot of commissions actually. I'm very thankful.
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Can I have a commission slot mate?
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