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Rock from Rockman Ability fan art. Half body drawing + Colored sketches.

Although he's only from a Pachislot game, it's interesting we got another Megaman design. Come to think of it, I'm sure Capcom have thought of creating a new Megaman series. :)
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Is there any for Protoman.

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cool very smooth c:

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Now that I'm really looking at him, Rock looks like a fusion of at least four of the Mega Men - namely Classic, X, EXE, and Starforce.

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Now that's awesome :D
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Looks awesome, kinda reminds me of X

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Excellent work as always. You capture the Mega Man style perfectly. : )

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Interesting design for Mega Man, but it's unfortunate it only made one appearance.

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So his a mix of x and battle megaman?

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how come we got such good designs from a pachislot of all things?!?

especially the roll design

then again, we did get the great looking megaman xover and it was a mobile runner

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Perhaps my headcanon is that the events of Ability are from a dream Light has one night and calls Rock about the next day.

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Dr.Light: So I was a woman and roll was an alien and

Rock: Dr. Light please invent robot brain bleach before continuing this story.

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Actually, I think Light still existed in this game, and he had a daughter named Right. And what in this crazy slot machine cutscenefest suggested Roll came from outer space?
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I dunno, I just read the wiki and it mentioned something about trace and roll (or maybe trace and Rock) were robots from another dimension/world/planet/time (in japan you can be very vague about which you mean, hi Sonic series) and Right built the thrid based on their designs.

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Of course it's always the wiki!

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Dr Light in Ability is Thomas Light's daughter, Emilia. Roll & Trancy are normal robots but they weren't created by Dr Light/Right. We translated & posted the story on YouTube

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is it too much to ask for this to become an establish series

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given the cast of the pachislot has alot more female characters I'd be all for it.

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it is a neat design. better than battle network or that new tv series.

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