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Giga Bot

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Took almost a month from the day I started animating this. I'm pleased with the outcome. I was about to create another Megaman Zero Drama Track but I did this instead. I'd like to animate a character of my own this time.

Giga Bot is a Megaman inspired character and I hope you like the video. Anyway, I was thinking of adding a secret in here like my Fallen Angel and ZX3 Ultimus Pseudoroid Select Screen but I got lazy and besides the file size will get larger and loading will be longer.

Posted the Extras separately this time since I didn't do it before on my Fallen Angel animation.

Hope you Enjoy! :D

I realize this is my 400th Deviation! Cool! :D
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Dat Bleach move at the end XD.
Pretty cool video!
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i bet you could turn this into an EPIC Indie Game
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this.... looks... AMAZING!
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Nice animation. :D

GigaBot gives me the "Hey! What would happen if we fused X and Zero? But not like Model ZX. A bit different"-vibe.

By the way, where do you get your SFX?
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WAY better Mega Man spiritual successor then Shitey No.9.
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You know, if you ever decide to pick Model ZX VS Omega back up again... I wouldn't mind seeing something like this.
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Giga Bot = Zero + DIO Brando + World's Badasses!
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What software did you use to make this once?
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It's on the credits.
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Oh thanks, I got it XD
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Indeed!! The same pose..Just needs a steamroller, a Stand..And WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!!
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So bad-ass... so AWESOME! 
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baddass !!!!! 

kinda hoped the major byte would put up a fight but i can't complain at all 
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Great animation! Love the Mega Man X: Command Mission music that went with it.
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i like this one
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Amazing, what software did you use for this?  
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Don't know how you do SO AMAZING ANIMATIONS!!!! >w<
Nice work this time! OwO
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OMG!!!! this is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!.... congratulations you have just created a new character to be fanbased xd
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Amazing :D

I have to point out something odd though, the thumbnail looks way more interesting(to me) for some reason, i think it has to do with the amount of information the whole thing has, it looks cooler smaller because there is "less to say" full resolution :o
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THAT WAS SO EPIC!!!!!! 10/10
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