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Omega Core

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This is a poster I did last month. It's a Zero 3 art.

Seeing Zero and ZX Collection makes me very happy! This also means ZX have a chance to shine again.

I feel like creating more posters when I got time. :)

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I. Am. Speechless.

I love how you depict how Omega is encased inside that shell, and then that other shell.
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that was actually taken from the zero series complete works.

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Impressive Art. One of you best piece so far, and that's saying something.
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This looks amazing! I've always loved the omega battle!

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wooooooooooowSparkling- Dazai|Bungou Stray Dogs 
it's amazing Day100 - Squealing 
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I would love the zero/zx collection to be popular enough that they make a zx 3. for now, I will enjoy this lovely artwork.
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I hope we see him in the "last" X game someday. The ultimate final boss from MMX.
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iconic, I'd say

great job!
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He literally reminds me of Broly from DBZ. The Legendary Super MegaMan! I was so happy too when I saw the news! :D 
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Amazing. Absolutely amazing. This is my new desktop wallpaper now. :D
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This fucking awesome!
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all this time I've perceived omega as a mech suit. guess i was right, huh?
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One of these days, you should try doing a remix of my Ultimate Omega.  OmegaZeroPerfect wip by Tanooki-John
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I'd agree with you dude! Haven't played this games before because never owned a Nintendo Hand held game console. 
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Love it. The Zero and ZX series rocks.
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It Looks great.

Brings back some good old memories :')

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Definitely a neat composition!
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heck yea! MMZ3 was my favorite of the zero collection

I sure hope you can get the Omega biometal in zx again.

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The origional concept art shows that inside was the body from the X series. I'm curious how he changed into the form that looks like Zero's new body...
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That honestly makes sense. Now I understand what the omega form was for XD
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 wow, very nice illustration! inking is as clean and crisp as ever :) . Also nice interpretation of Zero's original body inside Omega!
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