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17 Pseudoroids in 50 Seconds

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Boss death rush!!! This time it's the Pseudoroids turn! :)

So like I said before, on youtube I asked if they prefer animation or game. They prefer animation but if they prefer game I think I would like try other game engines. 

What I was originally working on was 29 Mutos Reploids in 50 Seconds. However, it wasn't turning out well for me so I scrapped it and worked on 17 Pseudoroids in 50 Seconds. By the end of January, it's pretty much 75% done but I wasn't that satisfied. XD I discontinue it but I might go back again some time. XD I was planning to post this by the release of Zero/ZX Legacy Collection though. I just got back this June, I got so many stuffs in hand these previous months. Could have posted that month or next but I admit I'm being lazy and prioritizing other stuffs.

Last January this animation just features Vent but when I got back it I added Ashe. It just features Vent with OIS system permanently activated so it makes sense the Pseudoroids are destroyed in few seconds. However, if I make the animation accurate to the game mechanics I should do that to other future death boss rush which is not possible. XD I guess I'll show the beta version soon. Anyway, this just a fun boss rush video.

I hope Zero/ZX Legacy Collection would also spawn another Zero game. :) If I remember correctly, Inti Creates planned another Zero game but not a Zero 4 sequel? Would be amazing if we could have another Zero game too!!! :D

This is another place in Area N set in the future where Vent is able to retrive all biometals and teaming up with Ashe. Vent's voice is still the ZX voices though. XD

There just something I would like to update but I'll probably do that on the youtube version. XD

And... there's supposed to be a parody version but since Flash will be obsolote I can't do those hidden mettaurs or party balls anymore.
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looks so epic. :D

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so many bots went BOOM! Love it

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That was amazing! I'm always in awe of your animations, and it was impressive how well Vent and Ashe were synced up, especially as Model Lx/Thetis!

(Though not even going to lie, I genuinely laughed out loud when they both went after Hedgeshock as Model O)

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Nice. Always love a team up where they do coordinated bashing on the same opponent.

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Hehe, Protectos went KA-BLAM!

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waw, long time no see animations! glad to see them back!

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The omega part made me chuckle 😆

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And this is why you rock.

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Are you gonna do Mavericks in 50 seconds

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Now I'm wondering how a co-op Mega Man game would fair among players.

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I was thinking "He should make them do Model OX for the finale." while I was watching this.

3 Seconds later in the video: Double Model OX!

The "O" stands for "Overkill" XD

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These "in 50 seconds" animations are always so damn cool. XD You're freakin' amazing!

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Did I just hear that last one do the Nelson laugh?

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Yes but high pitched. XD

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Truly UMX is a man of the people!

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Fistleo Quick kill? Is there some cheap strategy I don't know of?

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Just shut up and take my money

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Man, this is amazing

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Both awesome and amazing

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Pretty intense. I miss the good old days of sprite fight animations like this. Nice job overall.

Say when is someone going to upload some Mega Man animation clips onto Sakugabooru?

Look. https://www.sakugabooru.com/post?tags=rockman_series+ only stuff from the EXE series? What about the X series?

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