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Commission for Laced Records and Capcom. 

Disc 1- Back Cover 


I'll show you how strong I am!  

―Vile, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

On the original MMX, Vile was a soldier of Sigma's rebellion. His character wasn't expanded not until Capcom made an X1 remake. Vile became an interesting character there.

Surprisingly, he became a playable character on the remake. 

X X X, why does everyone like that guy! XD
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"You worthless piece of scrap metal, did you think you could ever defeat me?"

I love Vile.

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This is so dope!

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This looks like a scene from an anime. Very cool artwork! :love:

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Character expansion is a bit of a generous term. Now, instead of nothing, Vile's character can be summed up by "I hate you, X!"

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This illustration you've done definitely captures the feel of X's first battle against Vile, and I remember there being rumors that players can try to defeat him with just the X Buster as well. :D

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I actually like Viles character Arc and the Explanation for much of his actions. Essentially (for those not in the know) Vile always was a more intense, Violent type of Maverick hunter. But he had his Code of honor which kept him from going over the edge. Until a mission gone wrong that literally tore his head open. That incident fragmented, damaged, and warped his behaviour core making his already violent temper even worse, and leaving him prone to fits of uncontrollable rage. He's never had the Maverick/Sigma Virus. Instead you're fighting a permanently cognitively impaired former colleague.

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Do i smell soiled baby diaper.

Gravel Poot (Heavy)

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I was told

we would be fighting

M E N ! ! !

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I really appreciate the stylization of this. How colorful, vibrant, and very animated it all is. Great job!
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I alway thought Vile to be a serious mater of rivals even worse then Sigma.

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cool art dude, megaman x is a great game

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This brings me back to the good old days when playing Mega Man X.

I really love the work you do here.

Lovely job on this picture. :clap:

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Vile was ominous and he was kind of a jerk from the start. Even though he was just a soldier in the original, he still got some lines and got to jeer at X which made the fights with him more personal (and a marked sign of your growth) than any of the other soldiers in game. In the remake they basically made that sense of rivalry the core of his character. Pretty nifty honestly, wish we could get more of him.

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X's pose beautifully shows off his curves (never thought I'd say that), and I like how we see both of Vile's hands on the Ride Armor controls while his gun faces X. I appreciate the motion blur here, with the Ride Armor fist, the debris, and X's red foot lights (which we'd usually only see in figures or maybe some concept art).

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intense vile battle theme plays.

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*Z-Buster charging intensifies*

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Ah yes, the walking superiority complex, Vile. Always jealous of X's potential to change the world. This artwork capture that moment when X realizes that he wasn't at Vile's level yet. And the look of Ride Armor smasher the ground truley how much he hates X.

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