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Best Partners

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Commission for Laced Records and Capcom.

Disc 3 Front Cover.


MMX3! This is the first time Zero is playable on MMX. His gameplay is limited to stages though, you can't fight bosses with him.

Btw if you noticed, I colored Zero's Saber green like the game's sprites. It's always blue on the artworks. Since I got the opportunity to draw official arts, it would be nice if it's green this time. :)

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They really are the best partners. :D

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This is totally awesome! Thumbsup Emoticon II

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"And that's why we're the best partners.

Rest for a while. I'll handle it, you can count on me."

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love it, looks amazing

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Nothing beats their duo.

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As Berkana observed in Xtreme2, if you're unfortunate enough to face X and Zero at the same time, you're pretty much up the creek.

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This picture you've done of X and Zero together looks quite nice and awesome for sure, and "Mega Man X3" also happens to be the very first game in the series that I remember playing as well. :D

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Aww yeah, so awesome! I posed my Truforce X and MMZ-Zero Figure in the same poses, basically XD.

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They are indeed the best! :highfive:

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Amazing work!

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Que maravilloso trabajo, siempre da gusto ver fan arts con esta calidad. Se va a los favs
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Awesome, X and Zero are the best Maverick Hunters. I love Zero's Z-buster

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Amazing work! The green saber looks better on him too

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This look so dam neat
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i always like that armor but the buster out side of the game looks so goofy and misshaped to me XD

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It looks like an air conditioner

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