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Shovel Armor

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X armor based from Shovel Knight. XD

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that's the good crossover between megaman X and shovel knight. :D

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excelente espero que le hagas armaduras a otros personajes como zero y de la saga zero, axl, bass entre otros

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Nice job on this drawing here.

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Sooooooooo....Biometal Model SK next?

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I sure would like to see the shovel armor in Zero/ZX form too. Great job BTW.

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I mean....this would be an excellent armor for Mega Man X. His jump height would be like DAMN.

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...or Shovel Man in MM12. :D

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Best epic dlc armor eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
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Haha, this is pure genius. XD

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2 of the coolest games in the world combinen, this is dope!

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This is so Wicked Cool!! 😃

Can you give him a Keyblade Armor style suit from Kingdom Hearts too, like Lingering Will?
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Very cool armor for Mega Man X. I can definitely see that as a DLC for a future Mega Man X game too. :D

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since X gets his power ups from mavericks. I wonder what Shoveman looked like.

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I love it. The shovel itself could be called the z-Shovel.

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