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Sonic: One and the Same.

This is my final thought regarding Sonic Generations, from now until the game is released, regardless of new info that's released.

Credit goes to Sega & Sonic Team for the trailer and :iconlunamiakoda: for the image capture.
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I do have a head-canon that says that Generations caused Robotnik to change his future & create the Mania Timeline, (To quote Forces, "That Sonic form Another Dimension")

But Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3 & Knuckles are all canon in both Modern & Classic timelines.

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So if it wasn't for Eggman, Robotnik & The Time Eater, (& And the Phantom Ruby to some extent) The timeline wouldn't of been messed up so much & we would of never gotten it so fractured.

(For a Evil Genius, You can be pretty stupid Egghead. Team Sonic Racing Overdrive - Suprised Eggman #2)

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That's about the size of it.

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I agree with this, all versions of Sonic are Sonic - they are their own "Sonic".
The same can be said for any character who has more than one version of them (and let's face it, there are loads of characters who do) - they are all a valid version of that character.
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This picture literarily says it all.
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YES! That's the way to look at it!
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I'm glad that I'm not the only one to think this.
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:iconthisplz: is an :iconepic-winplz:

I love both classic and modern!
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Exaclty! He's still, and always will be the adorable blue hedgehog we all know and love! :nod:
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Especially Classic Sonic. HE SO ADOWABLE! BWAH!!!!!
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lol classic sonic is fat
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i just pretend that classic sonic is when he was like ten and modern sonic is when he was 15
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Actually modern is 21/22 and classic is 15/16
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But then Classic Sonic would look like his Dreamcast-self already......
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