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X Helmet Turn Around Animation

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So I created a poll to know which has the best helmet design on the list. X is the winner. I want the highest vote to have a turn around animation. :D

It took a whole day and bits of polishing from time to time. Not perfect but I'm still glad. I can make it more consistent and smoother but then being patient is hard. XD Besides, I have to work on commissions. I don't have much time for personal stuffs.

If I got time I'll work on a complex turn around animation.

Hope you like!
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Looking good, nice animation.
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Really looks awesome here~ Great job working on this^^ Keep doing animations okay?
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Well, I hope I can do more animations.
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Yeah man go for it^^ Try going to Sakugabooru more often for references~
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Real nice! I almost prefer the pencil test more than anything else! <3
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Amazing animation congratulations!!!
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That looks REALLY good. I'm surprised, I'd love to see what you could do for a whole game.
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well now i will know X's helmet anatomy easily

now all i need is MMZ zero helmet
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Hmm... maybe I'll do a sketch animation only.
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that would be perfect
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Best helmet indeed. It looks great turning around!
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Wow, excelent work
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Really the other Megaman helmets didn't have a chance against X's (and I voted for Star Force)
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Long live the glory of X's iconic helmet. : D
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Awesome work c:
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