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I've said it before and damn it, I'll keep saying it: sometimes I hate being a Sonic fan.

I don't normally like to slander or call out my fellow Sonic fans (at all), without just cause, of course, but I'd like to call attention to this guy here: www.deviantart.com/deviation/6…

Granted, he drew an impressive pic, but he insisted on spoiling the old-school mood by ranting about the series. Long story short, he hates post-SA Sonic with a passion and insists that the Genesis style was fine the way it was and should've stayed that way.

Here's where I screwed up: I actually tried to offer a rebuttal. Sadly, I neglected to choose my words more carefully. Now, he considers me an idiot and fanboy of the "fake" (2000- ) Sonic. Moreover, he hid my comment, edited his summary to slam me and nullify others to attempt the same thing I did and blocked me before I could properly explain myself.

I'll admit my main mistake was even considering to speak to that stubborn elitist, but my main point is that attitudes like his aren't helping this series at all.

If douchebags like him want to stay stuck in the past, fine. I've learned my lesson.

I, on the other hand, want to look to the future for improvement, whether it comes on its own or it is brought about by someone else.

Old-school or new-school, Sonic is Sonic. The sooner "fans" realize this, the better.
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So you felt the need to slam him back in a journal, (Though not as hard) GREAT. Good job.

Just let it drop, dude. Fact is, you both took crap the wrong way and you both hate eachother.