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Chao Adventure 2 Sprite Sheet (V0.99.1)

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After a long time has passed, I finally present to everyone, a (almost) complete spritesheet of the VMU minigame from Sonic Adventure 2, Chao Adventure 2!

I did the same thing I did with Chao Adventure 1; using a Binary viewer and converting everything to text, which I could then view in such a way that I can see the sprites!

Every sprite has been analyzed pixel by pixel, including errors! A lot of handwork was put into this project, and it was really tiring! I also took the time to adjust some sprites to make them look as they appear in the actual game!

This project took almost 2 months for me, which honestly wasn't that bad, but it still took a bit long.

So, there's a reason this is V0.99, and that is: I'm not actually sure if some of these sprites are a thing or unused. I have not played this game enough to know for sure, but I shall soon, and I will update when I get a chance to!

EDIT: I missed ONE pixel on Dark Chaos Chao
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This is REALLY awesome and looks like a LOT of work! 

Even though I like the Tiny Chao Garden-Sprites more, they only feature standard Chao an dmaybe some recolours for them. Chao Adventure seem to do what should've been done with the Tiny Chao Garden and show all the different kinds of Chao. I don't know if those are all Chao-Sprites (thus being less than all the Chao-Breeds), but it's still way more than what the GBA offers on different 3 GAMES!
I wish Chao Adventure 1 and 2 would've been included as mini games, though...