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MMX 1-8: The Collection Vinyl OST Box Arts






UMX Non-Megaman Art Showcase

UMX Non-Megaman Art Showcase



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I love drawing Megaman stuffs for fun and commissions.

Ask permission before reposting my stuffs.



Commissions on Hold. It would be great if I can do freelance here on Deviant Art starting this time. Payment method will be through PayPal. You pay after I'm done with the piece. Send me a note if you want to request work for a commission. Entitle it "COMMISSION (your username)." Here are things that I can offer: Some might question what kind of Dollar is the payment considering there are many kinds of it but to be clear, it is US$. All prices may increase depending on the details or complexity of the work.Character Sketch - 13$ Character Cleaned Up - 25$ Character Colored and Polished - 40$. If you already have a drawing and I'll just col

Which Cannon Ball soundtrack did you like the most?

  |  140 votes
  • Cannon Ball Zero 3
  • Cannon Ball Telos
  • Cannon Ball ZX
  • Cannon Ball Hard Revenge ZX Tunes
  • Cannon Ball Mythos
  • Cannon Ball Z/ZX Legacy
According to Inafune. If Mega fight against Beck, Mega would lose because he is an old model. XD http://www.rockman-corner.com/2013/09/who-would-win-in-fight-mega-man-or-beck.html Not being bias but Mega would win of course. XD

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Have you drawn Battle Network stuff before? I dunno why, but I feel like you have...

I did but only few. Here's one of it.

This is very long ago.


Oh, that's actually pretty good! Did you ever draw anything for Roll?


I don't have a Roll.EXE fan art though. :(

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Can you make a video x or zero kills a furry or a furry artist?

Uhm... why would I do that? XD

hi got a question are you familiar with the concept of cute robots transforming into cool robot?