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This is the whole picture from the teaser ".EXE"

??? by ultimatemaverickx

Some probably expect that they were only drawings of a character but those are posters or a special art. :) Considering the title was "???" some might guess who those characters are(even if it's obvious) and just drawings of a character. XD But anyway, those are teasers of big pictures.
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There's something off with their faces. Don't know what.
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All right everyone, say it with me now:
Jack in! Mega Man! Execute!
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Battle Network FTW ^^
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Cool art XD . I personally like how you draw Lan, he's better than the anime here! For the blue navi he's always cool XD
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Always  outstanding.  Quickly became another another one of my favorite artists around!
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No problem! Keep up the beautiful work, it's so impressive! 
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Well, isn't this interesting? You've actually posted some Mega Man Battle Network art this time.
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I'm personally not big on the Battle Network series though. I don't think it's terrible, it's just that I'm not big on RPG's to begin with.
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The game is really good for me, although after I played the first 3 games it kinda felt tedious due to lack of changes. I stopped at BN3 and played the series again after years. I skipped BN4 because of its reception and played BN5 and love it very much! After that I realized that there's no need for change. It's alright if each game is more of the same. Though I must say, the level of replay value didn't keep up as much as I do with the X, Zero and ZX series but then it's because it's an RPG and not Action Platformer. But still, Battle Network is a great Megaman game! :)
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Awesome work man
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I've tried playing the first Battle Network game, and I got bored because I found it very repetitive.
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Very nice. My favorite Megaman series.
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Why does he have shoulder pads?
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The good days of EXE.
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looks awesome :)
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Love the additions you made to Hub's armor. 
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I always love to see some EXE fanart! Great job as usual.
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