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Jenavieve's height curse is broken by UltimateAlexandra1 Jenavieve's height curse is broken :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 18 8 Blossombelle by UltimateAlexandra1 Blossombelle :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 12 21 Season Greetings Don by UltimateAlexandra1 Season Greetings Don :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 7 5 Jenavieve the priestess by UltimateAlexandra1 Jenavieve the priestess :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 11 17 For X-Harmonie-x44 by UltimateAlexandra1 For X-Harmonie-x44 :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 15 21 Jenavieve...why are you dressed like that? by UltimateAlexandra1 Jenavieve...why are you dressed like that? :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 9 37 Rebekah's Summer Nurse outfit by UltimateAlexandra1 Rebekah's Summer Nurse outfit :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 14 28 I feel hated and I know what I've done by UltimateAlexandra1 I feel hated and I know what I've done :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 7 41 Rebekah's just chilling by UltimateAlexandra1 Rebekah's just chilling :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 12 8
Old Rebekah meets New Rebekah
Rebekah Rosabelle Determa: *falls through the portal and lands on her back* Ugh...that hurt. ! WHA?!
Rebekah Rose Cresselia: Um....I'm not seeing things am I? You're the new me only human?
Rebekah Rosabelle Determa: And I'm you're the old me but a goddess blood related to a demon??? *stands up* It almost sounds like a mixed up version of my family's past back in my home world. And this place feels like my home but everything is different but lots of similarities.
Rebekah Rose Cresselia: Aha ha ha ha ha.~
Rebekah Rosabelle Determa: What's so funny?
Rebekah Rose Cresselia: You know it's funny, creator loves creations too much and just never deletes their pictures even though some don't even like it. Mostly because we're mostly doing things from her good and understanding side rather than anyone else thinks she made us as very bad characters. And even though the details are different there is bound to be a connection somewhere.
Rebekah Rosabelle Determa: !!! Why did I not realize that soo
:iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 3 13
Origin of Rebekah Rosabelle Determa
Rebekah's Upbringing was filled with trial and error, there were many phases this young hero would go through, before actually being considered as such.
In her early years she would constantly practice her magic without her mother and fathers permission, making her adept early on.
her mother seeing that magic couldn't be kept out of her life, taught her more of it, her father eventually seeing the same inevitability taught her how to use very weak versions of shadow magic
Later she would actually face her greatest enemy in her castle after the passing of her parents,
She has Light brown hair like her mother, her fathers eyes, her mothers fair skin and features, wearing a red coat and skirt, with gold trim and details
She is good-natured in personality, upon having the mantle of guardian, she spreads her love to those she cares for, the people of the city in which their castle resides, and when traveling to ensure the remnants of the Demon kings forces are destroyed, she made very many
:iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 1 11
BennAshe gets a human form by UltimateAlexandra1 BennAshe gets a human form :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 9 11
Jenavieve's Lament
:music: I am afraid of the demon powers of my family. The powers of Zalgo by blood, I am afraid of losing control. I don't want to kill anyone who is innocent or wasn't involved for what me or my family were involved with if I lose control. I don't want to kill you or thousands of innocent lives.
How, was I suppose what would happen if I didn't foresee it? I could not prepare myself for the cruelty forced on me....
Although life is sometimes dreadful and so painful. I'll stay strong, I will recover. You can't stop me I will save your kind, let your creators try to deceive me again. :music:
:music: Ever since we met I could not but help fall in love, I know demon and devils along with angels and gods and goddess are accepted just as it should. I could not rush things when it comes to love, and yet you and I have some things in common. Even out in the night sky with the bright shining stars, I can hear you and feel your kindness. I'll be strong for you and your friends I w
:iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 2 2
Rebekah Cresselia's Ritual knife by UltimateAlexandra1 Rebekah Cresselia's Ritual knife :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 5 5 Jenavieve...? by UltimateAlexandra1 Jenavieve...? :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 8 15 Goddess Rebekah Cresselia by UltimateAlexandra1 Goddess Rebekah Cresselia :iconultimatealexandra1:UltimateAlexandra1 10 3


The Console war by deathcody3 The Console war :icondeathcody3:deathcody3 7 34 20181016 by hanxiao990829 20181016 :iconhanxiao990829:hanxiao990829 44 5 Christmas 2018 by MoonWarriorAutumn Christmas 2018 :iconmoonwarriorautumn:MoonWarriorAutumn 5 1 Autumn, Midnite, Dasher, and Angel the 2nd by MoonWarriorAutumn Autumn, Midnite, Dasher, and Angel the 2nd :iconmoonwarriorautumn:MoonWarriorAutumn 12 2 Shadow Blot Unleashed [Animated GIF] by MetroXLR Shadow Blot Unleashed [Animated GIF] :iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 30 9 cely version cuphead by celinamelody05 cely version cuphead :iconcelinamelody05:celinamelody05 19 0 solis traje arabe by celinamelody05 solis traje arabe :iconcelinamelody05:celinamelody05 8 0 tux traje arabe by celinamelody05 tux traje arabe :iconcelinamelody05:celinamelody05 8 0 vestido para rebeka by celinamelody05 vestido para rebeka :iconcelinamelody05:celinamelody05 12 0 Reunited in Death by JetBlack0X Reunited in Death :iconjetblack0x:JetBlack0X 87 12 Me (Bendy And The Ink Machine) by X-Harmonie-x44 Me (Bendy And The Ink Machine) :iconx-harmonie-x44:X-Harmonie-x44 22 39 Me X Little Cuphead by X-Harmonie-x44 Me X Little Cuphead :iconx-harmonie-x44:X-Harmonie-x44 10 125 Sisters -^_^- by knucklesmega Sisters -^_^- :iconknucklesmega:knucklesmega 7 2 Bass (Mega Man 11 art style) by Availation Bass (Mega Man 11 art style) :iconavailation:Availation 75 4 bachelorette party loraine 5 by celinamelody05 bachelorette party loraine 5 :iconcelinamelody05:celinamelody05 10 3 Spreading Happiness by VanxllaVixen Spreading Happiness :iconvanxllavixen:VanxllaVixen 737 48


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Jenavieve's height curse is broken
Long story short, she was curse to be 3'4 when she was twelve and after countless of years the curse broken she went to her height of 20'5. That's 2'1 higher then her younger sister Maria and the curse being broken also increased her Magic Level to 900,000 times stronger then her own mother Rebekah.



Jenavieve Lily Sycamore-:iconultimatealexandra1:
I'M HOME FROM COLORADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!~ and I got  7,165 messages?! Well that's what happens when you're gone for two weeks.
I only create characters and do rps for fun, I don't want to make a career or whatever it is out of it. I dream how I want to dream and what I do with my life is only for me to decide. So stop calling me and my characters perfect and let me live my life how I want to.
  • Listening to: Classical music
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  • Watching: Dragon Tales
  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edtion
  • Eating: Mac and Cheese
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Anyone want a Dragon for free?
Please feel free to copy and paste this on your ID If you love Dragons or if you are Dragon or a Dragon's Royal Dragon Knight aka Dragoon for short.~
I really love Dragons and my Fantasy self is a Dragon and a Dragoon.~


Post this so the world will know, that you will do anything to protect the ones you love. Like your Friends and your Family and also the world will know the great things you have done with your Courage, Strength and Compassion.

OMG EVERYONE HIT THE DECK! *ducks whole body*

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Black Butler
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Nights games
Mario game series
Smash Bros.
Hero 108
Dragon tales {childhood one of the reasons why I started to love dragons.}
Spyro the Dragon series. {Second reason for loving dragons.}
Crossover video games
Randy Cunningham the 9th grade ninja
Sonic Boom
Sonic X
Comics and Mangas based on the things I'm a fan of.
Alice in Wonderland
RPG horror games and games with multiple endings
Dragon Ball series {never played the games yet.}
Professor Layton
Phoenix Wright
Got Talent series like America's got talent and Britain's got talent. {Some talents give me the creeps!}
America's Funniest home Videos
Extreme Makeover Home edition
Justice league
Final Fantasy series
Kingdom Hearts series


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