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Rockman Crossover Reborn -30th Anniversary Special



Update (Jan 1,2021): Flash is removed on the internet. No more Flash games. :( I plan to make a downloadable version some time soon and perhaps I might add some extras on it. It may take long though.

Here's an updated version with the Overdrive Mechanic.

Rockman Crossover Reborn- Scaravich Stage (Update) by ultimatemaverickx

My first Flash Game!

Last October, I thought at least I should try to make a game. I used simple characters to start which is the Bad Bad Mettaurs. It would be complicated to do Megaman or X and Zero first. I've searched tutorials and I was able to make them move left or right and jump. I got ecstatic the first time I was able to make the Mettaur attack and destroy an enemy.I got super happy that I decided to create 1 level which is this.Things got frustrating at some parts because I don't know how to stop the camera, create checkpoints, change characters, etc. I've searched tutorials but in the end I figured things out my own. Supposedly, the boss would be Stonekong. I started spriting it and scrapped it because he's big and I don't have patience to do it so I resort to Ground Scaravich. Alas! I was able to create a stage and a boss. I felt I've accomplished something big. I'm super happy but then I got horribly sick. All of my happiness was spoiled because I got sick for more than a week. Damn... It was super annoying.

When I got well, since this is the only time I was able to make a game. I thought it would be great if I can do a short game with the Bad Bad Mettaurs(I'm just being ambitious though). It's a parody game of course. I actually came up with a story already and thought of creating 8 stages featuring a boss from each Megaman series. The Mettaurs dreams of becoming a Megaman someday and they literally dreams that they are a Megaman Mettaur. This is when I thought of Xover and I thought it would be better to create an Xover game instead of Megaman Mettaurs. Besides, I used the mettaurs to learn programming only. I just used the ability of the other mettaur for Over-1 to make things quick. That's why they're both the same.

I've created 2 stages as well with the mettaurs though. They have no background sprites yet only enemies. One stage actually features my own Robot Master. I want to use it for Over-1 but I'm going to make big changes since I used some sheep man gimmicks which I think is meh. Everything should be my own.

This stage features Ground Scaravich but what you'll battle next would be my own bosses. That is, if I have time to create more stages. These personal projects are my lowest priority. Working and earning money is way more important. I wish I'm super rich so I can just work on more stages. XD I alway tell myself if this is something that will took me more than a month to create then I shouldn't be doing it but this is an exception.

It's possible I could make Megaman Xover Reborn a web series. Also Megaman Mettaurs.:)

Did you notice that Over-1 feels like Classic Megaman? My plan is, I'm going to create 5 armors. I'm not sure if I can do it but I want to create an armor that plays like X then Zero/ZX, Trigger, Megaman.EXE and Starforce. If you notice too, Over-1's animations is not smoothly animated like my Trixie Sprite Animations. It's because it would be hell to create 5 armors with fully animated sprites. Damn, this is only a thing I do for fun and if this gets frustrating then I won't be doing it.

Perhaps next time, I could create 3 stages instead of one. For now The bosses I have in mind would be. Circuit Man, Magmus and Ray Kingfisher. You'll face my own bosses of course but I also want to create existing bosses too. 

Here are some tips when you play the game.

1. If Over-1 got hit you may just jump when he's on the ground to cancel the hit animation.
2. You may use both weapons at the same time to deal more damage. The Boss don't have invincibility frames but he has an Overdrive Attack which is deadly.

Supposedly, the Bad Bad Mettaurs mode is a secret but it would be waste since I've worked on it way more than Over-1. It's what I'm first working on anyway.

Since Megaman is back, you probably think I would want to go to Capcom Japan and apply for a job but actually, I never considered working abroad. Working on other country will be sad and lonely. I just thought what if Capcom hires me, I do not know what I'll do. There's no reason for them to hire me anyway not unless I'm a guy who could make them money though. Besides, Capcom is a Japanese company. It's necessary I could speak japanese. Capcom is business, It's not a place where I can do what I want as well. They can hire me online but it won't happen. I think I may have disappointed some of you who wants me to be on Capcom but I create Megaman artworks and animations because I love it very much. I feel like a kid who draws for enjoyment. I don't seem to grow up. I mean I've been doing this for almost 8 years! Do you remember Megaman VS Mario. I just got super active when I joined DA 5 years ago. I feel old now. I just turned 25.

This is my 30th Megaman Anniversary Project! :D

Also, I want to thank the people who commissioned me a lot! I didn't expect to have a lot of fan commissions! :D

I haven't added simple animations on the background and polished the Mettaurs. Over-1's not fully polished as well. I'm fine as this is though. I wanted to add simple effect animations on the BG but it got a bit laggy when I added effects so I didn't continue it. I might still update it. I created all of the sprites and everything except the music, sound effects, and the mettaurs(the standing sprite and the hammer the mettaur is holding). Also the logo is just edited by me.
Damn... the description is long! XD

I have more things to say actually! lol
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It’s awesome,I can’t wait,Would you release it,Sir?🙇🙇🙇🙇