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Formal Ch4
    Jack had remained against the wall for god knows how long. His brain had gone over the many different outcomes that could occur from this unexpected love triangle. Never in his life did he expect to be placed in the situation. He honestly thought he would have been fortunate to have one person attracted to him. Which he thought had been Julian. Now Chase had shown up, granting the wish Jack would have killed for if it had been even six months prior to this moment.
    But now, he had Julian.
    Should he even tell Julian about this? Jack knew he deserved to know someone else was trying to win the genius’ affections. Jack would certainly want to know if someone had done something like this to Julian. They weren’t officially dating, but Jack still felt a level of possessiveness. Jack wasn’t even sure how Julian would react. Would he be angry with Jack or with Chase? Maybe both?
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    Jack turned to face the one person he wished he’d never see again. The draconic immortal sat on a leather chair, legs crossed as if he actually owned the room both inhabitants currently resided in. How like him to be the authority in the room, no matter whose room it was.
    For once, though, Jack met the cool gaze with an equally even one. His heart rate had increased but he did his best to conceal that fact. He wouldn’t be that fawning loser that was constantly rejected. Not again. He’d hold his ground.
    “May I ask what you’re doing in my home?” Jack waited for an answer, doing his upmost to keep his appearance level. Chase merely leaned back into the chair, sizing the young man up. He wasn’t fooled. He knew Jack was still very much intimidated, as well he should be. It was quite impressive that he no longer tripped over himself at the sight of the immortal, nor did he stutte
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Mature content
Formal Chapter 2 :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 1 0
Formal Chapter 1
    Looking into the mirror, Jack couldn’t help but agree with his mother. This suit did look very good on him. It hugged his body without being too tight, just as a custom-made suit should. The black and accented gray actually made his pale skin look attractive.
    Well, in a vampiric way. Nothing could change the fact that he was abnormally white.
    He also liked that the suit complemented his now white hair. Along with giving up showdowns, he had given up on his makeup (which he now agrees looked terrible) and dying his hair. White was his natural color and he had thought it was a good decision to go back to that when he made his life change.
    Right now, said hoar was semi-slicked back. Not too much to where he looked like a stereotypical business villain, even if he wanted to use business for evil, but it was still loose enough for some strands to fall around his face.
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Formal Intro
    Chase Young sat on his throne as he contemplated the events if this last month. The Shen Gong Wu had become increasingly more active, at least seven activating across the globe. The Heylin, despite many members being pathetically incompetent, had managed to win five of the seven. A rather fortuitous turn of luck, if Chase said so himself. There had been an odd occurrence to accompany the winning streak: Spicer’s continuing absence.
    Now, Chase Young would normally be elated at this new turn of events. Spicer had always been a disaster in any avenue that involved showdowns. He was a danger to himself and any other Heylin that happened to be participating.
    Still, it was unlike Spicer to just disappear. He hadn’t even come by in one of his unannounced visitations where he would let out an unyielding stream of “evil” plots until Chase finally let his warriors have open season of the albino. This
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    Seto thrummed his fingers upon his desk. He had come home and gained no better a mood than when he had arrived. Why? He wasn’t quite sure of the answer himself. He recalled the morning as he had been waiting for Crow at their usual meeting place. It was the first day of high school, and they had gotten new uniforms. Doesn’t sound that big does it? And Seto would normally agree. But he still felt…
    Seto had, of course, worn the uniform as stated in the handbook. The blazer (which came in charcoal or black) was button completely. The stark white, collared shirt was pressed and the red tie was straight and knotted accordingly. He honestly hadn’t been shocked that Crow had opted for a more abstract presentation of the required clothing. Said raven had kept his long hair, which now reached the collar of the white shirt. The hair did nothing, really, to hide the silver earrings that Crow
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Cyrus and Trio by UltimateDayDreamer Cyrus and Trio :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 1 0 Vesta 2.0 by UltimateDayDreamer Vesta 2.0 :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 2 0 Zenobia by UltimateDayDreamer Zenobia :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 2 16 Vesta by UltimateDayDreamer Vesta :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 2 2 Have a Wonderful Snowy Christmas! by UltimateDayDreamer Have a Wonderful Snowy Christmas! :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 2 37 Merry Christmas Cameron~ by UltimateDayDreamer Merry Christmas Cameron~ :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 2 31 Have a Hot Christmas~ by UltimateDayDreamer Have a Hot Christmas~ :iconultimatedaydreamer:UltimateDayDreamer 1 28
Wendigo: Just for Fun
  Bartholomew drove up to Ric's house and honked the horn on his car. Sure, he was earlier than normal, but Ric wouldn't mind considering there were burritos waiting for him.
  Ric ran out the door and into Bartholomew's car. He had an annoyed look on his face and opened his mouth, ready to give his friend a piece of his mind. That is until his said friend waved a bag of his favorite burritos in front of his face.
  "At least you made this annoyance worthwhile." Ric retorted before he took a huge bite out of his food. Bartholomew just rolled his eyes.
  Bartholomew and Ric had the same schedule every day with minor changes. Every morning Bartholomew picked Ric up and took him to school, and they always got there earlier than most students.  That was only because Bartholomew's adoptive father worked as the history teacher for their school. They both had that class first as well. On the bright side,
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SG Valentine Special final
Hannah looked at Orson. She noticed the hint of red on his cheeks and smiled. "Go on," she said. Orson took a deep breath. "Hannah… I really, and I mean really, like you." He looked at Hannah nervously. Hannah took in what he said and her smile widened. "Oh, Orson. I really like you too," she said hugging him.
Orson laughed with joy as he hugged her back. Suddenly they both had the same thought. "What about Jimmy," Hannah whispered, "He'll never approve of this. He already hates you enough." Orson looked at her with sad eyes. He knew that all too well. He also knew that it was no use trying to talk to him since he won't listen. The only way you could get him to listen would take tying him up. The thought sparked in his head.
"Hannah I've got an idea to make him listen."
He got up with Hannah following close behind. "What are you going to do," she asked. Orson looked at her and smiled. "We're going to get his attention and keep it until he finally sees our way."
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SG Valentine Special
Hannah stood in front of Jimmy. He didn't look too happy, and he kept turning to glare at Orson. "Jimmy why do you hate Orson so much," Hannah asked. Jimmy grunted, "Isn't it obvious? He's a blood-sucking leech that says he likes you. I don't feel he's good enough for you. I know he'll hurt you. He won't be able to hold himself for long." Hannah was surprised.
"Jimmy you know that's not true," Hannah cried. Jimmy rolled his eyes and turned away slightly. Hannah sighed and went back to the couch.
"Why does he have to be so stubborn?" Ruby smiled. "What?" Ruby pointed toward Orson. Hannah turned to see him staring at her. He flushed and turned away. Hannah looked at Ruby to see her smiling. "Well that was odd," she said. Ruby just shrugged and turned away toward the party.
Orson was sulking in the corner he had been sent to. Just a few minutes earlier he had agreed to talk to Jimmy with Hannah. He then watched her go over to Jimmy, but it seemed she didn't have the same l
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PKMN-Runes: Kai by Hell-Faun PKMN-Runes: Kai :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 20 7 Commission: Vayne x Lazarus by Yaoi-World Commission: Vayne x Lazarus :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 367 7 No.100 - I don't care... by 365-Blookarot No.100 - I don't care... :icon365-blookarot:365-Blookarot 97 6 mime love by Naomi-shan mime love :iconnaomi-shan:Naomi-shan 138 31
Le Jack Fanfiction 1
"I'm not going" he said sat in his desk chair fiddling with a machine part. "He screwed up getting that wu so I ain't paying him!" Jack explained, Wuya was trying to convince him that it was not all Le Mime's fault that they lost the Fist of Tebigone, but he wasn't having any of it.
"Your uselessness is unmatchable! Yet I give you plenty of chances!" Wuya yelled at him hovering just by his head.
"Yeah,'re just floating gas!" he tried to insult her back, looking rather pathetic. "If I went back would that stop you screeching at me!?" he compromised.
"I don't care what you do Jack, just do it in the least annoying way possible" she floated into his face angrily to make her anger more fierce, then the ghost floated away from him and into a wall disappearing. Jack then proceeded to make faces when she left, then folded his arm childishly leaning back in his chair.
Later on that day, Jack had returned to the location where the Fist once was and looked around for the unconscious m
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Mature content
Le Mime X Jack: Morning Kinks (Lemon) :iconpenguinqueen423:Penguinqueen423 33 6
No.55- Geniuses by 365-Blookarot No.55- Geniuses :icon365-blookarot:365-Blookarot 184 24 PKMN-Runes: Dorian by Hell-Faun PKMN-Runes: Dorian :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 34 12 Spidersona - Floral Spider by Hell-Faun Spidersona - Floral Spider :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 27 9 Harajuku Fashion SuperSale Adoptables (3/10 OPEN) by pastelaine-art Harajuku Fashion SuperSale Adoptables (3/10 OPEN) :iconpastelaine-art:pastelaine-art 404 80 Home Sweet Home by Hell-Faun Home Sweet Home :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 11 2 Cherries and Lava by Hell-Faun Cherries and Lava :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 16 3 Character Card - Eliot Goodfellow by Hell-Faun Character Card - Eliot Goodfellow :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 10 8 Elinor and Liam by Hell-Faun Elinor and Liam :iconhell-faun:Hell-Faun 14 3 The Secret Saturdays: what if... by Washichan The Secret Saturdays: what if... :iconwashichan:Washichan 67 7 Break in the Storm by DreamsCanLive Break in the Storm :icondreamscanlive:DreamsCanLive 18 9
So, I'm back after a veeery long hiatus. I really wanted to start writing again. I mean, I've been writing, but thesis papers can only be so enjoyable. I already have one one-shot up. I am currently working on a short story involving CHACK. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is the pairing from Xiaolin Showdown: Jack Spicer and Chase Young. I'm purely a writer. In my gallery, I know I have some drawing, but I just don't have the talent for it. Other updates: I had a son about eight months ago. He is absolutely awesome. So, a lot of my time goes into taking care of him. If anyone has any requests let me know. 
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    Jack had remained against the wall for god knows how long. His brain had gone over the many different outcomes that could occur from this unexpected love triangle. Never in his life did he expect to be placed in the situation. He honestly thought he would have been fortunate to have one person attracted to him. Which he thought had been Julian. Now Chase had shown up, granting the wish Jack would have killed for if it had been even six months prior to this moment.

    But now, he had Julian.

    Should he even tell Julian about this? Jack knew he deserved to know someone else was trying to win the genius’ affections. Jack would certainly want to know if someone had done something like this to Julian. They weren’t officially dating, but Jack still felt a level of possessiveness. Jack wasn’t even sure how Julian would react. Would he be angry with Jack or with Chase? Maybe both?

    The next concern was how much did he tell Julian about who Chase was. Honestly, Jack did not feel that telling the man that Chase was a Chinese warlord who became immortal using a dragon soup given to him by an evil bean would go over well. If Jack hadn’t been involved in the showdowns for Shen Gong Wu for so long he would have thought it was crazy.

    He didn’t want to sound crazy, even if it was the truth.

    A sigh became the lone sound in the study. It was a mixture of frustration and dejection, something Jack hadn’t felt since he had left the showdown world. Seriously, why did this have to happen to him. He had been happy.

    Jack finally lifted himself from the floor. The movement was slow, but Jack was determined to get a handle on the situation. Chase was a wild card, that was for sure. He just hoped that those two never met in person while this was happening. Julian had always seemed rather peaceful. If anything, he was mischievous, but he had also never given Julian a reason to be jealous.

    Now, Julian would have a very valid reason to be jealous.

    Should he call Julian now? No…he was probably working at the moment, like Jack should be. He’d have to meet him later. It was probably best that he explains this in person.



    Jack sat down on his bed, the soft cushion finally allowing him to relax after the hours of work he had spent in a state close to paranoia. He had half expected Chase to show up again, but mercifully he didn’t. About an hour into work, Jack had finally gathered enough courage to send Julian a message. He had asked Julian to come by after his work to discuss what had happened. When Julian had asked what they needed to discuss, Jack hadn’t been sure what to say. He didn’t want to give it away over the phone, but he knew that if he didn’t give him something that Julian would fear something worse.

    It was half past five now, that meant Julian would be here soon. Jack breathed in carefully. He really didn’t want to deal with this, but he had to be honest with the man. Hiding this would come off negatively if Julian found out on his own.

    A knock sounded on his door, alerting him to Julian’s presence. The butler had most likely let him in. Jack’s parents liked Julian, thinking him and their son were merely good friends, so the help knew to let the young man in on the rare event he came over.

    Jack stood up and walked over to the door, trying his best to give a smile despite his nerves.

    “Thanks for coming over on such short notice, but I didn’t think this should wait.” The pale boy could feel his face become even more pale, if that was even possible. The nerves in his voice were clear, and Julian gave him a concerned look as he entered the room.

    “What’s wrong, Jack. You seem unsettled.” A tan hand came up to stroke a pale cheek, attempting to give some form of comfort to his nervous lover.

    Jack couldn’t help the small smile that formed at Julian’s touch. He was always so caring and understanding. Maybe he wouldn’t angry? That was still a high hope for Jack. He had never actually since Julian angry, and he didn’t want to see it now. “Let’s sit down first before I tell you what happened. And please let me tell all of it before you speak.”

    After receiving a nod, the two of them sat on Jack’s bed, making sure they were both comfortable for the tale. Jack took in a shaky breath before beginning his story. He tried to summarize as much he could the details of the showdowns and how exactly he knew Chase. Julian listened to it all, not making a sound. His face did, however, speak volumes. At times, it bore the expression of confusion, mostly concerning the magic of the showdowns and Shen Gong Wu. A fairly normal response considering most people would react with exuberant derision. Other times, anger flashed across his face as Jack told him of a few of his more negative encounters (a hard choice to make considering most of Jack’s experiences were negative).

    Finally, Jack got to his encounter with Chase when he had returned that morning. He did his best to describe the event without looking away in shame, though he couldn’t stop his eyes from glancing away from Julian’s. When he did look at the other man’s face he saw a rage he never thought he’d see on a face that normally expressed kindness. Was that rage directed at him? Or was it just Chase?

    “Julian…please say something.” Said man merely took in a breath attempting to steady himself. Julian had never actually felt this angry in his life. Someone had made advances toward his Jack; his beautifully intelligent lover. Blue eyes met with anxious rubies and Julian felt his anger diminish at the sight. He lifted one of his hands to caress a soft cheek. “I’m not angry with you, Jack. He was the last person you suspected to be interested in you, let alone show up to see you.”

    Jack visibly relaxed and leaned into the gentle touch. “Thank you, Julian.”

    “However.” Jack looked up at the other man, curious. “You said he kissed you, correct?” A cautiously slow nod was his response. Jack wondered if he still needed to be wary of any negative reactions. Though, Julian had just said he wasn’t mad…

    Jack found his answer when he was forced onto his back, Julian looming over him with a possessive glint that made his sky-blue eyes turn dark like a storm.  Ruby eyes widened but remained locked on the tempest above him. This wasn’t rage at all but a new form of need. Julian had been the more dominant of the two, showing Jack a few different nuances of how that dominance was shown. He hadn’t seen this one.

    It was almost frightening. But at the same time…exciting.

    Honestly, Jack wondered if there was something wrong with him.

    The formerly gentle hand suddenly seized silky white hair, forcing Jack to bare his neck. Teeth sunk into porcelain skin, drawing a gasp turned moan from Jack’s lips. Genius as he was, he still had not expected this response. Another gasp echoed through the room as the teeth tore away. The hand in his hair pushed forward, two pairs of lips meeting in a bruising kiss. Jack’s hands clutched Julian’s shirt as his mouth was invaded by the other’s tongue. The lack of air was quickly catching up to Jack as he began to feel faint. It wasn’t until the last second that Julian pulled away, allowing Jack to swallow a large amount of air.

     “Let this be known. I’m not losing to him. He had his chance and he squandered it.” Julian looked at him, and his eyes could only be described as deadly serious. Jack honestly wondered what was so special about him that two strong, attractive men would battle over him like this.

    Accepting Jack’s speechlessness as acceptance, Julian captured the young genius’ lips in another heated kiss. Julian would be damned before he lost to someone as arrogant as this Chase was described. Feeling another surge of anger, his hands moved under Jack’s shirt, immediately finding erect nipples.

    “Ah-!” Jack’s body arched off the bed in response to his pink buds being pinched. God, Julian was feeling extremely possessive. The genius still felt bad about the incident that caused this reaction, but he truly did enjoy being handled roughly. Jack ran his hands down Julian’s chest, wanting to feel the muscles under his shirt.

    Unfortunately, before either could move any further a knock sound on the bedroom door.

    “Sir, your parents have returned. They request your presence in the study.”

    The two men let out frustrated groans as they pulled apart. Jack gave his lover a gently kiss before standing and straightening his outfit. “We can finish this later.” With a wink, Jack led Julian out and they went their separate directions with a promise from Julian that he’d be back as soon as Jack gave the word.



    Chase smirked from his place om his throne. So, this “Julian” had a jealous streak? The immortal pondered over the many instances where that emotion could lead to his advantage. Jack obviously loved a dominant partner, but he would still want his freedom. Now that this other man knew of Chase, that freedom could diminish in conjunction to the level of jealousy.

    Turning someone’s emotions against themselves was child’s play for a Heylin lord. He just had to make sure to time his next visit to Jack appropriately. 

Formal Ch4
After a long hiatues, here is chapter four of Formal. I'll be posting the next chapter next week.


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