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Power Cannon

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Weapon Get!

Another Megaman and Metroid crossover art. It's only the head and buster that changes on MM11's new weapon system but I feel like adding an upper body armor. :)
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A Mega Man custom-pack? ^^
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This is amazing

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Another great Piece, You don´t know who I am, but your a huge inspiration to me, thanks for doing what you do!

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Sick! Makes me wish this was an actual cross-over game.

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Get Weapon: Power Cannon!

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That's a very nice and awesome concept for such a picture you've done of Mega Man in armor that is styled after Samus' Chozo Suit! :D

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Awesome combo
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You should've given Mega Man his own ball form as well.
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Love the look of the cannon

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So is this Mega Man with a Metroid look or is it Samus as a Mega Man or Mega girl?
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Metroid and Megaman together at last. Awesome work.

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I guess this means that Megaman beat the Zebes stage.

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Get equipped with S. MISSILE

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:shocked: espero que no te venga la mente en hacer algo con samus y el bombardero azul ya que últimamente los están colocando como pareja en sus dibujos y te quedo increíble el dibujo por cierto

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Love the crossovers, would be cool to see what kind of power-ups Mega Man and Samus would acquire being the other's universe!^^ Great work!!:clap: :D

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I'd like to see an X in a Metroid-armor kinda look.

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megaman and samus are already a force to be reckened with. let alone fusing their powers and abilities.

very nice artwork. :)

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Another awesome mashup right there. :aww:

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