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The Nightmares of Weak Type Reploid

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Bad Bad Mettaurs Shorts: The Nightmares of Weak Type Reploid

Well, my drawing tablet screwed up and got me delayed on doing art commissions. Since I'm not occupied I have time to work on personal stuffs. XD

I thought of Bad Bad Mettaurs Shorts! 

If there will be another Bad Bad Mettaurs it would be "Bad Bad Mettaurs and the Bad Bad Human". Ashe is the Bad Bad Human. This shorts will be a part of that episode if that happens.

Have fun! 

I think I'll work on another shorts if ever. XD

If you haven't watched Horrors on Area N, click this thumbnail! XD

BAD BAD METTAURS and The Horrors on Area N by ultimatemaverickx
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Omega: HA!! HA!! GORILLA!! GORILLA!! HA!! HA!!
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How I felt when I thought I can beat him like MMZ3....Little do I know, Inti Creates made him much harder :(
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anything capable of breaking a mettaur's hat should be feared by everyone.
that would make me wake up in cold sweat if i was dreaming from Omega's perspective.
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This should seriously just become  series of shorts, it's sooo entertaining XD
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When I fight Omega, I get a lot of nightmares... was horrible
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This is hilarious lmao
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this is so 2007 I love it
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Haa excellently put together.
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I find it kinda funnier with that Omega pic because it seems too good to have been drawn by the Mettaurs.
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XDDD Oh good lord. That was so good.
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Feels so intenese.
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Thanks for the idea!
I and my team are making a Classic styled Megaman Zero fangame actually, and if we make an Omega playable campaign, maybe he will have the possibility to knock Mets' helmet off ^^
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Heheh, this was cute.
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O snap son! Id feel bad if they were so fucking annoying!
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Well made of the animation!
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Such savagery. 
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*Sees destroyed Mettaurs*

No... This isn't happening...! Wut.... 


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