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Metro Icon Pack Installer for Windows 8/8.1

This is a 1-click Windows 8 System Icon Pack Installer. It is to be installed using 7tsp. 7tsp is a System File Patcher which allows you to customize Windows in a simple way with just few mouse clicks. Although primarily a Windows 7 patcher, 7tsp also works properly on Windows 8. This is a Universal Installer and will work on both 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) systems.


Backup your system and create a restore point before patching. Note that the packs are to be loaded directly into 7tsp in 7zip format. Do not unpack the Icon Packs. Everything is explained in the 7tsp Tutorial


Metro Icon Pack for Windows 8/8.1






The Pack is tested thoroughly and it works properly. Unlike other installers; 7tsp doesn't replace the entire system files. It just replaces the icons in the system files so the chances of files getting corrupt are minimal. And since 7tsp doesn't replace your system files, the customization won't be affected by Windows Updates.

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no IconPackger stuff? I mean the Stardock software?
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Link is dead -_- Why you don't put the link here (deviant) or mediafire ? -_-
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winempyrean is offline :(
HI, I installed the pack and once I wanted to uninstall it I restored my PC (from the restore point I created before patching) and it seemed to have worked just fine but later the icons reappeared and I don't want to use the refresh option (reinstalling windows without losing files) because I would have to reinstall all my programs. can ANYONE HELP ME? thanks :) :\
the zip has only a png in it..
i cant download the pack!
Cannot download the file! Can you fix the links please?!
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Stop spamming. The links work fine.
they're correct, UD. the file that gets downloaded from the link given above for 'metro icon pack', its a 356 KB 7z archive, with only one file in it, named 'metro icon pack.png'. the 7tsp utility when led to the directory of the downloaded archive to select it, fails to see it. there's something amiss. could you please see?

P.S. - this is when icon pack for win 8 is downloaded.
P.S. 2 - ok the download works when retried. don't know what's the issue. at the first instance of downloading, both from the link at the top-right corner of the page here and the link in the description, a 'corrupted' file downloaded. but when tried for the 2nd time (the link in the description), it has downloaded the proper file. patched it right away. now going to reboot the system. let's see how it looks. :)
works fine. thanks for the pack, UD!
an update - be wary and careful in using 7tsp, if having Win 8.1. since y'day, am seeing an unprecedented slow-down in start-up times of my machine (PC boots up fine, albeit the short-cut icons on the desktop and the start-up programs take a long time to load; can't even see the 'task manager' during that period). restoring the icon-files to the earlier state was of no effect, even using 'sfc'. can't really pinpoint to the source of the problem, whether 7tsp, or windows updates (though the latter haven't proved troublesome to me ever on this OS), but browsed some forum-pages where i read that custom-patchers like this (for themes/icons, etc.) can tend to do this; so inclined to believe that 7tsp is/could be the most probable culprit here. have tried a variety of methods to arrive at a solution, but all have failed so far. now since Win 10 release-date is near at my location (July 29), will wait till that time and then do an upgrade followed by a clean install then as the ultimate recourse to this issue. 
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May you let me ask you if any of you fond a way to patch or replace the shell32.dll system32 file in windows 8.1 64 bits cause my system wont boot if i patch or replace the shell32.dll file in it.
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No, I haven't tried to patch shell32.dll in Windows 8.1. Why do you want to patch shell32.dll? shell32.dll is an important system file and it has a digital signature. Modifying the file will break your system.
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Shall i let u note that u can consider that I wont patch shell32 anymore since i ave learn that shell32 as a digital signature like u say.
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I think, I know why Windows 8.1 refuses to boot after replacing 'shell32.dll'. It has something to do with the digital signature. 'Shell32.dll' is used everywhere in the Windows system and since 8.1, the file must have a digital signature in order to be used. Otherwise, Windows will show up a blue screen on boot.

You can even the a difference between the properties of the 'shell32.dll' files:
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Shall I let u note that u can consider that you are right about the Digital signature that I learn it from users since that post I made about replacing Shell32 on 8.1.
Não consigo acessar os ícones, as dlls não abrem com o Resource Hacker. Você pode liberar os arquivos .ico ou .png?
I cannot seem to get it to work, I'm running windows 8.1.  tried with both portable and reg installer, and is there any reason why i cannot select any options in the options menu? everything goes good until first restart and then my pc goes into auto repair mode....   :(
The windows error i get after restart is 0xc000021a
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I have never encountered this problem. You must be doing something wrong. Are you trying to install Windows 7 pack on Windows 8/8.1? Looks like your system is corrupt, restore it from a backup. This has nothing to do with 7tsp, it works fine on Windows 8/8.1.
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Cool bro, but is that something effect for our pc.
Before I download it, I just wanted to ask if there is a way to uninstall/delete it later, so... there is?
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