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Model Shantae

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Shantae as a Biometal Model. 
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Just when you think fan art couldn't get any crazier,BOOM,a Biometal for a non-Capcom character!Please do more!!!

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Pretty good idea. Making Shantae into a biometal. How about naming the biometal "Model SE"? (Model S is taken by my OC biometal) I'll show you.

Model S

My Model S does have some of Shantae's physical abilities but your biometal is still different and has Shantae's powers. Still, your biometal designs are very good. Keep up the great work.

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Mega Man: Marry me.

Aile: EW! Aren't we technically related?

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That looks cool! Too of my favorite games.
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oh thats really cool!

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More Shantae is never bad enough.

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True that! All we need is Shantae as a new fighter in Smash, and the Shantae-trifecta will be complete.

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Brah brah fucking fantastic
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Oooh. You've done an excellent job of translating a half-genie to the cyberpunk world of Megaman ZX! Nicely done!

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Epicness! At Max Levels!

Now I want to see a Shovel Knight one.

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I think he did one already

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Shovel Armor

Not exactly, but I'd say that's pretty close?

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*literally fanboy screaming* HOLY SHIT! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

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Aile with a biometal of Shantae is both cute and cool ^w^

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This is another excellent idea. Why you must be such a creative genius?

Answer: Because he must be! : D

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Holy smokes, that is HOT.

A-and cool! Yea... I said cool. X3

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