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Secret Codes

Commission for Laced Records and Capcom. 

Disc 4 - Front Cover…

The most amazing secret armor and form... Ultimate Armor and Black Zero! :)

That Ultimate Armor though... I think that's toughest design I drew on this project. Took me long to just draw that armor. Before, I find it off that X's inner structure were shown on the armor... but now I think it's amazing! :)

Out of all Ultimate Armor designs, I think this is the best. My least would be Command Mission design but it's still cool.

The first time I played as Ultimate Armor X is from X6. It was the greatest reward I've had for beating a game. Infinite Giga Attack/Nova Strike!
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X4 = best MegaManX game!

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Such an awesomely dynamic drawing!

I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson (aka. Mace Windu) is a fan of this version of Zero as he asked for a purple lightsaber ;) .

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Oh, it feels good to be broken AF.

Ultimate Armor X and Black Zero are always welcome!!!!

Pretty good!!

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Personally, I think X8 had the worst Ultimate armor design. It looks too similar to the other armors in that game

That’s more to do with how armor was handled in that game in general. You could have the parts from different Armor sets active at once. Only when using all the available components of a given Armor did it assemble the actual Armor it formed (Hermès and Icarus armors).

The Ultimate Armor for that game was part of this system so it shared the designs of the Icarus and Hermès armors. So there really wasn’t much that could be done without making a completely different set of Armor for X to Use (and one that did not operate within this system).

Hi, I do not have money to make a commission, but if you can, make drawings in what I will talk about now, please do: X megaman zero style, a redesign of Fire Armor for the X (original design) and the Zero(Zero series) Battle Network style, tecnilly, Zero.EXE

(englhis is not my first laguage, i use the google translate in some parts)

Edit: maybe a Biometal Model Bass

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This made me remember all those fake cheat codes sites. telling us about "nightmare armor" and stuff like that xD
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Yo imagine flexing on all of us by being commissioned by capcom dang 11/10

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10000000000000000000000% COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!

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Cheating never felt so good

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don't click on me I am afraid

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One of the best armors from the series. ^u^

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Needless to say, this is the only way to beat MMX6 unless you're incredibly skilled at playing the game because as Johnny from the "Johnny Vs." series was able to point out, the game is incredibly hard if you aren't equipped with the proper armor while quoting "This game cheats, so I cheat back". ;)

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Zero’s Black Armor in X4 changed my life back in 1998.

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Wasn't Zero supposed to have his own Ultimate Armor during X4's development?

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Yes but for some reasons they didn't do that.

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Odd, I guess they thought it'd be redundant?

Actually they would have to make entirely new and different animations for Zero based of the design of the original Ultimate armor concept they made for him. Zero’s design had blades attached to his wrists and other radical changes. This meant that Zero would have had to be animated totally differently from how he played normally.

There may have been hardware limitations at work that prevented this Ultimate Armor concept for Zero from being used as well.
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The 1st time I'd use it was X4. Done that for X5 & X6. It was handy to use to beat those games otherwise it would have been difficult. Ultimate Armor X is cool but Black Zero is nice too but it's just color & not making him stronger IMO.

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