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Shadow and the Snow Queen

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"When the fires rage and the snow storms, a creature of light and dark shall come forth and pass judgement to all..." 
                                - Prophecy

Shadow enters a world where a war will take place... A war between the people and the Snow Queen... But in a world like this, the difference between good and evil are thinned... No side seems to be good nor evil... It is up to Shadow to decide what is right and what is wrong... But as the Snow Queen pierces his heart, Shadow's judgement slowly freezes ever colder... The choices he will make will forever change the world... The question is: What is the right choice?... Or is there a right choice?...

This is my new, revised version of Frozen Shadow... I have turned it into one of the storybook games like Sonic and the Secret Rings or Sonic and the Black Knight... The gimmick here is that the story follows more of the original "Hans Christian Anderson" tale of the Snow Queen, yet features of the movie Frozen are added in, such as the physical appearance of certain characters, and some relationships between the characters, so if you are wondering, yes, the story will be different and the characters will also be kind of different, such as the Snow Queen being more evil-like than the Elsa counterpart (To put in detail, the Snow Queen will have a personality of evil like in the original tale yet also has some personality of Elsa from Frozen)... I have decided to make it more like this cause it looks more believable when it says it is made by both SEGA and Disney... The details of the game, such as gameplay and other features, I will explain later on as well as making the story for this game...

I do not own any of the characters presented:
Frozen is owned by Disney
Sonic franchise is owned by SEGA
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Tis is one of the things that are... bizzare and.. you wouldn't think of unless you have a super wild imagination

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No.. i don't wanna hear him sing let it go.. i would get nightmares for weeks

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EricSonic18Student Digital Artist
SiIvaGunner made a rip of this game
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There truly is no god!
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dude what

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SonicShadow3459Student Interface Designer
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shadow the hedgehog 2 confirmed
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SELDEDAStudent Artist
Nice one, man! It looks awesome!
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StereomimeHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks siiva
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FirekeetHobbyist General Artist
Siivagunner took me here
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BaratheThornNinjaStudent Writer
Certainly a...creative idea. Especially given the Andersen story where the Queen is really given no true motivation. 
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Shadow0fTheDayHobbyist General Artist
First thing I've read: "Shadow the Snow Queen"
My soul burst out of laughter :rofl:
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basically speaking the early Elsa was what one would call a tragic anti-villain. is that what you were aiming for here?
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AwesomeBulbasaurProfessional Artist
Pretty grand
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FirekeetHobbyist General Artist
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So High Quality™ SiIva made a rip of it.
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ChaddyFantome Digital Artist
I loved the Cory Baxter cameo in the game.
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MarkProductionsProfessional Digital Artist
"You're a meme, Harry!"
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EarlyEJHobbyist Digital Artist
setsunasa ni wa namae o tsukeyou ka SNOW HALATION!
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Dombro1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations, you've been memed
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how does it feel to be high quality ripped?
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