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80 Robot Masters in 50 Seconds X And Zero Version

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So... what did they see? XD

What did they see? by ultimatemaverickx

There's already an X and Zero Version before but it's an Easter egg. You can watch it by finding the Mettaur Helmet on the Youtube version of 80 Robot Masters in 50 Seconds or Party balls on the Deviant art version. I thought of revealing that Easter egg version but I think those who have watched it might get disappointed if I show it to everyone. So I decided to change it and make another version of it.

Hope you enjoy!

Here's the art for this video.

Ultimate Nova Strike by ultimatemaverickx
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Does the helmet not show up on the youtube version if you have ad blockers turned on? I am presuming it is one of those 'click a link' hidden icons.
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The last two literally begged for their life! Oh, GOD! Maybe you could make versions of this with different teams. E.G: Megaman, Protoman, Bass; X, Zero, Axl; Fefnir, Harpuia, Leviathan, Phantom; Prometheus and Pandora. Just an idea.
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I feel bad for them, they didn't stand a chance. Although they're Mavericks so I don't really care :\
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what program you use? i like sooooo muuuch your animations!
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What's next? MMZ Zero version?
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So awesome again!  Loved it.
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where tf is the party ball

not even spamming tab + enter is working like it did in the strongest thing alive.
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There are no party balls here. It's on 80 Robot Masters in 50 Seconds (Megaman Version).
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Man, I wish I saw this before watching that short with Zero doing exactly That.
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Epic fight!!!! OwO
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The ending was great!!
"Don't saber laser me",
Hannah great.
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You have such a great sense of style! Really great stuff here^^
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This mofo just Shantae'd my boy Tomahawk Man.
He needs to consider a less stronger conditioner.
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Did Zero use his HAIR as a weapon?  If so, badass level just increased so far passed 9000 it can't be measured XD
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LMAO That's just mean!
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It's awesome!
POOR classical boss :D
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LOL, Flash Man and Metal Man had the right idea. Too bad they ran too slow. Awesome to see more 8-bit robot carnage! XD
MegaChibisX's avatar
Paying players vs non-paying players
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XD A nice subtle change to it. Well done.
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Oh my god, I love this. Zero killing foes with his hair, though! I knew it was useful for something!
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