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If we find that anyone has come to this group and harassed another member because they found them through here, that member will immediately be kicked out and banned from this group. We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any sort.

:bulletred: No Canon Character-Only Art :bulletred:

This is a group to promote your fancharacters and original characters. We will not accept art of just canon characters from anything. Canons appearing in submissions WITH OCs are more than welcome, but any submissions that have only canon characters will be denied. HOWEVER, you CAN submit Canon-Character-Only pieces to the group favorites!

:bulletred: The Featured Folder :bulletred:

The Featured folder, as you will find, is off-limits to all regular members. (Any co-founders or contributors we take on will be allowed to submit to this folder.) This is because we prefer to organize art, and because we will sort the pieces that are the best works of our members into this folder as submissions are made to the group.

:flame: Most importantly, just remember to submit and have fun with the place! Get your OC(s) some advertising and love!! :flame:


Pink Panther Pin Up - 16 Color Palette Challenge by digit-Ds Pink Panther Pin Up - 16 Color Palette Challenge :icondigit-ds:digit-Ds 10 9
Titans Academy: Chapter Ten
Oh Roy, the drunk of the class. Always drinking something and getting completely drunk off of it at the wrong times, Natalie thought. On her other side was Sophie, as edgy as ever.
“Hey, Sophie,” Natalie whispers. Sophie looks away from her phone and turns to face her friend. “What’s wrong?”
“Richard probably hates me,” Sophie replies.
“Oh?” Natalie asks. “And why is that?”
“Ms. Rouge made us read our embarrassing texts to the entire class, and he’s humiliated,” Sophie answers. “So he’s blaming me for it.”
“That’s sad, Sophie. It wasn’t your fault.” Natalie says.
“I know. But he won’t listen to me. He blocked me so I can’t text or call him, and he won’t even look at me,” Sophie responds. Out of nowhere, the phone is tugged out of Sophie’s hand and placed on Mr. Rancid’s desk.
“Thank you,” Mr. Rancid says.
:iconmarshmallow-bunnii:Marshmallow-Bunnii 0 15
ToyCalendar oneshot: Stepping Stone
Batgirl looked on in surprise as the mask was ripped away from Calendar Girl's face.  She had been expecting something horrid, burns or facial scarring, maybe even evidence of a botched plastic surgery.  But Page Monroe looked, if anything, more lovely than the original photos pulled up by the Batcomputer.
"She's beautiful!" she exclaimed, tossing Batman a confused look.
"She can't see that anymore," he responded solemnly, "All she sees are the flaws."
Cosmo Krank was not what anyone would refer to as an A-class rogue.  Not even B-Class.  He was barely a step up from a nameless nobody, and the fact that his obsession with toys, gadgets, and a perpetual grudge against Bruce Wayne landed him in Arkham Asylum impressed no one.  In fact, he had as much luck trying to convince the doctors he wasn't crazy as he did trying to impress the big-name rogues in there.
Ugh, and now it's time to face them all again.  He thought miserably that day on his way t
:iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 7 30
Chapter 5 A Challenge
This is bad; the thought runs through her mind. She strikes out with her foot almost on impulse, it was a feeble attempt to separate them. But all she hits is air and with her amazement at that fact she gave him an opening. As the next thing she knows is his strong fingers wrapping around her ankle. Oh this is really bad; the thought echoed louder.
She felt herself become weightless, thrown through the air like a stick for a dog by its master. With no way of softening the blow, she skips like a blunt stone across the surface of the arena dirt. After a couple of good bounces she manages to roll to a stop clear across the stadium floor.
It is a moment or two till she‘s able to move, it takes everything in her to ignore all the aches and pains as she slowly lifts herself up.
“Why so quiet,” Silex asked proudly, strolling back to the center of the arena. “Cat got your tongue.”
“Cute,” she replies, spitting a small mixture of sand and blood. “
:iconnick-a-nu:nick-a-nu 6 9
I Think I'll Call You...Honor by Yoru-the-Rogue I Think I'll Call You...Honor :iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 16 37 Prize: Frozen Ivy by Yoru-the-Rogue Prize: Frozen Ivy :iconyoru-the-rogue:Yoru-the-Rogue 31 39 BBC Sherlock Valentines by munworks BBC Sherlock Valentines :iconmunworks:munworks 886 234 Aqua by Josejalapeno Aqua :iconjosejalapeno:Josejalapeno 8 31 zits are GONE by sae85 zits are GONE :iconsae85:sae85 156 42 the ruffling of jarlaxle by Kielrae the ruffling of jarlaxle :iconkielrae:Kielrae 53 79 Lil Raph by lordmesa Lil Raph :iconlordmesa:lordmesa 112 6 robot unicorn drizzt by shaydh robot unicorn drizzt :iconshaydh:shaydh 742 351 The Unknown Termnator by DavidSondered The Unknown Termnator :icondavidsondered:DavidSondered 285 64 Drow vs Mindflayer Revised by artpox Drow vs Mindflayer Revised :iconartpox:artpox 1,099 86
I've considered shutting this group down often, mostly because I feel like we constantly lose members more often than we gain members.

But that would not be fair to any one of us.

But I don't believe I want to be the founder of Ultimate-OC-Haven any more.

So, if anyone would like to take on being the Founder of this group, please let me know ASAP. I will have to make you a Co-Founder and then elevate you to the status of Founder so I can step down. I would still like to rejoin the group as a regular member, because I still love Ultimate-OC-Haven, but I just don't want to be the Founder any more. I would rather pass on the torch to someone who really loves the group and will treat it far better than I.
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