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Trixie Sprite Animations

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Well, I don't post these stuffs so I don't get you hyped because the production got on hold for long.

But anyway, I thought I should show these to you and announce it's still on hold and I'm not sure what would happen on the project. Boss got ill but I was still given a task. I haven't heard anything from him since then. Although I believe we will resume the project someday.

These are the sprite animations I did for Trixie: A Theft in Tuscola. It's still incomplete.

The game would play like Megaman X except there will be no wall climb. There will be a wall spring instead.

Hope you like the Animations!
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Very cool! I particularly like the animation for drawing and firing the gun.
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Wall spring? Like launching from one wall to the next?
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Waooooo increible 😊
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Man id llove to commission you for some sprites
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Very well done animations!

It must have taken forever to polish.
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That dash animation. So fluid, not used to that...
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I love how slick the dash is!
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Great sprites :)
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Damn dude, you're making progress. These look great, and those wall jumps look fun.
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These sprites look pretty amazing. Wonderful job right there.
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Really awesome looking indeed^^ Great job!
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Wait, you're making a game?
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I'm making the sprites for the game.
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Plays like Megaman X? I'm down!
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Hm. Stylish.
She's awesome.
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looks great i haven't sprited in years now seeing things like these makes me feel old now.
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Dude this is amazing!
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