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Ultimate Armor

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Secret Codes by ultimatemaverickx
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I've seen your Biometal fan art,so I'm wondering,can you make a combo for ALL of them. There would be stuff like Models ZX,OP,FH and LW.And in case you're wondering,please make make it so that things like FL and LF look different.Okay?

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The Ultimate Armor made a cheater out of me. It's just too fun to use!

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Not in Rainy Turtloid’s stage, though!
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That doesn't count. Nothing is fun about Rainy Turtloid's stage.

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Yeah, try getting the Body parts for the Shadow armour with Rookie Hunter mode off. It’s a NIGHTMARE.

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I'm well aware of that (and I'm aware of that pun, too).

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Very nice pose there!

For some reason I always think that Copy-X's armour is a copy of X's last version of the Ultimate armour, so that might explain the design but also why is not as powerful :) .

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Still awesome as always <3

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I love this armor

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Oooooh, hope we'll get the solo Zero from this one too!

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Zero was planned to have an Ultimate Armor,but it was canned in favor of Black Zero. Though that begs the question:WHY?!

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One of the baddest looking armor in the series ever. :D

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Your work really inspires me, even if I’m definitely worst than you, keep going pal👍
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I Feeling Like for Everlasting Peace.

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