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Decisive Battle

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Commission for Laced Records and Capcom.

Disc 6 - Back Cover


If you have watched that Youtube video then you know where the composition is based from. 

It's from my X vs Zero Decisive Battle 2! :D


Year 2010 if I remember correctly, you can’t create your own thumbnail on Youtube. Youtube will just select 3 random screenshots of the video for the thumbnail. It was luck that out off all the frames, that was selected for the thumbnail. :D That also became my Youtube avatar ever since. XD 

Out of all my videos on Youtube that is still one of my fave despite being 10 years old. I remember working on that for 6 or 7 months. I was more focused on that video than school. XD

If I made Decisive Battle 3, I think that would be my best video. :) What's in my mind requires a HUGE amount of work and TIME but hey... what if that could still happen. :) It will be like a dream come true! XD

The effort I put on those Decisive Battles weren't like the videos I did from 2014 til now. Mostly the videos I do now were stuffs I could pull out in less time like weeks or 1 month. Anyway, it's different time now and different priorities so that's why. 

I think I've said this before but if there's a proper title for my X vs Zero Decisive Battle 2, it is "Maverick Hunter X". :)

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kusasenpaiNew Deviant

The feeling I get looking at this are indeed VERY INTENSE!! This is incredible!Woah, Daffy, calm down...

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The real irony is that the Sigma virus was only created because the zero virus infected him! Imagine if Zero was the main villain!

What's interesting is that in crossover games, he's shown to control his awakened form...who would win? Sigma, or Awakened Zero? XD

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JustinRichardEXStudent Digital Artist

It needs to be done.

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Xero-BunnyStudent General Artist


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Amazing. 😀
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KokorodzudkaiHobbyist Digital Artist

Love the action you captured in this drawing. Looks epic.

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It's too bad there's nothing you can do to show the world how powerful Ray & Trinity are...
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Awesome pic.


this is too good i think im gonna cry ;'(

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awesomely epic

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maxy405New Deviant
Cool awesome job
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MalachiMoetNew Deviant

That video was an absolute inspiration to all us young X fans back in the day and an absolute motivation to us all. You were an absolute hero to me and my pals back in the day. It's amazing that after 10 long years we all still remember it very well like it happened yesterday. Thank you.

Amazing artwork, you truly captured the strongest moment of the battle itself. :+fav:

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I can hear this picture!
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the super Robot (X) against the overrated piece of junk

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storm--shadow-210Student General Artist
That overrated piece of junk is X’s best friend and is just as strong as X himself.
Irian-Knight-Dragon's avatar

nah "strong" as X? nah stop smooking weed haha

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storm--shadow-210Student General Artist
Their battle ended in a draw. There wasn’t a decisive winner as X and Zero were both left incapacitated. Also X was a sitting duck while Sigma was about to give him the axe while unconscious until Zero intervened. Zero was awake and X wasn’t so what do you make of that?

Zero and X are equals no matter how you slice it. They are a mathematical contradiction to each other. Zero is a number that can reduce and number it’s divided by to Zero while X is a variable that has no defined value and can seemingly represent infinity. What do you get when you divide a variable with no definable value by a number whoever reduces values to 0?

You can’t solve this problem because you don’t know what the value of X is and never will.
Irian-Knight-Dragon's avatar

sadly you are adding "logic" to a fantasy here wich doesn't make any sense

therefore . there's not point in this "discussion" if we are seize X power by the "equation" that his creator name it after . then is simple "limitless pottential" . with that being cleared

zero never won a fight , never a single one meanwhile X wipe out all the mavericks and sigma at will

countless times , even in the mangas , zero himself respect X and is "afraid" of his power

if you are being based in their fight in the manga "what if" then is even worse in that fight X barely fight with all his power and zero was badly damaged almost killed. with just half of their body remain (also that manga was made for merely fun)

in the game , same stuff

I know you feel "offended" because I touched your "favourite" character but that's a fact people "love" zero because they think he looks "cool" or badass even though he is just the japanesse cliche of a " cool" guy

but the real thing is "he is a overrated piece of junk"

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storm--shadow-210Student General Artist
Excuse me but I’m afraid you are the one who is mis informed here. First of all, the X manga is not cannon. Using it as evidence is useless in your argument. Also I know that X has limitless Potential but his name is a variable. The X in X’s name can stand for anything because it has no inherent value attached to it. It’s an unknown in a mathematical equation meaning it can be infinity just as easily as it can be a 0.

A finally, “Zero never won a single fight while X wiped out all Mavericks and sigma at will.”

That statement is complete BULLSHIT. Zero has beaten multiple Mavericks all throughout the X series and even saved X from being captured at the beginning of X3. Also Zero defeated Colonel, General, and Sigma in X4 as well as Iris. You can’t sit here and argue that Zero doesn’t defeat Mavericks when he clearly does.

This isn’t about me going to bat for a character here. You are actively spreading blatant misinformation around and it’s really getting on my nerves. X is not stronger than Zero nor is Zero more powerful than X. At best, if you were to take X and Zero at their strongest (Ultimate Armor X and Awakened Zero) and make them fight, the result would end in a draw/stalemate. Neither X or Zero would be the victor In the end as they not only have powers and abilities that match each other, they also have no desire to destroy each other because they are friends.
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Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL!

The X5/X6 "Dialogue" background—made all the more perfect by the selection of the "Failed to Destroy the Colony" and "Awakened Zero" text, the scheming face of Sigma like the virus that he is, the respective scientists on the sides of their respective creations, all to the title of your magnificent animations: Decisive Battle!

I also like how X is swinging his BUSTER like a saber, as if he is prepared to meet Awakened Zero's saber head on! It makes me think that the incoming saber like charge blast was done that way on purpose!

Finally, I love how Sigma's face is presented here. Though he was allied with Wily in X5, THIS Sigma looks like he has his own agenda—as it should be!

This may be one of your best pieces yet!

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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist

I like seeing X vs. Zero, and the background is nicely thematic, but one of my first thoughts was, "Why are they so close? It reminds me of Decisive Battle, but X isn't making a glowing hand attack here so why is he advancing forward?"

Of course X and Zero get close in their fights due to Zero closing the distance, but I think part of the problem is that the ring of light near the ground (which I don't really understand) makes it look like X is dashing into Zero. I thought those were dash lights until I saw part of the ring behind Zero, so now I'm thinking that decreasing the lights would decrease the confusion. Just sharing my thoughts.

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ultimatemaverickxHobbyist Digital Artist

Shining finger existed on the X1 remake. It would be inaccurate to draw the shining finger on this scene so I have to change it into a buster. It was a bit off at a first but I think it won't be a big deal if X is about to punch and fire the buster on this scene.

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I think you should do something a bit different if you did another Decisive Battle animation. I like the X vs Zero animations, but you did it twice and I don't know that there's much left you can do without getting repetitive. Maybe do another Megaman Zero style one (Except maybe do a different fight like Zero vs Copy X or something).

But I would watch any Decisive Battle you do, because I love your animations.

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