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  • This is a universe where Humans and Hybrids live together this is where Valndrisa lives it's unlike any other place but, it's where she lives so this is her universe of where these chain of events happen. Hybrids also don't go to school as Hybrids don't really need education they learn everything from their parents and the environment.
  • When Valndrisa was born she had horns and her father was mad this was because Valndrisa's mother, Sarah and father, Zack are both wolves and Val was born as a wolf with horns. The reason for this is Sarah had cheated on Zack with a guy named Zalgo and because of this it had caught the attention of Slenderman.
  • Zalgo and Slenderman are enemies. Slenderman knows that Zalgo only uses people for his own gain once he gets what he wants he just tosses them aside and because of this Slenderman was worried about the child because he didn't want her to just be another tool for Zalgo
  • Zack told Sarah to make Val wear a hood so he wouldn't see those horrible horns, Zack did not see Val as his daughter but as a terrible mistake, because of what she is and for that he had always ignored even when Val wears her hood
  • 3 Years Later
  • Zack was coming home from work and when he entered the house Val ran to her father but she wasn't wearing her hood this was the first time she forgot to wear it, so this set her Father off and started to hit her and say "You are a mistake!" over and over, as seeing the horns made him remember that she isn't his daughter, he despises her and after that he just ignored her again
  • `
  • 3 Years Later
  • She would still get hit by her father every now and then but one day when she decided to try to talk to her father but he got mad at that and started hitting her again while one hit made her get the scar across her eye that she has forever. Because this happened Slenderman was angry as he always watched over Val because he was worried Zalgo would come and take her to use her for his own gain, and he killed her Father. Because of this Val always thought that it was her fault her father died thinking that she couldn't stop the intruder she just froze. Her mother was also mad because of this for the same reason she thought that Val let her Father die as she was just in shock from Zack's death.
  • During this time, Val's mother got back together with Zalgo who became Val's step-father and when she did she would start abusing Val, at one time when Val got home from playing at the park she went straight to bed and Zalgo asked Val's mother if he could help her get ready, her mother agreed. Zalgo went into Val's room when she was changing and started to rape her, he told her to never speak of this or else. Zalgo raped his own daughter just for the fun of it and because he wanted to make her life a living hell to where he has power over her and that she succumbs to his every order
  • 4 Months Has Passed
  • During these 4 months, Valndrisa was continued being raped and abused by her step-father and her mother would just abuse her as she would of still be upset that she let her husband die, and one day she decided she had enough and decided to run away. She was living in the streets for another 4 months while Slenderman always watched over her. Val ate food from the trash, slept on the ground, she then decided to just walk around and she went to the forest and got lost she then collapsed due to malnourishment.
  • That was when Hoody one of Slenderman's Proxy found her, he spoke to Slenderman telepathically and said "There is a girl here from the description you gave us" Slenderman has told his Proxy's about the girl and that if they ever see her they are to report back to him and so Hoody gave the description of the girl and when Slenderman confirmed it was her he asked Hoody to bring her back to the mansion and so Hoody did as he was told. It took about 4 weeks for her to get back to her healthy self as it doesn't really take that long for a hybrid to get healthy again epically if the hybrid had enough to eat to at least stay alive.
  • And then something changed inside of Val. She blamed her mother for all of this thinking it was her fault because her mother never asked how she was or why she was always crying at times she thought that her mother didn't care an just let all the things happen to her, so she snuck out and went back home. She found out that Zalgo had left Sarah when Val ran away and that he was just using her mother but she didn't care as she was full of anger for how her mother treated her, she took out a knife and started to stab her mother, her mother asked her to stop and asked why she was doing this and when her mother asked that she removed her hood and said "I really am a mistake because of these horns" as she figured out that her father always hit her when she wasn't wearing her hood, she knew she had horns and knew she was different from her parents who were both wolves but when she saw her step-father she saw that he has horns and she pieced it all together. She knew her mother cheated on her father and this was why her father hated her so much yet her mother did nothing about it and let the abuse happen even with her step-father so she had enough and then with one last stab she killed her mother.
  • After she killed her mother Slenderman appeared and took her back. Valndrisa was scared as this was the first time she saw Slenderman as she had just snuck out to go back and confront her mother, as she saw that Slenderman didn't have a face she was, of course, scared and didn't know what to think but Slenderman calmed her down telling her not to be afraid as he always had watched her in the shadows and when he said that she then realized that she knew he always watched her from the shadows, she sensed him always in the background she knew that he cared about her in a way that her own parents never did even through the abuse she felt safe around him even though through all the things that happend to her she felt deep down that he truly cared about her, but Slenderman knew the trauma from this incident would never fade from her memory but overtime she would grow stronger from the abuse knowing that it could have been much, much, worse she would be happy with what she had in the future with Slenderman but never forgetting what made her who she is in the future as a brave, strong-willed independent person and so from that day he raised her and she now lives happily while Slenderman hopes that Val never finds out who her true father is as he doesn't want to lose her as if she ever saw Zalgo again he would do it all over again and try to control her but for now Slenderman is happy with what he has.
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