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(Rukon District 19, Year:1709)


I remember it like it was yesterday. The day I came to Rukon 19 was one I would never forget. I walked through the streets in a torn suit. I originated in Münïch, Germany, so I had no idea what anybody was saying since I only spoke German. I couldn't remember much besides where I was born. I continued to walk around the district, trying to figure out what was going on, but every time I went up to somebody, they just stared at me, not understanding a word. I began to feel frustrated and started to curse out in German as loud as I can, seeing since nobody could understand me, I figured what could happen. What I didn't know was that it was going to change everything.

I continued to wonder through the district aimlessly. At lease, until my legs suddenly collapsed from exhaustion. I laid there, panting and weak. Suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared over my head. My eyes slowly closed as what I thought was death coming(if that was possible). But in fact, it was just the opposite. My eyes popped open as I smelled something. I sprang up to see what it was. It looked like rice balls. I quickly jumped up, snatching the whole set and shoving them down. It only took a few seconds before I finished, coughing from almost choking on those huge bits. Suddenly, I became worried as I bowed, trying to apologize for eating all of them. Which I quickly learned was pointless since nobody would understand it.

"It's alright."He said with a calm tone. MY eyes widened. He spoke my language."You're new around here right?"He asked as I sat up.

"Y-yes. But where am I?"I asked.

"YOu're in Rukon District 19."The boy answered with a smile. I looked around and then back at the boy. He was about my age and wore a black kimono and kuro pants. On his hip was a sheathed sword and his long, lower-back-length red hair was tied back and his glasses were large and oval shaped.

"What's you're name kid?"The stranger asked me.

"HEY! WHO YOU CALLING KID! YOU'RE NO OLDER THEN ME!" I shouted. The stranger chuckled.

"Sorry, I forget that I'm not a full-blooded shinigami most of the time."He chuckled."The name's Nagi, Nagi Sendo."He introduced while holding out his hand. I reached out and grabbed his hand.

"Männlich. Männlich Derjenige Drachen. But my friends all call me Mann."

Nagi rubbed his chin.

"Drachen? Where have I heard that name before?"Nagi asked himself before he was interrupted by another stomach rumbling. I covered my stomach in embarrassment. The red head let out an amused chuckle."Well, we can talk while we get some food. Come on, my treat."

With that, he began to lead me away to a near by restaurant.

Nagi led me to a what seemed like a Tavern entightled 'Wolf's paw'. I slumped.

"You have GOT to be kidding me."I said loudly.

"Relax. A friend of mine owns the place. You're gonna love him!"Nagi shouted.

"Is he even here?"I replied before hear a women shout PERVERT followed by an echoed slap. Moments later, a tall women with a low cut kimono and large DD cup breast walked out, seriously pissed. Nagi sweat dropped chuckled."Yeah, he's here."

WIth that, the two of use walked inside. The Tavern was pretty nice. A few tables set up here and there. On the edge of a wall was a bar table and rolls of seats. Behind the counter was a strange man with a giant slap mark on his face. He had tanned skin and shaggy blue hair. He wore a sleevless silver kimodo and pants.

"Struck out again, huh wolf?"Nagi chuckled as we took out seats.

"Hey, I was close this time dude."Wolf assured.

"Whatever. Just give us two plats of Koi burned and a bottle of Saki."

"Coming up."Wolf assured as he turned around and began to flip Koi fish on sticks on a grill.

"So who's the new guy?"Wolf asked."Haven't seen ya around any of the districts before."

I said nothing, not understanding a word he was saying until Nagi translated it.

Wolf turn around and handed us the two plates.

"What's with him, cat got ya tounge?"He joked.

"He doesn't speak Japanese Wolf."Nagi explained pouring some Saki into a glass.

"What? Total bull!"Wolf shouted as he reached into his pocket and pulled out some sort of weird pill.

"Give him this."Wolf ordered as he handed the pill to Nagi. He explained that I should take it. Being on half an empty stomach, I thought'what the hell'. I took the pill and swallowed it. It went down hard and caused my body to crouch together.

"Vat ze hell vas zat!?"I shouted in a heavy german accent.

"It's called as Trans-voice pill."Wolf explained."It allows you to understand and speak the primary language in the Soul Society. Though, what's with the weird accent."

"Must be a side effect."Nagi chuckled as he lifted his cup up, however, before anybody could flinch, a loud BANG echoed the room. Suddenly, blood gashed out of my's right shoulder as I was suddenly hit with a tremendous force and flew back, blood rocket out of me as I crashed into the wall.

"MANN!"Nagi shouted as he stood up.

"What the hell was that?!"Wolf shouted as a loud laughter filled the room. The two turned around and saw the source.

"Damn, looked like I missed."He chuckled. It was a rather large man with a shaved head who looked like he was in his 40's. he wore an open kimono top and pants. In his hands was what seemed like a shot gun.

"WHOOWEE! This hear Kido Gun does the trick!"He laughed in a redneck like way.

"Bastard!"Nagi shouted as he stepped back and reached for the hilt of his sword. However, before he could draw it, a powerful gravity blanketed the arena.

"Wh-wh-what the hell is this!?"The large man shouted as a low growl began to emit form behind the red head. Wolf and Nagi slowly turned around, trying to beat the energy pushing them down, to see me, standing up with glowing rage. My pain was multipying, but the power just grew with it. I felt something grow in me as I felt the energy build.

"You...coward."I sneered as I threw his fist back. A void purple power began to build up. Nagi watched with wide eyes as the energy covered my arm. My skin began to collapses in on itself. It began to compress thinner and thinner as I rose my arm.

"NOW DIE!"I shouted as I threw my punch, the compression on my arm was too great and a wave of blood shot out as the purple energy surged forth."DRACHEN PELZIGEN(Dragon's furry)!"

As the energy shot forth in a dragon-shape. Wolf jumped out, beating the gravity and tackled Nagi, who was standing in the line of fire. Wolf pushes Nagi down, but the dragon jst skims his back, causing the tan teen to cry out in pain.

The dragon roared as it consumed the villian. As soon as the large man touched the purple energy, his body was consumed by it. In a matter of nanoseconds, his body imploded as blood flew every where.

Nagi and Wolf looked in shock as the purple energy faded as I panted, drained of enery. My arm cracked in sevele places and bleeding like hell before finally collapsing.

"What...the hell was...that."Wolf struggled to say as Nagi stood up and walked over to me. He turned the me over, the aura had burnt most of his jacket to reveal something on his back. A tattoo. Nagi's eyes widened at the site as he removed the jacket to see. It was an image of a long black dragon. At lease, that was the head. As the dragon went down, the body began straight and turned into a sword blade. Thee arms of the dragon was spread out to each of my shoulders. Each hand was carrying a pan, making it look like a scale.

Nagi slowly turned to Wolf, his eyes wide.

"Wolf, I remember where I've heard the name Drachen before."Nagi explained as he lightly skimmed Mann's back."This kid's 'Judgement' itself."

With that, I could take it no more, and I passed out.

The VERY beginging and how Mann meets nagi and Wolf. HOW those two are in Soul Society will be explained later on. I'll try to update as soon as possible.
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Al-JinrikHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks vary interesting
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kickass man cant wait for more
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I'll try to get yours up soon.
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np its a great story
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So vat goes oN?
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nm got my hunter on World of warcraft 2 lvl 80 gona have my wisdom teath pulled on friday still have writers/artest block so i havent thought of anything for a story yet
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Hmmm...I've got nothing neither. ANd OUCH! Really? What was it like?
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dont have em out yet in 3 days they out and im gonna sleep through it so but i get a lot of ice cream^^ i just had a idea for Your story *why cant i think of ones for my own?* a hollow attacks u and i save u and subjest u become a soul reaper
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That's sort of what I've got going.
OH! BTW, I'm doing YOU'RE wiki page now, but I need some info.
You're real name, height, weight, age, first story appearance, Family(optional), powers and stuff like that. Send me a note, kay?
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kickass man cant wait for more
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Wow this kicks ass but seriously that guy didn't need to be killed, maybe beat up, but not killed
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Hey, This was when Mann was freshly killed 300 years ago, so he doesn't excatly have good cotnrol on his powers.
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ah, no wonder it was so random
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Pretty good, but it still seems like you're making yourself too powerful.
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Who said I could do this all t he time? HAven't you wondered WHY I had AUtomail arms?
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Good point. but then what was tht all about "OOh, this guys special" and "ah. the drachen clan."
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Okay, maybe it was a bad idea to put that in.
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It's okay. BTW I just edited my my Wiki! You can find the link on my profile.
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COOL! Can you get anybody else on EW to join the wiki?
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Hm, I'll try to get Red on it, I'll send the word to as many people as I can.
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