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Zero VS. Omega Zero Decisive Battle (Beta)

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Weeks ago, I found an SWF file of the beta of Zero Vs Omega Zero Decisive Battle. If you remember what I've said before on the description of Zero VS Omega, I said it's already finished but I'm not satisfied so I didn't upload it yet. Although, It's not exactly finished, let's just say it's almost done I just need to polish stuffs. This is that thing I'm showing except I added a proper end on the last moments.

I've showed a preview by June and it took months before I was able to upload the final product. Almost of the animation after the preview was changed which you can see now. XD

In the end, I'm still not fully satisfied with the final product but I'm glad with it. The thing is I wanted to do something on it that I can't create before, it's animating the Ciel's Memory ~ Rebirth from Zero. I want to add it on the video but I don't have the skills yet. There are other stuffs too but that's what I really wanted to do before. 

By now, I can do that and could make the sprite movie a lot better. I thought of remastering it but no time for that unfortunately.

Hope you enjoy! :D
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this vid, if it's this here beta version or the final product on youtube, is easily my favorite video ever. I get goosebumps every single time I watch it.

It's just so damn epic, the music, the battle choreography, the subtle hints to the original X and Zero, it can't get any cooler!
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Wow. this is very different from the youtube release
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Been wondering for the longest time and kept forgetting to ask:
1. What game is Zero's line from? This one 'Hakai suru tame mono janai'
2. And what's Omega's line immediately after (when the break out of Cyberspace) something like 'Momono shinjeru mono mamoru'
and which game is that from?
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both came from "Ciel's memory" tracks
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There can be only one HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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Are you on mobile?
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pc using mozilla
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Then I dont know
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This thing still gets me pumped even years later.  Cool to see this alternate take on the battle.  You know it would be awesome to see a Decisive battle of Megaman vs Bass some day.
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Oh man, a sprite battle of them? That'd be awesome. I'd also love to see a MegaMan vs Rogue battle.
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I dig it, though it feels a little slower than I expected
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Oh this is great
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Still a damn hot spectacle. 
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Zero vs Omega Zero Decisive Battle is my absolute favorite of your work.
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This is still as amazing as I rememeber from seeing it on YouTube a few years ago.
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neat seeing the process!
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I love this!!!
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God I love your Decisive Battles!  This is amazing (even if it's a Beta), and I love how you added in X and Zero's past self!
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thats strange, i can't find the completed version
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It's on youtube.
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Wgere on youtube. Whats the name of it?
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