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This is a club for a lot of cool Creepypasta. From Slender Man to Mr. K, Original Characters to the Tails Doll, MarbleHornets to PewDiePie, and Video Games to Indie Horrors, there's no limit to this universe of creepypastas!

Just one thing...have fun!
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Attention: While it was said Creepypasta story, it is actually a Misunderstood-pasta story.
Here are some of my creations:
Misunderstood Pasta are well known as the pastas that brings in themselves horror and brutal appearances/looks however they are considered to be friendly, however Misunderstood-pasta can also be violent and kill away anyone who harms them or innocent peoples.
L.Q also known as "Hunger" is a alternate universe version of a deceased character in a famous Creepypasta story known as Clockwork: Your Time is Up, however the story line in that story was changed a bit. L.Q was a teenager and also a victim of a serial killer who had murdered his entire family and set his house on fire when he awakes, he suffers an amnesia that causes him to lost almost all of his memories. Now he is trying to find the lost memories he needs in order to know what exactly was happening along with a female humanoid creature named Lyra who also suffers an amnesia like him but she has a different goal is to find a person named Toby Rogers follow him and his friend as Lyra Rogers (Phantom) as they began to journey their ways to find their lost memories.


L.Q is a teenager that lives with his father, mother and younger sister, before he had a younger sister named Natalie Quellete, his parents very loved him with everything they got however when the day his younger sister was born he started to feel like his parents aren't even showing any signs of caring and paying attentions towards him whenever he let's them see how successful he had on his test at school and in order to express the anxiousness and aggressive expression he had to abuse/bully his younger sister by punching and kicking her very harshly without feeling any regrets, this also caused his younger sister to have bad days in school and ended up living under misandry at the age of a teenager without being known by their parents.
One day while he's walking to the living room he witnessed a serial killer murdered his entire family, the killer approaches him and impaled the knife onto his head he falls down without being able to move nor make any reactions and after that the killer set his house on fire, the last thing he could see when he was about to faint away in the flames was a shadowy figure that is resemblance as a demon walking towards him, when he wakes up he finds himself lying on the ground that is full of the remaining's of his home that got burned down last night, however he can't seemed to remember anything, he can't remember his name, his parents and sister's name, what day was he born, what age is he, the serial killer's appearance, he had officially suffered an amnesia that causes him to lost away almost all of his memories however what he can remember was the incident that happened last night.
He begins to feel hungry and couldn't understand why he's feeling hungry but he just ignores it and ended up walking deep into a nearby forest where he was attacked by a wild wolf, when the wolf was about to attack him he noticed that there was something is not normal that is happening to him, his mouth began to grow longer that it reaches the right and left side of his jaws and what's inside of it were sharp teeth's, he suddenly lost control and consumes the animal it was the moment he realized that he's no longer human but a being that is known to be a "zombie" despite of fearing that this would cause him to be hunt down by humans if they ever knew who he really was he decided to run away and hide from society and never show himself out of public ever again however he sometimes uses the powers he earned as teleportation to teleport onto tall/high buildings and towers to watch the beauties of the cities during midnight.
After that he stays in the forest and starts to eat animals to satisfied his hunger mostly are birds, wolves but sometimes it can be bears, during one day when he was in the middle of eating his "food", he met a girl who is a humanoid creature that has grey skin, black eyes and white pupils she wears a white T-shirt covered in dirt and pants that're a bit torn off, her mouth resemblance to his but it's a bit wider the girl's named is Lyra, Lyra told him that she is looking for a person named Toby Rogers and with that L.Q decided to help her.
For more information read the story: "Secrets and Hunger"


Before L.Q became a zombie he was a human that has normal eyes with normal black pupils, natural brown hair, a jacket that is grey and black long pants but after the day he became a zombie, his mouth grew longer that it even reaches the left and the right side of his jaw along with sharp teeth's and his eyes turned roundy and no longer had any pupils, his jacket got dirt everywhere and his pants were also covered in dirt. However, when he transform's into his "Satsujinki" mode he will grow out four arms, his size and heights including weights will began to increase bigger but not tall as Slenderman his eyes will then turned red and tears as fresh blood will to start to drip out his teeth began to grow sharper than ever his hands will be sharp so does his legs.


L.Q is described to be afraid at humans since he has the fear that he might get hunt down by them but sometimes his friendly personality towards them makes him feels less fear, he is also friendly at the Creepypastas themselves except for Clockwork for some reasons L.Q doesn't understands why he always feels aggressive and hatred towards her whenever he's near her or met her. L.Q, when he gets into his hungry state he'll become very hostile and sadistic towards anything that prevents him from eating and it would also result that he'll be attacking those peoples he will start to act like an wild carnivore animal that follows its own nature, desires and goals. However he can be embarrassed whenever he's confronting Lyra.

Powers and Abilities:

L.Q has superhuman/inhuman strength, superhuman/super speed and he is very durable, he has high resistances towards fire, lightning even multiple stabs, he also has great senses and strong sniffing abilities that allows him to track down his prey whenever he's in the state of hunger at 1 hour passes by, he can also transform into a monster that he liked to call it as "Satsujinki" which it is a "mode" he say that helps him increases his inhuman speed, strength, durability, senses, sniffing senses and regeneration if it is necessary at that moment. While in his "Satsujinki" mode his eyes can inflict great headaches towards the peoples who're looking at him causing them to be overwhelming. Since he's a special type of zombie so L.Q is immunity towards Toxic/Axit and Radiation he can also breathe underwater since he's dead and his organs and heartbeat aren't working anymore. The more times he feeds on animals the more time he increases his growth towards his powers and abilities. L.Q has super speed but he is also capable of using teleportation but it wasted away half of his stamina and due to the reasons because he claims to be a "zombie" he doesn't fear of getting old because he's already dead and what's keeping him "alive" was the "curse" of the "shadowy figure".
And while being a weak cosmic entity that possessed these "common" powers he was also granted high intelligence and immunity towards being decay like the other death corpses, he can also be immunity towards anything that is related to decay powers as well, and while he is fast he is also shown to be a very clever at stealth mastery as well. Along with a few more other powers such as night vision he has which it allow's him to be able to hunt down his prey easier.
L.Q is capable of generating out an aura that allow's him to negate and corrupt anything that is near him such as technologies even supernatural powers of other beings his body has the ability to reverse the effects of anything that is harmful that touches him but he can freely activate these powers anytime he wants.


  • He is a side/supporting character originally created by Soffbois and was soon been used by FunbariVoid as an OC who is originally a alternate version of a deceased character from a famous Creepypasta story known as "Clockwork: Your Time is Up".
  • Attention: This character is from an alternate universe that has different event's, he is not the original Lucas Quellete he is sort of like an alternate reality version of Lucas Quellete.
  • L.Q usually uses his teleportation powers to teleport himself into tall buildings at the cities in order to watch it's beauties on top of it.
  • His sister is Natalie Quellete/Clockwork.
  • The "shadowy figure" was actually Zalgo.
  • His Decay immunity doesn't only prevents him from being decay like the other death bodies but it also allow's him to be immunity towards any powers/abilities/magics that inflict instant decaying body.
  • L.Q is in-love with Lyra he showed a very deep caring towards her.
  • Even if he is forced to eat humans he will always decline no matter what, because of his fear and how disgusting the flesh of them are.
  • L.Q eats animals for reasons it's because he is scared that if he ever starts to eat humans it could attract them leading him into being "hunt down" by the humans and it is also because he said that the animals has more "meat" and "nutrition" than humans.
  • Due to the reasons because he ate too much animals it became his nature and the animals meats/flesh just becomes more tastier than ever and humans flesh just becomes like rotten meats towards him the more he feeds on animals fleshes.
  • L.Q is featured in a story known as "Secrets and Hunger"
  • L.Q shows out hostile signs towards Clockwork whenever he made encounters with her for unknown reasons which even him couldn't know why however there are some connection he has with her before he became a "zombie".
  • He claims himself to be a so called "zombie" without knowing that he's actually a weak cosmic entity that taken's the appearances of an "special undead"
  • Whenever he reaches the state of hungry his body will automatically starts to walk/rushes itself into locations that has the food he needs.
  • The amnesia he suffers was caused by an unknown person is he calls as the "Shadow Figure" which "it" is also the person who made him lost away almost all of his memories but there were a few of it that still remains for unknown reasons.
  • L.Q is not his real name but a short name of a person.
  • His crush was once a human before becoming a humanoid entity which it is also caused by the same person who is incharge of turning L.Q into a "berserk monster"
  • His "Satsujinki" appearances and name was inspired by the Murder Time Trio Phase 3 (Murder time trio is an trio full of murderous skeletons) with the exact same name as "The Satsujinki"
  • The word "Satsujinki" he said does not have anything to do with Naruto at all, "Satsujinki" comes with another definition as "Murderer"
  • His Enhanced Growth abilities doesn't increases his weights nor size it only makes his powers become more stronger.
  • He is a familiar with Depthman, a spin off version of the Slenderman
  • Since he's a special zombie so he was granted strong immunity powers towards radiant, toxic and fire including lightning.
  • L.Q is a zombie and all of his organs no longer stayed as active so he can breath underwater without worrying that his oxygen's are being lost.
  • Hint: L.Q is actually the brother of a famous female Creepypasta who happens to also be the person that murdered him, the family and set the house on fire.
  • Second Hint: L.Q's first name is Lucas.
  • Since this is an character from an alternate universe so L.Q when he was a kid his parents very loves him however when his sister was born he feels like that he was been forgotten mostly his parents turned their love towards the sister more then him making him feeling very neglected so in order to express the anger and aggressive he usually bullies her in the house and always punched her and kick her this has resulted a very unexpected event to happen in his house during one day.
  • This is an alternate version of a deceased character that is gonna change himself into becoming a better person and will pay off for all of his sins once when he discovers who he really is.
  • L.Q doesn't knows that he actually changed his race in becoming a weak cosmic entity that has "common" powers after being "resurrected" from the death.
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The Origin of Bludstone Pt 1OUR ORIGIN BEGINS IN A BREATHTAKING CITY CALLED: ADRIAN CITY ( NOT THE ADRIAN CITY IN TEXAS, BUT THE ONE AROUND THE EDGE OF CALIFORNIA). YES, THE CITY IS FICTIONAL. AND THE CITY IS WHERE THE CREEPYPASTAS LIVE (THE CONDEMNED IS WHAT THE RESIDENTS OF ADRIAN CITY CALLED THEM). AND IT STARTS AFTER THE EVENTS OF THE MURDERS OF THE WOODS FAMILY.The year is 1976. The 23rd of May. The end of the unexplained murder of the Woods Family. But, it was only just the beginning. Just as they were about to condemn the house, the Chief of Adrian City stopped them to see if there’s nothing left.While he went down to the basement, he then spotted a 60s style crib. Inside was an infant boy, sleeping peacefully. The Chief gently picked him up, took him outside and brought the boy to the neighbors next door. They were the Andrews, closest friends to the Woods. He then gave the child to the mother, and that’s when the child’s eyes opened. And when Victoria laid eyes on him, he named the boy after her Great Grandfather, Blake Afton Andrews.4 years have passed since Blake was adopted. Unexpectedly, he was learning very quickly. He was starting to become almost as intelligent as an AI. Blake started to read chapter books at a very young age. Hell, he made friends already. His best friend was Johnathan Hayes, whom was his first friend that Blake has made. His first intelligent word that he had said was “inexpensive”. Nonetheless, his life was peaceful throughout his life.At age 5, he started learning to speak japanese. The first words he said was ‘Okami’, ‘ashigaru’, ‘samurai’, and ‘arigato gozaimasu’. This was extraordinary for a minor. Yet, impressive.But, not all of his life was peaceful. At age 7, Blake’s Great Great Grandfather Blake Afton Andrews I, died of Scarlet Fever at 95 years old. This had made him depressed temporarily. After that, he felt much better.But, that’s just where the chaos began. And this was the worst part of his life.In 1988, which he was 12 years old, he was bullied multiple times by Michael, the Chief’s son. Everytime Blake has been picked on, he goes and tells the Chief. And when he was picked on the last time, his father caught him red-handed. He warned him if he picked on Blake one more time, he is going to the State Penitentiary for 5 years.Now, that really made Michael mad. But, he thought he was joking. He wasn’t, though. So, Michael came up with a scheme.1 month has passed. It was when Blake was going down to his 3rd hour class. Michael, however, had a sinister smirk on his face. He then violently pushed him down the stairs. When Blake made it to the end, his left eye dislodged out of its socket. Till then, he was unconscious for he hit his temple on impact. He was rushed to the emergency room to replace it with an ocular prosthesis. One problem was that they were all out of glass eyes. Luckily, there was a solution. One of the nurses remembered that she found a blood red stone whilst her vacation in Japan. She then informed the surgeons and they continued and placed the stone inside his eye socket. But just as they were about to wipe off the blood, Blake then snapped awake and screeched in excruciation. After that, he then touched the stone and all the pain dissolved away like dead skin in a jar of acid. He did recover in 1989, but he had to stay at home for about 9 weeks. After recovering, he finally told the Chief what Michael has done to him, and he has sentenced him 5 years in the Penitentiary.2 weeks have passed, when all of a sudden, he started to have some violent chills down his spine. Then the next day, when he woke up and started to put his shoes on, he noticed that his feet weren’t making any sound whatsoever. This was phenomenal, in fact, his father and his mother didn’t know that he was with them, sometimes. After that, his eyesight was enhanced, so he ditched his glasses. He was also more agilitised when he attempted to do a backflip. After that, when it was dark out, he then discovered that he had Night Vision.It seems that the stone is gaining me abnormal abilities, Blake thought. After all, this is perplexing, but extraordinary. Remarkable, even.5 weeks have passed, and it was Summer Vacation. Victoria and Richter had planned a Holiday in Japan for Blake. Blake had long waited for this to happen, because he wanted to test how well he learned their language. He was remarkable. He also translated for his parents, which impressed the Japanese, and the tourists. Every time he translated what someone had said, they all applaud for his intelligence.3 days have passed. Blake and his parents were at an old, ancient river that has lived for centuries. While his parents were going to fish in the river, Blake decided to explore the ancient ruins. He had walked 2 miles, and he encountered a raging waterfall. He then got close to it and reached his hand on the water. And somehow, his hand wasn’t pushed down due to the pressure of the water. He also noticed that there was an opening behind it. So he went through the waterfall, without getting wet. Behind the waterfall was a dark cavern. But, he had no trouble where he was going. Deeper, and deeper he went through and then he spotted something along the way.There was a stone table. On the table was an ancient samurai katana. He then picked it up and unsheathed the blade. He was astonished of how beautiful the jadeite was forged into one blade. Though it was corroded.This is truly remarkable, he said. This katana has an imperial green jadeite blade. Whoever was the forgeman for this particular weapon was highly skilled. But, why leave it here to rot? He then went back to his parents and showed the sword to them. They were truly astonished as Blake. After their Holiday was over, he thought of giving the sword a name. The name meant ‘vampiric’ in Japanese. He named it; Kyuketsuki. But, something strange happened around 1992. He started to have flashbacks of someone massacring groups of people in his dreams. But he weirdness doesn’t end there. He then threatened some bullies in High School. One of them was ‘your head will be mine after the last day of school’. Though it did help with the bullying problem, but he was also being avoided by other people. Except for his friends.But, one of them costed his arm, and it was John.WARNING! DO NOT READ THIS PART IF YOU ARE EMETOPHOBIC OR WHILE EATING, BECAUSE THIS INCLUDES BLAKE VOMITING BLOOD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED….It was 5th Hour. His History class was about to do an essay, when all of a sudden, his stomach felt queasy and his eye was getting irritated. He then excused himself to go the restroom. He rushed in and went to the sink. He splashed cold water on his face, which cured his irritated eye. But, he still felt sick. While he was looking in the mirror, he then noticed the stone was giving off a deep red glow. All of a sudden, his reflection changed into a samurai. It was the forgotten samurai, Takashi. Blake’s face transformed into a face of pure terror. Takashi then smiled eerily.Takashi is speaking japanese in this part. So, I’ll be translating what he says to him.素晴らしい仕事だ ブレイク。[Great job, Blake.]俺の石を見つけた。[You found my stone.]そして、あなたは私のカタナを見つけました。[And you found my katana.]聞いてくれ、ブレイク。[Listen, Blake]あなたは私のために何かをしなければなりません。[You have to do something for me.]あなたが欲しい。[I want you…]殺人に。[To murder.]あなたが遭遇するすべての人。[Every person you encounter.]拒否するなら...[If you refuse…]He then speaks english.Well, that's your decision. If you so much as even try to resist, there will be consequences. And you don’t want to know what happens, now don’t you, Blake-San? He gives off a chuckle. Ah, your face. It gives me so much memories back at my day. The screams, the begging, the bloodshed. They all have discovered true terror. And you have as well. Blake hears someone approaching the restroom door. He tries to cry out for help, but it resulted in him vomiting coagulated blood on the sink. It was John that approached him and asked if he was alright. He was shaking violently and pushed him back to keep him away. But, it was too late. Takashi had already taken over him. He then turned around and spotted a piece of broken glass. He rushed to it, tackled John down and pierced the glass through his arm, which completely shattered his humerus and scapula (in other words, he broke his funny bone and shoulder blade.) He held it on there for 8 seconds, and that’s when Blake snapped out of Takashi’s possession. He then realized what he had done. He got off of John and took the piece of glass off of his arm. He then shattered it and tucked his arms on his legs, crying for what he had done. John was then sent to the hospital, while Blake was to stay at home for 3 days.Now you know what happens if you resist my possession, Blake-San. Takashi sinisterly chuckled.But, it was a grave mistake for the school to suspend him. He regretted what he had done, but he felt like he wanted to do it again.
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MasterChampionRED Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2020  Student Writer
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