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A Statement
I’m sorry, but I just have to put this out here.
I know it’s going to sound creepy, gross, out of line or worse to some of you, but I really don’t care.
I love women. And, I am in love with women.
Ladies, you just attract me. Your walk, your speech, your allure and strength, how you know just what to do and say to attract those who interest you, and how to effectively repel those who don’t.
You’re smart, strong, sweet, independent, vulnerable, indomitable, cute, nurturing, fierce, sexy, funny, capable, and beautiful people, and I am in love with you all.
It is my natural instinct to want to grow closer to you. To be with you. To love, honor, cherish, and protect you. To listen to you, and hold you close. To take care of and pleasure you beyond physical limitations. To do whatever is within my power to make you happy.
Again, I know this has unsettled some of you, but this is just how I feel. Women are amazing and I love you all.
Take that how
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 4 10
My Dream Fighting Game Banner (Legend) by UltimateGameMaster My Dream Fighting Game Banner (Legend) :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 1 0 Project: Blue Future - Sonic's Cosplay Pallet by UltimateGameMaster Project: Blue Future - Sonic's Cosplay Pallet :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 9 2
Thorns of Chaos: Epilogue ~ Shot Through the Heart
Sonic the Hedgehog didn’t get dizzy. For a guy that traveled as fast as he did, getting dizzy was unthinkable. When it came to this new level of speed, however, Sonic could tell that he would have to get used to the feeling, at least until he trained himself to adjust. Thankfully, he didn’t feel the need to puke this time, as that would have been rude. Especially considering that he had crash-landed into Cream’s house, which was rude enough already.
Standing wobbly in the middle of the kitchen, he tried to see straight, barely making out the hole he made in the wall. The Rabbit family now had a shortcut from the kitchen to the backyard that they didn’t need, even though Sonic had managed to open the yard door first. He felt pretty bad about what he did, and prepared an apology, but was interrupted by a voice to his right. “Are you alright, Sonic?” It sounded like Vanilla, but when he looked at her, he saw a comparatively different woman. Even with th
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 2 7
Thorns of Chaos: Chapter 30 ~ X-treme Obssession
Sonic awoke feeling groggy, disoriented, and like an idiot. Of course the chili dog was drugged. Why else would it be sitting on the counter? ‘Fine. Note to self: Think before I act.’ Shaking the cobwebs of shame from his head as best he could, he tried to make out where he was. His vision was blurry, but from what he could tell, he was back in the basement lab. More specifically, he was within a cage in the basement lab. To make matters worse, he was also tied up with rope in a way that prevented movement; his arms were at his sides and his legs were completely immobile. He wouldn’t even be able to Super Spin in his condition.
This was as surreal for Sonic as it was humiliating, since he was usually the one rescuing kidnappers rather than being one himself. It seemed that this was going to be a day of milestones. Scoffing to himself, Sonic strained at his bindings. They were pretty tight, and he couldn’t feel any sort of weakness in them. He started to g
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 1 8
Ryan McQueen: Endurance by UltimateGameMaster Ryan McQueen: Endurance :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 21 6
Thorns of Chaos: Mark of the Guardian
Once upon a time, there was an island, floating high above the clouds without a care. This was Angel Island, home to the remnants of the Knuckles clan. This band of Mobian echidnas was the last of their kind after the tragic events that led to their decimation at the hands of Perfect Chaos. From that point on, they vowed to protect their new home at all costs, lest they be embroiled in another meaningless war. Believe it or not, the Master Emerald’s protection in particular was not an immediate priority to begin with – though it was important – until an elder clansman, quickly gaining a reputation for soothsaying, had a dream.
“One day, an evil man will invade Angel Island and take the mighty stone… In our darkest hour, a spiky savior will come to take back our treasure and save the world…”
This shook the remnants to their core, and from then on, the protection of the Master Emerald took an utmost precedence, in order to prevent the soot
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 4 4
Cap'd. by UltimateGameMaster Cap'd. :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 2 3
Thorns of Chaos: Chapter 29 ~ Last Rites
Sonic awoke in a daze. To his relief, it didn’t seem like he was unconscious for very long. That relief didn’t last long, though, once he realized where he was: none other than the abandoned laboratory of the late Professor Manuel Gazebo Boobowski. A broken chalkboard, numerous shattered beakers and test tubes, and unusable furniture littered the common area. All of that seemed to be the least of the debris, as scorch marks and blood stains decorated more and more of the walls leading to the basement. Whatever happened here long ago was an extremely unpleasant sight, to say the least.
As Sonic found himself gazing at the mess, the bad memories began to resurface, and he immediately made a break for the exit. Or, rather, he tried to. The moment he attempted a running start, he tripped and fell. Sonic felt woozy and off-balance, and immediately rolled to an old wastebasket to vomit in it.
Once that was done, Sonic determined that his body was not used to going that fast yet,
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 1 15
Sonic Battle II: Amy Rose (Colored) by UltimateGameMaster Sonic Battle II: Amy Rose (Colored) :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 37 32
Thorns of Chaos: Chapter 28 ~ Inevitability
“Status report!” bellowed Dr. Robotnik from the Grand Master Planning Room of the Egg Bunker.
“The Badniks, Egg Pawns, and Heavy Duty Mechs are upgraded, activated, and ready for deployment, boss,” informed Orbot, who had the appearance of someone who had recently gotten into a scuffle. “Very good,” said Eggman approvingly, “And the Egg Bosses?”
“Their armor, weapon, and AI diagnostics are all green, boss!” reported Cubot, back to his default voice thanks to the aforementioned scuffle. “Perfect!” Eggman shouted in triumph, almost forgetting that he had to waste a valuable sixty seconds breaking up the ridiculous scuffle between his henchbots. “Lastly, how is our…bargaining charm doing?”
Orbot and Cubot clapped their hands and a purple, Mobian-sized sphere presented itself, hovering down from the ceiling of the large room. Once at ground level, the casing lifted to reveal Amy Rose, bound to a metal
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 2 8
Project: Blue Future - Sonic the Hedgehog by UltimateGameMaster Project: Blue Future - Sonic the Hedgehog :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 32 9
Thorns of Chaos: Chapter 27 ~ Ignorance aint Bliss
Rouge flew quickly through the Angel Island airspace, her wet fur being dried by the wind rushing past her. Her body, known for turning many heads (which never got old for her), was also still rather wet, so her outfit of the day (her Extreme Gear tanktop and some red capris) stuck to her body rather uncomfortably, at least for the moment. Under normal circumstances, there was no way Rouge would dare look so unkempt – and without her makeup, no less – but this wasn’t normal. The bat could feel it. Something was wrong at the Master Emerald Shrine. Something had happened to Knuckles.
And she simply had to find out what. Appearances be damned.
After 15 minutes of full-speed flight, she reached the shrine, but what she found surprised her in a pretty bad way. First, Knuckles was trapped, encased in a crystallized cocoon radiating with powerful energy. Second, Shadow was there as well, and he was, well, even more unhappy than he usually looked. The scene didn’
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 4 4
Sonic Battle II: Amy Rose by UltimateGameMaster Sonic Battle II: Amy Rose :iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 34 17
Too Miserable to Live, Too Stubborn to Die
I'm tired. Tired of fighting. Of losing. Of getting knocked down. Of being kept down. Of pushing through only to be met with another problem or hardship. Of knowing that I deserve better. Of being too much of a coward to ask my friends and family help me live my life (since I have been enough of a blight on theirs already).
I'm tired of all of it. Why do I keep going? To make my family happy? To give a middle finger to my enemies? To see what new ways I can screw up next?
Why should I keep fighting when I know I am going to lose?
Answer: Because I have no choice. Fighting is all I can do. It's all I know how to do. I am not allowed to quit. I don't get to give up. I do not have the privilege to throw in the towel.
Perseverance is what is expected of me. Those who love me are used to seeing me continue, regardless of my failures and the sadness they bring. They hold out hope that eventually I will reach my goal and, for once, be victorious.
There are also those who take pleasure from my
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 3 5
Thorns of Chaos: Chapter 26 ~ Witch Time
Cereza sat in her lounge chair beneath an umbrella quietly, relaxing in the backyard of the orphanage which offered a fantastic view of the sea. It was a luxury she occasionally indulged in when not researching witchcraft or looking after her orphans. Both were equally important since being semi-stranded in this fantastically unusual world. She knew that this was indeed Earth, but to this day she still had no idea if she had traveled through time or space; if she was in an alternate dimension or if she was in a distant future from her own time. No matter how many history books or encyclopedias she pored through, she kept running into one dead end after another. The history of this world only went so far back, with brief mentions of a global cataclysm, but nothing detailed. Cereza was doubly disappointed to notice that there were next to no references of her clan, the Umbra Witches, or for that matter, the other half of her bloodline, the Lumien Sages. What made this even more perplexin
:iconultimategamemaster:UltimateGameMaster 2 10

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Let me know if you want to buy my book, but are unable to. I'm still learning this process.


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