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These are artworks from Newgrounds! I decided my account here on Deviant Art will be dedicated to Megaman. But, from time to time I was thinking of showing these arts on DA but then again this account focuses on Megaman. Posting these arts seems out of place from my DA gallery but I had this idea to show these arts in this format. Just one Deviation with compiled arts from Newgrounds.

Newgrounds is where I post my Non-Megaman Artworks. I might post these Non-Megaman Arts from Newgrounds here depending on requests.

Visit my Newgrounds account!:  ultimatemaverickx.newgrounds.c…
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Sadly, I can't see them here on DA. Flash is now blocked and I can't even tell it to let me view something.
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Your art is fantastic.
Spyro456's avatar
That gunvolt drawing is amazing!
DualStrike's avatar
Do you think you'll ever animate gunvolt? or are the Drama tracks too hard to get a hold of?
ItaRoxasHikarino's avatar
Ghost Trick!! OMG....that's a REALLY underestimated game!!
DarkArtist491's avatar
Could you please put some of your gunvolt art on here too? I'm a new fan of it and I want to see it here.
Zero1407's avatar
I like it ^_^ !!!
GaleSpider's avatar
Any art from you is just amazing. It doesn't have to be Megaman-related. o:
DarkVampireDee's avatar
Amazing as always. Plus I'm glad to see new things instead of Megaman (but those still satisfied me ). Nice job, keep up the good work :star:
TastyRainbow-Boy's avatar
Yay for Astro Boy, YGO, Pokemon and Spirited Away
DarkwaverStudios's avatar
I wouldn't mind some Non-Megaman art from time to time, this stuff is great
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
oh man! nice job doing this! kinda impressive you did something like this no lie. such style and creativity put into it^^ Awesome Work!
Prologue-9's avatar
Wow, these are sweet! I really like the way you presented these too, really creative. Sure, post whatever you'd like here! It's your DA.
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Nice drawings.  I like the cave story one better.
TyrantChimera's avatar
ooh! /the ASG one is awesome! as are a bunch of the others.
Xabring's avatar
was bout time you showed us!
shad2389's avatar
Nice job. I especially like the Coraline artwork.
Cyberdraco001's avatar
I'd really like if you'd post that Elemental HERO Neos one on here.
Phil-Mc's avatar
Gunvolt is practically Megaman-related. same creator, ye know
SwedishX25's avatar
I agree. It wouldn't seem out of place on this account. 
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Haha, it's totally fine if you post non-MegaMan too ;)
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