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UMX Non-Megaman Art Showcase

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UPDATE: Sorry about the blank space on 3:55 onwards. I could have updated the video but it seems DA didn't add an option to update videos. :(

This is for people who haven't seen my Newgrounds artworks. :)

Like I said before, I'll be re-uploading my flash stuffs in video form. Flash will be removed on the net soon. It's sad. T_T

This is an art showcase of my Non-Megaman artworks on Newgrounds. I want my DA account to be dedicated only for Megaman stuffs but now, I think it would be better if I'll post non megaman artworks here too. Originally uploaded April 2016. I don't want to post a lot of Non-MM artworks on DA so I just made a compilation using flash. This time, I posted more artworks on this art showcase. Hope you'll like these Non-MM arts. Most of these are 2015 artworks. They're done very long ago. 

Here's the previous art compilation.
Ultimatemaverickx Newgrounds by ultimatemaverickx

I've also created a stash folder if you want to see separate images or just visit my newgrounds account.



The soundtrack is called Sky Wave. It's from We are Rockmen Album.

Lastly, I want to thank DA for making videos available on core members. I could preserve my previous flash stuffs/animation in video form. 
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Great showcase! And I even loved the music you used too!
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Ah, I saw Cave Story! I love that game!
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I'm digging the variety in your work!
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find it quite interesting how thanks to your style alot of the non-megaman stuff still manages to look like it could fit in a megaman game.
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Well, my cel-shaded artworks is similar to how I do Megaman stuffs. 
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Can't say anything beyond ya got great talent.
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Your work is always so impressive. : )
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