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Cup Man and Mug Man

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Cuphead and Mugman as a Robot Master. I added Mega and Proto's variable weapon system. XD
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This looks AWESOME.

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The boys look good in the mm style

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Ignore gestede778. They're trying to scam you. In fact, block them.

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Never thought to see Cuphead crossed over with Megaman. You should try a Cuphead/Mugman biometal project.

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Then again, the secondary protagonist and Prince Fluff to Cuphead's Yarn Kirby is named Mugman.

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This works so well omg

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I think Protoman’s shield should change shape to resemble a saucer in this form.
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cuphead and mugman look great as mm characters.

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Okay, THIS is a crossover I would love to see.

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They’d make good bosses
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Weapon: P Shooter. Boss collected version; Fires a short distance homing shot. Charged attack fires a straight line Beam Weapon.

In costume version- Changes Mega/Protobuster. Gives Mega and Proto a version of the Bass Buster rapid fire, but only fires straight ahead.

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Cup and Mugs: Time to get you in a Brawl, Megaman!

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They look amazing!

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Yes this is amazing! I'm so close to beating this game with my gf. I wish these could be official skins!!

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This would definitely make great DLCs for a future Mega Man game. :D

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This works so well that I wish these were real crossover costumes for a Mega Man game.

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