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MMX 1-8: The Collection Vinyl OST Box Arts

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Commission for Laced Records and Capcom! :)

Megaman X 1-8: The Collection Front and Back Art! 


Before, I was approached to do Classic Megaman artworks and it was super AMAZING!! It would be much more amazing if I drew X or Zero/ZX artworks instead of Classic Megaman though. Then... surprise came! I was approached once again! This time I'll draw X series artworks! AWESOME! What's more awesome is I'll draw 18 X Artworks and I can draw whatever I want with it. Capcom just wanted me to send the final artworks. They no longer need to see the sketches and cleaned ups for approvals. I feel like I have gain their trust for the designs. :)

I want the front art to feature the protagonist and the back art the antagonists. My favorite Megaman X game is X8 so you could see X8 love with the Jakob elevator and the three navigators. It doesn't look like it but X8 is actually my favorite Megaman game from the entire Megaman franchise. So much awesome memories of my teenhood. I just draw a lot of Zero/ZX style characters because that's my favorite art style. I think there's only 1 or 2 X8 arts in my gallery. O_O

Megaman X series had many artist but my favorites would be Haruki Suetsugu (X4-X6 and Xtreme 1 and 2 artist) and Keisuke Mizuno (Maverick Hunter X, X Legacy Collection Artist). You could see my drawing style is heavily influenced with theirs. I was also asked to show the art process. It's actually just the same art process I do ever since 2014. Same render style too. Nothing changed that much.

Personally, I would want to draw my personal X designs but best draw in original designs for this project.

Thank you so much to Laced Records and Capcom for having a fan draw official artworks! :)

Special Thanks to James and Danny and of course to God for this blessing. :)

I hope the Megaman X fans would enjoy my artworks. :)

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Awesome!! Very happy for you.

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This looks amazing

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This is so sick. Nice job!

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Is very wonderfulll.

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When you can tell the artist by a glance just because his/her distinctive style... :D.

Also, gratz on being picked to do artwork again. Looks like you really convinced Capcom of your skill and passion that they approach you again AND leave you so much freedom. With just awaiting the end results, they must have deep trust in your works.

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Congratulations on creating some official Mega Man X artwork for Laced Records and Capcom! This must be a dream come true for you. It's about time! :D

I love how on the heroes' side, everyone's all serious-looking and Axl's all like "Haha THIS GONNA BE FUN!" while still being badass, hehe. Great layout and dynamic posing for our three Maverick Hunting boys! Good to see Lifesaver there as well. :) (Aww, you included Dr. Light too, sweet!) Sigma on the other side is looking epically evil. And I'm absolutely LOVING how you've drawn Red and Colonel! :eager: (Red's grin is fantastic!)

Overall, this extensive work shows just how dedicated you are to the franchise, and I for one am VERY happy to see it. Your use of colors and light blows me away every time. :worship:Congratulations again for amazing work well done, and good luck on the opportunities you'll be getting in the future!!

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I went to the website... I noticed that you remade your "Maverick Hunter X2" art~ And even that X6 Nightmare pic~! X3

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It's cool you noticed that. :)

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that is very impressive :P outstanding job!

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Congrats man, i hope capcom hire You for mm proyects

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They already did, if I recall correctly.

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Simply amazing. I can't say much else really.

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I've been following you for years, and my friend and I have always thought how cool it would be if Capcom took notice, and look at that! At minimum 4 years later, and you're doing covers, promo art, everything!

We're glad to see you getting appreciated and getting promoted, I hope Capcom keeps calling you up for more projects, never know what they'll ask you to do next

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Your artwork inspires me, a lot.

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This is awesome stuff.

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te quedo Muy Genial Facebook like bullet

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Outstanding artwork. Your art style is amazing

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XCELLENT! I especially love Red! That guy never gets enough attention!

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How has Capcom not hired you yet beyond me.

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You do the Mega Man series so much justice with your outstanding art. Always know that, my friend. ^^

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Both covers are quite amazing. Fantastic work overall. ;D

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